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What are the TOP 5 β€˜must have’ qualities that your potential partner MUST have before you would even consider a long term relationship with them.

Hazydays 7 Oct 4

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  1. Four legs.
  2. Wet nose.
  3. House-trained
  4. Wagging tail
  5. No fleas

@creative51 No. If it's male, it'll be neutered. Sex isn't an option.

@creative51 Sex has become completely irrelevant to my life.
That's actually something I'm really grateful for, too.
I've made FAR too many poor choices because of it, and there wasn't enough "good" sex to have made those poor choices worth it.

@creative51 Please do not feel "bad" for me. I'm REALLY okay with my choices. I'm actually a very happy and content person.
I've eliminated most of the bullshit from my life. Sex carries with it entirely too much bullshit to deal with.
Once I quit pursuing it, my life calmed down considerably. I really enjoy
the peace and quiet. Life is good.

@KKGator Hear Hear!


Smart, kind, not a Trumper ( which goes along with smart and kind I suppose), no addictions ( been there and done that, can't do it again) curious about the world and willing to learn new things, good sense of humor, able to indulge my passion for hours in a museum by either keeping themselves busy or tagging along with good grace πŸ™‚


I really don’t have a list, but Trump is the lesson here. If they display any of his nasty traits we are done.

Wow, you must really hate blonds. Lol


That they don't have a list of "must haves".

1of5 Level 8 Oct 4, 2019

your doggie is super cute in his/her agnostic shirt πŸ˜€

@demifeministgal thanks! It's a him, to bad I can't get one for the smaller dog too.

@1of5 what breed is he?

@demifeministgal he's a golden retriever/poodle, designer mutt. Fantastic dog, highly recommend if smart, high energy dogs are your thing.

@1of5 oh wow he looks so much like Kirby (soft coated wheaten terrier) in the pic you have up right now... I thought he was a labradoodle cuz those look very similar to wheatens πŸ™‚

@demifeministgal Wheaton is a breed I'd like to get someday, have to wait till we move east first, though. 😟 how old is Kirby?

He's been mistaken for a Wheaton and an albino sheepdog before (when he was younger he was almost pure white and extremely fluffy if I let his hippy hair grow).

@1of5 Kirby is 5 years old... and he started off as a little brown and black furball and grew into a creamy white adult... that is common for wheaten terriers so it's like having two doggies from puppyhood to adulthood πŸ˜‰ <3

@demifeministgal sounds adorable.

Think I'm through raising from puppies, though, unless one comes up for rescue - which someone will probably snap up before I find out about it. 😟

  1. Open minded critical thinker (Should definitely enjoy independent thought)
  2. Non religious and non spiritual
  3. Honest and curt (acknowledges the lack of incentive to lie for a healthy relationship)
  4. Strong willed and dependable
  5. Independent financially and emotionally, where having a partner is a choice rather than a need.

Personally, I wouldn't put any physical / appearance based criteria as I strongly am of the opinion that no one chose their looks / appearance and can only do little about it.


#1. Free or low start up cost.

#2. High mileage per fuel ratio.

#3. Traverse diverse terrain.

#4. Large carrying and storage capacity.

#5. Nontaxable.

Word Level 8 Oct 4, 2019

@Donotbelieve how are you implying that?

@Donotbelieve that might work!

@Donotbelieve that might work, too!


Low standards


Just one; that her standards are low enough that I already meet them.


Many more than 5, but here are some:

Progressive/radical politically.


Non Republican
Environmentally aware
No religion or spiritual, (A connection with reality)
Have a nice laugh
Sexually adventurous

BillF Level 7 Oct 4, 2019

High Emotional Intelligence
Financial Stability

Five really is not enough. Somebody could be all of those things, but they also have to be honest, have integrity, like to travel, love nature, be a hard worker, be reliable, be respectful, have quiet confidence, be anti-chauvinist, have good manners, be thoughtful, playful, and on and on. Oh, and board games. I think my days of being with one who "doesn't want to play" are over.


Brains .
Empathy and compassion for humans and animals .
No drugs .
Soft spoken , not a bully , not demanding .
The rest are easy .

  1. Honorable, meaning honest and has integrity
  2. Trustworthy and trusting with loyalty in intimacy and romance
  3. Thoughtful conversationalist regarding social and philosophical issues
  4. Physically appealing due to healthy habits, lifestyle, non-smoker, good hygiene
  5. Skepical, meaning not gullible, thinks for himself after hearing all sides of issues
  1. respect; respect for other people and for solid evidence
  2. empathy: empathy for other people and for wildlife
  3. fun: must be able to have a good time, to take a joke. however they must know when it is time to be serious
  4. to feel comfortable: we need to be 100% comfortable around each other, being akward is just not fun
  5. Interest: to have similar interests, something we can talk about and relate to each other
    ( these are in no particular order, however they are all important)
  1. Healthy lifestyle that includes fitness and cooking healthy food.
  2. Good lover.
  3. Kind and respectful.
  4. Intelligent and educated.
  5. Good sense of humor and conversational skills.
  1. Alive
  2. Human
  3. Female

There’s no 4 or 5.


Loyal, honest, funny, smart, & GREAT in bed!


*Intelligent (not just very in depth knowledge of one subject)

*Strong willed (not stubborn but confident).

  • Non-prejudiced (My first requirement should cover this, but it deserves its own spot.)

*Rational (Not a believer, not spitlritual, no homeopathy, healing crystals, Himalayan salt lamps, acupuncture, astrology, or pseudoscientific bullshit.)

*Honest (This is the big no-compromise issue.)

JimG Level 8 Oct 4, 2019

I like your definition of rational, but I wonder if all of those would fall under a person with good critical thinking skills.

@demifeministgal I think rationalityi s the quality that results from using that skill set.


The person must be:

  1. kind
  2. energetic
  3. interesting
  4. tolerant
  5. affectionate

i am not to pick

  1. no religious b.s. keep to themselves
  2. Smart, very important to me I like to have conversations.
  3. Must my love my dogs, they are allowed in my bed to sleep!
  4. Must love linux os.
  5. actually like me and except who i am.

Integrity & honesty
Freedom from religion
Like to travel
Wise with money


They accept me for who I am. (That is the biggie)
Sense of humor.
Liberal both politically and socially.

@LetzGetReal Thanks. Watching football and doing this. πŸ™‚

@LetzGetReal Thanks for pointing it out. I am seldom doing this that I am not watching something at the same time, so I tend to type some things i see later and ask myself why I did not catch it.

  1. No tattoos
  2. No whale tails
  3. No tobacco spitting
  4. No Moose antlers
  5. Must have a brain
    All else is negotiable!

What are 2 and 4?


1 - Polydactylity - extra fingers make extra special caresses.
2 - Tourettes - nothing like random ticks and swearing to spice things up in the bedroom.
3 - Alopecia - I like ladies the way nature intended - completely hairless from head to toe
4 - Hypermobile joints. The risk of dislocating hips makes every shag a danger shag.
5 - Teeth filed into points. Just for the esthetics.


Intelligent but modest
Thoughtful/empathic - the ability to see people and situations beyond oneself
Chemistry - compatibility with me in my quirks and sensibilities including sense of humor, outlook on life, whatever

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