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NBC Breaking News 9:00 AM: A firm of attorneys confirms that his team represents multiple whistleblowers vs Trump and associates! They have spoken to the House Intelligence Committee's Investigator General about Trump's Ukraine call. Is this a positive sign towards impeachment?

sassygirl3869 9 Oct 6

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The only thing in the way is how dug in the republicans and their followers are to ignoring the Constitution, decency and all the things they once said were honorable and important.


Absolutely perfect


There are many attorneys, some doing pro bono work to help those who are seeking to the moral and ethical thing which puts them at risk in this current administration. If you can expose the problem you can fix it.


I’m leery! When you corner a con artist like the Don, he will try every trick in the book to weasel out of it. I seriously worry that in order to throw the impeachment off track, the Trump team will plant false allegations out there to overburden the investigation, then at some point show them to be totally made up. Maybe I give Don the Con more credit than he is due, but I wouldn’t trust the blowhard with a $10 loan.

$10 is a pretty big gamble in this case. More and more the (real) media is seeing how his constant comments about "witch hunt," "fake News," Biden corruption and on and on is a typical advertising poly to sway his supporters. There was even talk of eliminating his voice from the airways as it only adds to the noise and misrepresentation. It give him free time to air his screeds.

@JackPedigo, that was how he got elected! It was and still is Trump on the airwaves 24 hours a day everyday! As any good PR person knows, good or bad, the way you get people to pay attention is have them seeing and hearing you in their sleep. Trump knows PR.

@Barnie2years Hmm, I wonder what would happen if the National Enquirer started publishing some of his affairs and corruption. Oh, I forgot they only publish unsubstantiated gossip. Your comment was the reason the conversation is being had on NPR. But what can we do, we are hooked on hearing of his corruption in hopes he will get what he deserves.


Knock on wood !


I really do not understand why the Democrats do not try to win the next election rather than wasting time, money, and momentum to make a point. Pelosi knows there is no chance that the Senate will vote for removal when it is held by the opposition party. They do not have a majority much less 2/3. In the end, politics will win and everyone will stand with their party.

This process is giving the Republicans running all they need to take both house, Senate and presidency. They already have the court behind them.

The next Republican landslide will take decades to be changed , unless the Democrats are banking on a revolt or civil war to gain back what they threw away.

All of this makes me very uncomfortable.

The orange man has not yet played his "trump card". 535 special prosecutors from the justice department, each assigned to investigate all members of the house and Senate for crimes ranging from treason, spying for foreign governments, bribery, corruption, nepotism, sexual misconduct. Just the threat of this will cause enough upheaval in the country to change the balance of power forever.

I am frightened. Very frightened. Will this be the start of a police state?

You don’t not investigate a Mafia Don when you have viable information that could at least expose him for the fraud he is, just because you fear a family war to replace him. You can not allow this Don another year to highjack the Constitution without putting forth an effort to expose him for the traitor he is. Of the few Presidents to undergo an impeachment inquiry, Trump is surely the most deserving.

The clear violation of a quid pro quo has now been made pretty clear. It is this the gop strategy? Forcing the Dems to start an impeachment investigation? Looking does not mean they'll take a puppy home. The Senate or I should say moscow mitch has refused to allow a vote on legislation to secure our elections. I think the Dems can do both. To stand down, do nothing and allow trump and his WH cohorts to continue to violate the rule of law, the Contitution and basic moral and ethic ideals does not look good. trump supporters do not make up the majority of Americans. It is really fucking scary times but exposing the truth is pretty much always scaring. Work at getting people out to vote. The ones sitting at home thinking their vote won't count need to be energized to help make a change.

@silverotter11: @barnie2years:

No issues with all that has been said about the "fearless leader"

What happens when the accuser is investigated and they refuse to cooperate.

They are all crooks, otherwise they would not be there.

Will they resign when offered a presidential pardon? There is NO impeachment for elected members of congress, only criminal investigations by the justice department which is under the control of the president. Their trial will be before a trump appointed federal judge.

How many would survive even the question of an investigation into all of their slick deals. The best they could hope for would be to lose their seat, the worst would be a federal prison or execution if the worst is uncovered.

A report this morning stated it was up to the voters. Let the senate show their complicity in this but I feel the overwhelming majority in this country see right through his ploys and crookedness. Besides, what else should the Dems. do? Just ignore the whole thing and pretend nothing is wrong? That makes them look as culpable as the republicans. It used to be people were willing to gamble all in order to stand up for what was right. Now we seem to have gotten soft.


If this impeachment and acquittal follows in the footsteps of the last one (Clinton). The president will be reelected to another term and take both houses of congress with him just like Bill Clinton did.

I don't think l could handle that.

@moosepucky This is totally not like Clinton. He was impeached because he lied. It was a personal matter and consensual. He followed all the other rules and this act did not put the nation at risk. tRump has not followed any rules and broken laws. He has given secrets and used his power to force other countries to do his bidding. If we continue to let it go he will have won and probably will use more corruption to get re-elected. When the next recession comes (it will as it always does) and he is at the helm our country will be toast.
Clinton was impeached in 1998 near the end of his time as president. W was elected next and took the houses away from the democrats. Yes, it's scary but we are not turtles and can't tuck into our shells. We need to fight for decency.


We can but live in hope of brighter times ahead...but darker ones for DT!


It could be. Trump and friends are all trying to sweep it under the rug and Trump is now openly asking other foreign governments to help us "clean up the swamp." His supporters still do not get it. This alone is reason enough to actually remove Trump as POTUS.

Problem is tRump continues to alienate other countries and even members of his own party (Romney). At some point people get tired of this bullying and start to take a stand against it. He is NOT the dictator of the world and other countries are seeing they have a vested interest in getting him out.

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