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Ex-Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson labels Greta Thunberg "a spoiled brat" - []

Clarkson is, of course, the man who was sacked by the BBC after he punched a member of the broadcaster's staff for failing to bring him hot food.

Jnei 8 Sep 29

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I enjoyed some of the Top gear shows with Clarkson and his buddies but it was very juvenile humour. Greta is much more mature than he and his co presenters ever were.


Saddened by the negativity 😟


Met him and had dinner back in the 90s in India; he was filming for an India special and I happened to be working in the car plant. He is opinionated, but intelligent and privileged.
Maybe 'spoiled brat' is not the correct term, but she is not the perfect standard bearer for the anti warming army. Nice enough child, parent directed, good at grandstanding ... but shallow on the problem solving ideas.
My greatest Greta issue is her lack of any positive contribution to the argument ... she stands and berates, she derides, she does a few 'how dare yous' and everyone applauds ... but as yet she has presented no way forward .. no concrete ideas on how to end, or limit, global warming....and there are plenty around

"but as yet she has presented no way forward ."

I just watched a video where she pointed to a scientist who literally explained the possible ways forward.
How much do people fucking expect from this child?

@hippydogwhat video, or what scientist?

@OwlInASack go to the top - i agreed with her objectives up front - just see her as a flash in the pan pseudo celeb who, apart from a passionate belief, has little to contribute ... give me Attenborough and his brain every time

@OwlInASack ...
I listen to all, and agree with some .... and try to ignore my own belief systems when judging others opinions to help develop my own.
I support freedom of speech and thought and live in a country where I have the good fortune to be able to use that privilege, which I do
I have no affiliation to any political or social grouping, no allegiance to any funding source, no 'boss' adjudicating on my thoughts .... I try to think, independent of public opinion, and form a view for myself
I realise this marks me out as socially abnormal, but I have never desired being one of the worlds sheep

@OwlInASack I am not denying climate change is a problem and fully support the intentions of Greta, the new environmental evangelist .... I simply question her capability to achieve any effective change. A groundswell of public opinion is great, but the public do not directly drive change - politicians and business leaders do.
The speech Greta gave was attended by fewer than half the world leaders in town for the conference - which gives some indication of the regard they have for her .... she then berated those who did attend. My experience is that senior politicians do not respond well to public chastisement, so I doubt her short speech will have any long term influence, and over the coming months Greta will lapse back into obscurity - the media will occasionally drag her back to give comments, which will be smiled at and forgotten.
The grandstanding, much publicised arrival by racing yacht:- a new crew flew in to return the yacht to Europe - the crew who brought her over caught flights back to Europe ..... so far more flights were taken for her journey than if she herself had just stepped onto the plane.... but not such a catchy headline.
The UN has issued a statement proclaiming that 66 countries have vowed to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 .... sadly this is far too little and far too late ... even if it is achieved. Global warming will continue, the earth will continue ....
It will take a greater leader than Greta to effect real change, but humans will eventually be forced to accept it

@OwlInASack She will raise awareness, but her message is being picked up mainly by those who already agree with her.
The way she presents will not change the minds of power brokers among politics and industry who can influence and enforce real change.and may even be detrimental with some of them

@OwlInASack Please tell me what the financial services will do to stop global warming
turn off their AC?
stop lending to any non- green companies?
stop all employees having more than one child?

A great gesture, but unless there is concerted international action, particularly in the India, China, Far Eastern areas, it is a futile gesture

@OwlInASack not anti Greta at all ... I just think too many people believe that climate change can be sorted without any significant impact on their lifrestyle and it has led to lots of little independent actions that are only tinkering at the edge of what needs to be done.
Until India, China and that whole area above Australia are committed to change,global warming, plastic pollution, etc will continue. They account for half the population of the world - the fastest growing economic areas - who will soon all want the trappings they see on TV that are in western homes - air con, washing machines, cars, etc and will expect more electric power to drive it all - hence greater effect on global warming
There is no real sign of western powers changing signifivcantly .. and all is not looking good. I hope my pessimism is not proved right, but sadly, expect to be proved right ... in about 15 - 20 years

@OwlInASack again = I am not anti - Greta, but not pro Greta either .... she is a distraction to the core problem, raising public awareness, getting some people talking, but not getting on board the top influential movers and shakers ... Trump, Johnson, Merkel, Jinping, Modi etc are the ones who need to drive the changes and as yet the political downside to doing this is too great (Trump is probably a lost cause anyway)
Various countries will independently tinker about enough to keep the majority of their public (electorate) cooing and smiling, but overall the effect will be inadequate.
Only when the problems become inescapable will governments take effective action
Sadly, there is little Greta, or anyone else who influences public opinion, can do for now

PS you did not say what exactly the financial execs have planned / enacted


clarkson is an arrogant prick


Well he would know. But I think perhaps he's confused about what she's doing.

He seems confused about much.

Not someone whose opinion I appreciate.


Anyone who doesn't recognise the importance of Greta's advent in the world has to be a moron. It takes more courage to get through a day with Asberger's than some people show in a lifetime.


What an ignorant prick..


Typical rich asshole

bobwjr Level 10 Sep 29, 2019

I’ve just seen him host Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on TV when I was flipping channels! The man’s a boor and an arrogant pig.


Dont know of him, but now I know he's an ass !

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