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I used to be the post it note queen. I had stacks of pads, I'm not sure why, and most predate my divorce and reentry into the workplace. So I've been schlepping them to work as I find them around the house. Recently I found a pad with some notes on it, from one of those times I was struggling. I don't know where I got it, but I will pass it along.

  1. What is going well for you?

  2. What are you trying to ignore?

  3. What is boring you?

  4. How do you want to be remembered?

  5. Who do you love?

  6. What is next?

What I do remember is that when you're struggling you need to pay attention to what is going well, because too often we overlook it. We need to acknowledge it.

HippieChick58 9 Mar 22

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I used to keep stacks of notebooks where I would jot down sayings that piqued my interest. Recently, I read through the old notebooks and it was certainly eye opening to see my growth process...all positive.


Good advice.


1,2,3,5 is the same answer kids 4 My true friends know I am all about honor. That being said I would like for them to remember the times I have made them laugh. 6 Hope to have and share emotions and make memories with a lady that can tolerate the chaos in my brain.


Good advice!

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