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OKAY. This is for FUN. What not to do on a first date...3 questions. Be as outlandish/creative as you can. 1. What not to wear? 2. What not to order at the restaurant? 3. What not to say?

ReturnAgain 5 Mar 22

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1.a tube top with cut off jeans.
2.monkey meat
3.Didn't I see you in Vampire Babes do New York City?

  1. Gimp or goalie mask
  2. Spaghetti unless you are really good at twirling.
  3. Full on echolalia.
Kimba Level 7 Mar 22, 2018

pick your nose and eat it
yesterdays lunch
goats testicles especially if the goat is still connected
I hope you don't mind but I'm only dating you to get closer to your friend who I actually like


What not to do?

  1. Don't ask me about my "My Little Pony" facial tattoo
  2. Don't make eye contact...unless you want a fist fight
  3. Don't mock me for chosing a restaurant with picture menus only. i can't read. I'm illigitimate.
  1. A t-shirt with egg stains on the front, 2) Ketchup at a 5 star restaurant, 3) "Do you have de-caffeinated ?" (this was Ronald Reagan hjen the Queen offered him a cup of coffee),

Jellybeans for desert.

  1. Anything that screams, "I'M A DAD!!!" i.e. Flip flops with socks and my Rick & Morty t-shirt.
  2. Never order the Cream Of Sum-Yung-Guy. That shits not funny till the fifth or sixth date.
  3. "So, my mom came into my bedroom last night and totally found my Anime porn collection..."
  1. Saran wrap and nothing else (imagine the humidity)
  2. vodka after vodka
  3. What's your sign, baby?

So are you saying Saran wrap is ok in dry climates?

@Fulishsage I'm saying it's the perfect fit.

Have you been watching Dexter?

@azzow2 I've never watched that show. I do not watch non-fiction.


What not to wear: anything uncomfortable. What not to eat: anything you wouldn't normally eat. What not to say: anything untrue or unkind.

Did you read the "be as outlandish/creative as you can." bit?

  1. Shorts, old Filip flops, and a too small tank top with picture of Pee Wee Herman. 2. Anchovies and chopped onions in a bowl. 3. I can tell by your scent that you want me real bad.

1)The dried skin of your last victim.
2)Liver, Chianti and Fava Beans.
3)"It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again!"

(The Silence of the Lambs)


  1. How is your aim, do you use a laser scope?
    ) Have you ever set a trap line?
    3)Have you ever been chased by a bear?

@ReturnAgain 1)Swimfins they are hard to walk with on dry land 2) BBQ alligator 3)Did you see the sniper on the roof across the street?

You sound like my dad.

  1. Wedding ring
  2. Big Mac
  3. This is my mom she decided to join us
  1. Going commando and shoeless with overalls
  2. Garlic pizza
  3. At the end of the date (if male): "Ok, next one's on you."

Wait what's wrong with commando overalls and shoeless? That's a good look lol

@Keyboard-Mama LOL! Yes Ma'am! Gonna go out and by some today!

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