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Redemption for your failing Economy

I am an Australian and realise that we follow you guys in the USA. You may not be aware that there is one candidate that answers all questions put to him in an honest manner, has scientific and logical solutions to all problems asked and has a main focus of putting humanity first but unfortunately he has only about 7% of polls. I am asking you americans to look into this outside the box thinker and consider what I believe a world changing progress to the next level. His name is Andrew Yang. I have been following him for years and expected more thinking americans to show a bit more interest in the guy.

rathswohl 5 Sep 18

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Could you please explain to me your ideas on "surgical engineering of economy and society" I am very interested in your solution to the economy, society and automation with regard to job losses. I would like to understand these points you have made.


Thanks for the information however these points will not prevent me from attempting to make a difference in an uncivilised world, I can already see that you have conceded some of my arguments and I am not being sarcastic. Thanks for the engagement


apparently, in the USA we don't have enough collective intelligence to vote for someone decent. someone capable of thought, not to mention their basic decency. too many fascists and racists and greedy twits among us.


I have had a few comments which lead me to think that some americans have not properly researched the autonomous influence on truckies and cars or robotics or the empty shopping malls or the taxing of google and amazon. Its very difficult for me to understand but I am a bit of an idealist https:// I honestly thought that after 2000 clicked over there would not be any more wars........

I thought after Vietnam, wars would slow down. Especially American involvement......I can be sooooo dumb sometimes

@twill Me too I was quite young when I saw my next door neighbor dressed in an army uniform which I later realised was his Vietnam conscription. Never saw him again.


I want to see a couple of Republicans want to run and they would draw away Trump's votes. The GOP is wise to it and they want no primaries.

Sorry mate I am from down under and do not understand what you mean.

@rathswohl the gop is cancelling opportunities for any right wingers to contest trump and split the vote.

@hankster Yes, that explains it.

Yeh Just found out what GOP is, "Grand Old Party" Makes overwhelming sense to me now? I am still open to explanations. It would seem to me that you are confident that your fellow americans do not have the intelligence to change the system even though you are supposed to have a government dedicated to "we the people" We as a species will find it more difficult to change and progress when we entertain the idea that change is impossible.


We can't put a "maybe win" opponent to Trump.
We can't take that chance. I know he will be a great president, but now is not the time.

Even though he is revolutionary / is Trump that good? I am from down under hard to grasp the logic I do know that Yang is taking Trumpers / Is the country racist or that racist might be a better question? Love your dog used to have a blue cattle with patches over both eyes unfortunately he was shot by police.


You vastly overestimate the man. He reminds me, historically, of candidate Upton Sinclair during the Great depression, whose campaign slogan was "a chicken in every pot."

I am an Auzy from down under have you listened to what he has to say? I already concede that I know nothing about american politics, all I know is that 1 second after your economy crashes ours will, What about the autonomous cars and trucks who else has addressed these issues? I am interested ??

@rathswohl Yes I have listened closely. He has not really revealed any coherent potential policies.

@wordywalt I would like to point out that Yang has a website where his policies are listed and at the moment the number is 86.It's so difficult to try to point you guys in the right direction! Please have another look.


There are many good candidates now just like there were some before. But people currently want a candidate who can win. Yang cannot win. After 6 months into the primaries, he is still polling at 1%. He is a nuisance and should get out ASAP.

Sorry I do not understand this reasoning, maybe you can explain it to me?

Andrew Yang may be making sense but most voters are not supporting him because he un-electable. He is polling low after 6 months and 3 debate events so far. That is a weak performance. A candidate polling at 1% cannot beat Donald Trump. There have been many good candidates in American Presidential elections according to many but they only had good ideas, not good campaigns or winning strategies. These days winnability is more important than just having good ideas. A president can choose experts to gather great ideas after being elected. He only needs the ability to win and a vision for the nation. Andrew Yang cannot win.

Please let me know what is hard to understand here.

@St-Sinner It seems to me that his performances are fantastic and that it is not his performances that are the problem rather the acceptance of an american born asian?


  1. Non-Caucasian, an immigrant is a factor in the general elections but not in the primaries.
  2. A surge and victory in primaries are based on passions, likability and winnability in the general election.
  3. We all agree that Andrew Yang has innovative ideas, he often makes sense but we also think his ideas are radical and will not be bought by people at large in the general elections. I do not think his being Asian is preventing him from surging in the pre-primaries season.
  4. The American economy is the largest and most powerful economy at $19 trillion the world, even bigger than the entire EU block. It is too big with too many tentacles in the U.S. society and the international world. His ideas to break it down and introduce something radical is not a ripe idea for the times we are living in. You can say that Yang is a little bit ahead of his times. We have to work to work with the society we have and the times we are living in. The nation is not even ready for Bernie Sanders revolution he has been calling for now almost 6 years. Bernie is also getting lukewarm support in general. His support is only strong in his fan base.
  5. I have watched him carefully in all debates. According to me, his answers on many topics have been unsatisfactory, abrupt and short.
  6. Throwing money at people will not solve our larger problems. We need surgical engineering of the economy and society to solve issues of disparity, racism, social justice etc. His throwing $1,000 at everyone will do nothing to racism in the society today.
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