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Matt Bevin of Kentucky, claims conspiracies and voter fraud and refuses to concede the election. Even Mitch McConnell tells him to concede. LOL.

sassygirl3869 9 Nov 13

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I saw he conceeded when I was at work, I think I may have made some noise... oops.


WHHHHOOOOOO! The mofo just conceded this afternoon!

AMEN!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!


Another good reason for congressional term limits.


Sadly this is the level of politician we have today. Not a bit of statesmanship to be had.


Let's see, what was it Leningrad Lindsey was saying a ways back about "sore losers?" Oh yeah, that's right, it applies only to Democrats.... Bevin was an embarrassment coming into our state and an embarrassment during his tenure, so why should he be any different going out?


Sniveling puke!


That’s the republican way now 🙄

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