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One of the most annoying things about Christians is their insistence that god takes care of them--even at the expense of others. I have a long-term friend (from the sixth grade, and that is 55 years ago) who is is nominally Catholic but is more akin to a born again. Ironically, she was raised in a nonreligious household but always "knew" that god loved her. I was raised Southern Baptist.

But to the present . . . she lives in Cali and I live in Missouri, and we mainly keep in touch on FB. She, her husband, and her sister are just completing a trip across the US and she had posted several times a day about what they have seen, and every relative and every landmark has a remark about Jesus and/or god. Niagara Falls was the splendor of god's creation, but I had to put her on a 30 day ignore when she wrote that it was raining so bad the road was obscured and asked people to pray for them. Several hours later, she posted that "god was good" because the rain stopped. I am 200% positive that prayers had nothing to do with the rain stopping.

But the inherent lack of thought and even selfishness that is apparent in these types of situation is baffling. What if the farmers in Illinois needed that rain while she is asking god to stop it?

Just musing . . .

Gwendolyn2018 8 Sep 29

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I was eating lunch while watching the news in a company break room a while back. They were talking about a tornado that had hit the midwest and showing videos of the devestation. An old coot sitting a few seats away said, "Ain't it amazing what the hand of God can do?" I was like, "Wait. What? I don't think god had anything to do with that." He didnt say anything else but I'm pretty sure he hated me🤔

What would be "amazing" about what god can do is that he would use his "powers" to systematically destroy people and property.


Mentally ill people are running loose everywhere called freedom OF religion while mentally healthy Atheists are denied freedom FROM theocracy.....Congress started forcing school kids to prEy to the flag in 1955 and put the evil lie IN gawd WE TRUST ON ALL PAPER MONEY that same session and idiot Eisenhower signed the fucked up law

Funny how that "works," eh?

@Gwendolyn2018 a sixth grade classmate of mine became a famous MOONIE here in DesMoines and her mother begged me to get her out of the cult before Moon married her off to some Korean xian rapist....Diane Thielking was a tiny blond in her 30"s last I saw her outside the cult house where all the flower sales ladies slept after sitting all day on a corner with a bucket of flowers probably stolen from a dumpster or graveyard.....American Atheists are not in the business of kidnapping cult victims.....deprogramming a Moonie to restore a Presbyterian is just one cult against another....I talked to her about Hillis Elementary School and Maypole dances.....she seemed lucid and coherent about her bible verses....when I told her I was too young to ask her to go to Reeds Ice Cream with me in 1964 she blushed and said she never dated anyone up to 1984 when we always hurts me deeply when I read how some Agnostic parents let their children go to sunday "school" to make up their own mind.....the same as letting kids try heroin....insane

@GreenAtheist My son is atheist and refuses to let relatives indoctrinate his kids. His wife is a very liberal Xtian and agrees with him. Still they will be exposed someday. I laughed when my grandson asked what a church is.

@Gwendolyn2018 my daughter and I went to hear George McGovern and Dr Helen Caldecott speak about disarming nukes....inside the big cathedral in downtown Des Moines she was 9 in 1984....she asked me: " daddy, why is there a birdbath inside this building ? ....hundreds of people inside dozens heard her question shocked and horrified....I answered that is magic water for believers fingers to cross themselves wet called a holy water font....the red faced people kept staring at us both when I said let's sit close to the front so we can hear and don't trip on the carpet knee pad rails

@GreenAtheist My grandson was introduced to "baby Jesus" at Xmas by his young cousins, but he had no concept of why Jesus was special and after Xmas, never mentioned him again. He has a vivid imagination but know fantasy from reality; if he knew Jesus' circumstances, I am quite sure he would be put in the "fantasy" mode along with the garden gnome who "speaks."


And yet the same people who will in all seriousness claim god changed the weather or the laws of physics for their personal convenience will look at a terrible disaster or human tragedy and state in all seriousness that "It is all part of gods plan."

God simply does not love the people affected by disasters. On the other hand, I had a friend who had miscarried a much wanted baby and she said that god "chastises" whose whom he loves. I guess it gave her some comfort, but I say pillocks and bullocks.


I remember watching on TV a 9-11 survivor state that God must have had other plans for him and thinking wow — too bad god didn’t give a damn about the 3000 others.

EXACTLY! I wonder what this person has accomplished since being saved by god.


Why would god change any of his plan just for her?

I s'pose because he loves her soooooooo damned much.

Well according to the Mormons god keeps a tally of how much tithing you pay and if you are "honest" in your tithing you are entitled to "expect" miracles, but if you are dishonest god will have hurt feelings is less likely to help out when you need him, "after all would you want to help someone who stole off you."

I'm not making this shit up, we had lessons on this and printed textbooks to read it out of.


I remember hearing people (especially youngish women) taking about being in a huge parking lot and finding a parking space just where they needed it and god was soo good to them. And I'm thinking millions of starving babies and god takes the time to clear a parking space for you. Yeah right.

When I was in grad school, a young woman left her very expensive texts someplace; when she went back, they were still there. She said that she had begged Jesus that she would find them and he answered her prayers. Uh-huh. Why did he let you forget them in the first place if he omniscient?

My cousin Diana said the exact same thing !!
I told her " I tell you Diane, but I ALWAYS drive to the front of the lot and almost always find a parking spot close to the store"


No solution to "Who'll Stop the Rain." Other's have asked the same question.

Now, we know the answer--god, if he loves you enough.


You might want to point out to her that she is looking like a fool (in some circles anyway) because she keeps mentioning god or jesus in everything she does. Ask her what she would think of you if you loved satan that much... or if you mentioned you were Atheist that much.

Seems similar to me like couples who fight in front of everyone and just don't care. There is a time and a place for everything. Take that shit home with you... I don't want to hear it!

Or... tell her god/jesus only loves her in church and they should only be mentioned there!

I am probably the only person from her past or present who is not as religious as she is. Her other friends said, "Praise the lord" and other such tripe. If she were not a childhood friend, I would unfriend her, but we sentimental old fools want that connection to the past.

@Gwendolyn2018 Hey... .I have/had a friend I have known since I was 9 and he was 6. We have continuously hung out over the years. He somehow went down the slippery slope with Trump and is now a conspiracy theorist... I had to end it. Life is too short!

It sounds like you don't get together with your friend... You are only FB friends at this point. So your mileage may vary...

@RiverRick She is a Trump supporter, too! I have not seen her for over 21 years, but when I go to Cali, I think I will avoid stopping by her house. FB is enough. She is probably the only Trump supporter whom I still have as a friend on FB, and that is only due to the longevity of our friendship and the miles between us.


Babbeling. She most likely does not even know she is doing it. Annoying for sure.

It is certainly run of the mill--and mouth--for her.


I would guess that she has never listened to herself babble

twill Level 7 Sep 30, 2019

Quite true.

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