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Elizabeth Warren is surging ahead of Joe Biden in Iowa. Bernie Sanders keeps falling like a rock Iowa or not. []

Bernie Sanders should retire not just from this race but from politics and not appear ever again.

Also, a lot of Democratic presidential candidates are trailing in their home states. That's bad. []

  1. Bill de Blasio - who dropped out of the race on Friday, came in at 0% among both New York state and New York City Democrats, according to a Siena College poll out this week
  2. Kamala Harris - has averaged only about 10% in California polls released this month, putting her in fourth.
  3. Michael Bennet - is near the back of the pack, with below 5% in an average of Colorado polls this year.
  4. Beto O'Rourke - was tied for third at 12% in a recent Quinnipiac University poll in Texas. Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro was at 3% in the same poll.
  5. Elizabeth Warren - hasn't led in a single poll taken in Massachusetts, though she may be closing the gap.
  6. Pete Buttigieg - was behind in the single non-high quality poll in Indiana
  7. Amy Klobuchar - was behind in Minnesota
St-Sinner 9 Sep 23

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Warren is ahead of Biden in the poll I looked at. Please remember this statement if nothing else I say. I will vote for Whatever Democrat wins the primary!!!

I like Warren and Pete. I especially like Pete's approach to Medicare which says that he wants Medicare for everyone that wants it. I do not think we can elect a President that says they want to abolish all insurance. Almost every country with universal health care also lets their citizens buy supplemental insurance. I think it is suicidal for us to do anything else. Union members with Cadillac policies know that if they are forced to replace their policies with Medicare, they will lose medical options and benefits. Whats more they will not be reimbursed by their employers for this loss with additional income. Meanwhile Medicare will provide real competition for private insurance and will drive the cost of that insurance down. Both Medicare and insurance companies use the same coding for payment. Unfortunately medical personnel will still have to understand the different benefits available from each provider.

I was a Berniecrat in 2016 but he is a lot older now. Aging happens faster after age 73 at least it did for me. I think Bernie is exceptional for his age but I don't want to gamble on how long that will last. In addition, I want a 2 term president and he would be 88 at the end of a second term. Incumbents are a lot easier to elect and electing an 84 year old in our divided country would be almost impossible.

I am quite concerned that Democrats unlike Republicans will not unite in the end and that will definitely re elect Trump. Costa Rica here I come.

Not uniting... is the Democrats' Achilles heel


Too bad the Dems don't come out as Socialist. Socialism is the only way out of the mess the USA is in. You already have Socialism for the Wealthy, Corporate Welfare.

What we have are: Subsidies, gifts, grants, tax deductions, loopholes, etc and etc......True it isn't "Socialism". It's kind of like our Health"Care" System. It's all fucked up.

@twill Your road repairs, police and fire depts. public schools, all Socialism.


Liar,liar,pants on fire! Bernie is Far from "falling like a rock", u less you get your "news" from Faux.

Bernie is falling and he is falling consistently. Started at the front of the pack, at 47% poll rating, leading everybody and is now almost tying with Pete Buttigieg. 37 years old, Pete Buttigieg? There is a limit to denials.

@St-Sinner I repeat, where are you getting your info? MSN has consistently placed Bernie 3rd behind boring Biden, I have Never seen Bernie placed first...even though his rallies are the largest and his fund-raising has been spectacular. The media studiously ignores all this, which to me, is Bernie's biggest endorsement, Corporate doesn't want him

@AnneWimsey That is what I said. Bernie was at the top at the start and is now at the 3rd place very close to Buttigieg. What is false or incorrect here?

Media is not doing anything to Bernie, the DNC is not doing anything to Bernie. Bernie is the only person who is doing everything to Bernie.

@St-Sinner You say "very close to Buttigieg", but it's not true. Buttigieg is in the single digits and Bernie is in the 20s to high teens. The latest Emerson poll has Bernie at 22% and Buttigieg at 6%. Warren is at 23% and Biden at 25%. Where is this huge drop off you're talking about? You talk about conspiracy theories, but have your own.

Bernie was also in 2nd place behind Biden and in front of Warren and channels like MSNBC ignored that Bernie was in 2nd and said the race was between Biden and Warren and wouldn't even MENTION Bernie. What else do you need to think that the media is at least biased?

Buttigeg is 9% and Bernie is 11% according to recent CNN poll. Don't cherry pick what is convenient.

@St-Sinner How I am I cherry picking? I got the number from RealClearPolitics, and it's the most recent poll from TODAY. Their most recent CNN poll also shows Bernie at 17% and Buttigieg at 6%.


@St-Sinner The election is a year away so these polls are to be taken with a grain of salt anyway.

@Piece2YourPuzzle I described the scary scenario above. Don't be silly and insist on the Democratic Party commit the suicide. It is a very scary and disastrous scenario with Bernie.

@St-Sinner Lol whatever

@Piece2YourPuzzle Please don't run.

@St-Sinner Yes you will.


I like Bernie, however he is too confrontational to be president. We need a leader that will keep a cool head.

At this moment in time, I will vote for Elizabeth Warren in the primaries. My second choice at the moment is Pete Buttigieg.

I like Pete Buttigieg also but his gay demographic that our nation is not ready for in these times. It is sad but that is where we are now. Busting those prejudices is not possible as he or other candidates are hoping to do.

@St-Sinner Unfortunately I have to agree with you. I mean, look at the b/s that happened when Obama was elected. He was criticized for everything he wore, said or did.


Obama appointed a Republican presidential candidate as the ambassador to China, he appointed a Republican senator as the Secretary of Defense, he made many other appointments across party lines and these are his exact words.... and I quote..

"They treat me like a dog".

He was referring to Mitch McConnell and the Republicans in the Congress (Senate and House).

@St-Sinner He may have been referring to McConnell and the Republicans in Congress, however there were plenty of citizens demanding his birth certificate, and whining about America becoming Muslim.

@kiramea Right, I say a thing that some may find outlandish. This is what I think about the 2016 elections:

"The silent White Majority in the American heartland came out to vote after having the first black president. It was the white backlash."

The backlash that books are yet to be written about but will be written when it fully sinks in. Our nation is not as open minded as we think it is in the East and West Coastal states.


I like Elizabeth Warren better than the rest of the Dems and Donald Trump. She has my vote.
Will she disappoint as "Piece2YourPuzzle" claims? (unconvincingly). IDK. She is pragmatic, not a radical by any stretch....If you believe she is "radical", then you are drinking Right Wing Kool-Aid

twill Level 7 Sep 23, 2019

I agree with you. She has taken the time on selling her message. She knows what can sell and what cannot. She also knows that the message and the messenger both have to sell. She has worked on her style, charm over time and now she is becoming very effective.

Who said she is a "radical"?


You have to actually understand politics and how the game is played. The only reason why Warren is in the race is because the Dems wanted to take half the vote away from Bernie to appease the establishment. This gives Biden a better shot at getting the pledged delegates needed on the first ballot, and even if he doesn't then nobody will because of the split progressive/liberal vote. So then the superdelegates will choose the candidate on the second ballot. The establishment can live with Warren. All the mainstream media is cool with her and not with Bernie. If they are "the same" then ask yourself why the media is fine with one and not the other, and it's not because she's a woman. Warren is a faux liberal. She talks a good game and has pretty much mimicked every platform issue that Bernie has been talking about for 40 years even though all her plans are Bernie-lite.........when Warren was "still" a Republican and "not political" in her own words. Warren will not fulfill her policy plans if she is elected. Whatever she does enact will be establishment/corporation friendly. CEOs have already said they can live with her being president because they said what she says in private is different from what she says in public.

You're also cherry picking one meaningless poll. There's also another year before the damn election.

"Where did you get this... "Dems wanted to take half the vote away from Bernie to appease the establishment."?

How many conspiracy theories do you have?

@St-Sinner ummmm, history, maybe from 2016?? Try to pay more attention.....

It is an accusation. There is no proof. It is weeping over a loss. Nobody defeated Bernie. Bernie defeats Bernie and he is doing it again.

@St-Sinner It's called common sense. You can continue to think that the DNC is fair and for the people though.

@Piece2YourPuzzle DNC will do what will work for the American people the best. That is their job - to deliver electoral successes across the nation.

If the DNC had promoted Bernie Sanders in 2016, the error would have been of historic proportions:

  1. The Democratic party would have lost so heavily that we would not recover from the loss for the next 30 years
  2. Books would be taught in Harvard in political science on the epic loss and what not do in elections
  3. It would be a shame and embarrassment to be called a democrat in streets
  4. People would officially un-register from the democratic party
  5. Mitch McConnell would die in office
  6. Wall Street mafia would enter American politics and it would change the politics, democratic institutions forever
  7. Our children would go Trump Universities and drive in Trump highways
  8. The Democratic Party will bar independents to run for presidency on its ticket

@St-Sinner "DNC will do what will work for the American people the best. That is their job - to deliver electoral successes across the nation."

I need not read anything else after this to know where your mind is at lol

"The Democratic party would have lost so heavily that we would not recover from the loss for the next 30 years"

They already did. They lost 1,000 seats just under Obama. What are you talking about? You call my analysis a conspiracy theory, but then spout this crap that they would not recover for 30 years if Bernie won?

The rest of what you say is ridiculous and out of touch. Wall Street would enter politics? I mean where have you been guy?


I have been a political junkie and am watching all things closely for 30 years since the day I came to the U.S. My first introduction to the U.S. politics was the day of my arrival of the Iran-Contra investigation in the Senate with Oliver North's testimony. I have watched all debates, read regularly and always make the time everywhere to argue. lol. The best part is I am a free thinker. I do not start dancing because other do.

Do you know Obama lost 100 seats because of his healthcare? Obama's healthcare was very mild compared to what Bernie is talking about for two years. It has scared all moderate voters already.

I know Bernie and I know what he did for 30 years. Really nothing I can remember.

@St-Sinner 1,000 seats, not 100. So you're saying you are even to the right of Obama who described himself as a moderate Republican from the 1980s?

Most 1st world nations have what Bernie is talking about and it costs them less in the long run. Polls have also shown that the majority of Americans agree with and want Medicare for All or single payer healthcare.

@St-Sinner Bernie was promoting and talking about these policies when Warren was still a Republican and "not political". The media is trying to say that Bernie is biting off of her ideas. It's just not true.

Bernie is a bad salesman who has not been able to make the sale after two big chances. We have to listen to the next speakers now. Bernie has to move away and make room for other salesman.


Bernie needs to stay long enough to explain to slow learners why they deserve Medicare and how to get it. Hint, real,universal, single-Payer coverage MediCare is cheaper to citizens because the Health Care insurers are booted out of the system. All First World countries have it.

Everybody knows, agrees and wants and wants to give free and superior healthcare to everybody. There is no denying it. Bernie is not the only one who started talking about it. Democrats have been making this a signature issue for decades and Bill Clinton tried to make that happen too. But he failed. Obama with a majority in both houses in 2008 could not do it because his own Democratic senators in Southern states chicken out.

The problem is not the message. We all agree and accept the message. The real problem is the messenger. Bernie is a bad messenger. American voters as we are today are NOT going to buy any message from this leader:

  1. A gay, Mormon, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish or an atheist
  2. Old, old looking or a hunchback
  3. A pie in the sky, shiny, Utopian plan just with taxing the rich funding. This is a worn out idea that does not sell in the general
  4. Calling anything socialist. Admitting his is a socialist was suicidal. Bernie lost half of the the country right there
  5. Poor winnability - Bernie as he looks, talks will not win.

This is not a dislike for Bernie, a criticism of Bernie for the sake of criticism. I want a great and free healthcare in my lifetime too but Bernie is not the one who can make it happen. In fact, he is making developing a stronger opposition on the other side easier. He is no salesman. He does not even know how to sell a good product.

Too bad Americans will buy anything from the Evangelicals but can't do the basic math required to understand Medicare. To wit, the USA pays 17% of GDP for Medicare. France pays 10% of GDP for real Medicare. Other countries don't have insurance companies making Health Care decisions. It isn't rocket science. Get the same coverage that Senators and congressmen have....


there is no need for bernie to retire. this is a country in which the voters (theoretically, anyway) decide. let him run. if he wins, i'll vote for him. if warren wins, i'll vote for her with the most joy. if bugs bunny wins and he is a democrat, i'll vote for him. everyone has flaws. i am not going to play the perfection game. that is part of how we got trump.


I have it on good authority that Bugs Bunny is a Democrat but has withdrawn from the race to spend more time with his carrots.

@LimitedLight i actually decide for myself.


@LimitedLight, @Boblue he has to be a democrat. he's a cross-dresser and he has a sense of humor that doesn't involve putting down people of other genders, races or nationalities.



Joe Biden should also retire. He has nothing more to offer. He had 8 years as vice president and now is just playing the role of a spoiler for better candidates.

I want all candidates who know in their minds that they have no path forward accept the shame of their ratings and non or low low acceptance by voters so far after 6 months and 3 debates and show the decency to get the fuck out now.

Biden and Bernie have been in Congress of 40 years and have no signature issue, none to prove their leadership capacity. Why arn't they talking about term limits for members of Congress?

Bernie just muddies the waters each time and has no capacity, ability or skills to succeed and take to the finish line. He is faltering and he faltered in 2016. He is trying to sell a dream and that too is doing very badly.


It's telling that she leads in "1st or 2nd choice" catagory.

Maybe, just maybe, the dems can put on thier big boy pants and vote for the nominee in the general instead of pouting, balling thier little hands into fists and holding thier breath till the presidency turns red.

1of5 Level 8 Sep 23, 2019

Your opinion is noted.


I disagree. He has helped move the dial, and bring in new voters.

I agree. Bernie Sanders saved the Democratic party. Elizabeth Warren pales in comparison.

I am talking about winning, not candidate contributions. Bernie did not go in to make a contribution, did he?

@Theresa_N I think saying Bernie "saved" the democratic party is a whole lot of hyperbole.

@KKGator I think it is the opposite. Bernie has single-handedly succeeded in branding the whole democratic party socialist from the inside. But the best part is that Bernie is not even a democrat. lol

Is this much fun even legal? LMAO

@St-Sinner Only with people who are easily led. I'm not a democrat, but I KNOW the party isn't socialist. It annoys me that the republicans have put forth that lie, and the idiots believe it.

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