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I serve people and during the holidays I always say happy holidays but yet some people get very offended during Christmas time and demand that I say merry Christmas.
In response I tell them that I respect there Christian zeal but not everyone is a Christian or believes in Christ. I also told him what you're asking me to do is unconstitutional I have the freedom of free speech I can say whatever I want.

PinkyandtheBrain 7 Nov 15

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Yeah Christians are getting too sensitive about that,

bobwjr Level 10 Nov 15, 2019

I agree. People need to get over themselves. They act like we want to cancel Christmas. Who cares how great another during the holidays. They say it's rude not to say "Merry Christmas ". I say it's rude to question how someone greets you.


What they are asking you is not unconstitutional. Are they the government?


Well, you're not being rude. People seem to be too stupid to realise that. Although I'm agnostic, I wish them a Merry Christmas as it doesn't hurt as well. At the end of the day, it's a matter of the perspective you want to choose.


Thank you for what you do!

If it were me I think I would say "I respect your right to your beliefs, but I equally respect other people's rights to their beliefs, or to not believe, and their rights to be included."

I would say this because I do not respect Christian zeal--or any religious zeal that causes a person to think that they are special or have some supernatural truth that others don't have.

Yeah I know what you mean. There are thousands of religions typically all think its the true path or some similar bs.


I hate hearing happy holidays - I like hearing merry christmas

gater Level 7 Nov 15, 2019

Say "Io, Saturnalia!" If they want to go back in time, let them go back to ancient Rome. (I can't believe it, I accidentally showed that I do in fact use Latin in my life after high school)


I wonder if they're intentionally putting their chips on their shoulders and going around looking for someone to hassle.

The professionalism and inclusiveness of less specific phrases should be a better choice.
But I'm not sure how or even whether it's worth explaining that to them.


I think "Happy Holidays" is fine but "Merry Christmas" is fine too. The holiday is called "Christmas" and you aren't really betraying your beliefs by using the name. After all, "Holidays" originally referred to Holy Days but has lost all its religious meaning.


I can go with either, depending on the audience. Since my main customers tend to be tailored to baby boomers (and the place paints "Merry Christmas" on the front windows every year), that's most of em.

Truth be told, people tend to be so crabby that this hardly ever comes up lol. I tend to be so annoyed at holiday incivility (WHY THE FUCK DO YOU FEEL ENTITLED TO PARK IN A FIRE LANE JUST BECAUSE IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE!!!) to be annoyed at anything else.

It is what it is. People are idjits.

Speaking of my nations traditionally driven idjits, I wonder how long before Don Cherry says something negative about the Happy Holidays greeting.

"It's Merry Christmas, and you people aught to learn this now!"


Why are people trying to take control of how others express? That is not free speech...THEY are not happy within their own mind and are trying to line up ‘little soldiers’ to help them feel good!


I used Happy Holidays because I feel is inclusive. No only Christmas is celebrating in December, there are more holidays.


it sounds like this post describes a retail situation. so 'happy holidays' is appropriate.
when customers get upset, you can say it's company policy.
when non-customers get upset, you can say, 'i'm sorry you're upset.' are you saying that xmas is not a holiday?


If I were a server, I would say whichever one is likely to get me the biggest tip. That said, if you are more comfortable saying Happy Holidays, say the restaurant wants you to be inclusive.


Perhaps the problem is the hate expressed? I do not have to believe in anything to respect people and repeat the holiday greeting they use. Some people are just ugly about it, ready to say happy followed by the specific holiday for all the other holidays, but then happy holidays for Christmas. Not being consistent shows us much, like it or not.


I'm not really sure how them telling you to say "merry Christmas" is unconstitutional because you don't have to listen to them. Technically, their right to demand you say "merry Christmas" is covered under freedom of speech.


I leave the Constitution out of it and please let us leave Fox News out of it too. Every year Bill O'Reilly claims there is "an attack on Christmas" and Trumpers and Christians believe it. Every year it grows. Can I say Happy Holidays? Can I say Happy Hanukkah? How about Merry Mythmas? Let's try "truck you and the Merry Christmas you rode in on." Oh, you don't think I can say it. Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas! The problem is - no turkey day yet. Oh, those poor merchants. Happy Merchant Day.

If that sounds angry then so be it. Go tell Bill O'Reilly and while you are at it see if you can find any of this in your buybull.

Merry Mythmas! bwahahahaha


Each to their own I say, thats easy for agnostics, unfortunately, not for the pious!


I have actually never seen someone get offended at either statement so I say both,I say happy holidays around thanksgiving until about mid December and then it’s merry Christmas until the bitter end lol


I work at a Jewish school, where christmas is not a thing. I mean there are people there with different faiths, but I usually say Happy Holidays anyway. I'm also fine with saying Happy Hannukah, and Shabbot Shalom on Fridays.

Stenz Level 6 Nov 15, 2019

The last school where I taught was very mixed with many non religious, xtions, Jews, Muslims, and Hindus. Oh, and a couple Buddhist, etc. We also had a higher percentage of kids professing sexual inclinations. Not a public school. Anyway, it was a mix of happy whatevers. Also, we got off regular holidays, xtion ones, some Jewish and Islamic as well.


I really am not looking forward to all that BS. It didn't bother me to say it before but now with all the "War on Christmas" crap people say it almost as a threat sometimes like a dare not to say it back. I work in direct care for elderly so there will be no avoiding it or being sour either. One year they actually had us put bells on all week.

MsAl Level 8 Nov 15, 2019

I say 'Have a Merry Christmas' because that's what they're celebrating.

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