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What has science done for you lately?

Melbates 7 Mar 25

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I am more concerned with what science has not been allowed to do for us. Elements of our military, select military contractors and aerospace companies involved in Unacknowledged Secret Access Programs have controlled and eliminated research in many areas of science for decades.

Our oil and energy based economy has proliferated in spite of its effects on the environment and the existence of technologies that could have been providing free, clean energy for over 100 years. Suppression of information, denial of funding for research and ridicule of anyone investigating areas of science deemed fringe science or kooky have robbed us of prosperity in favor of profits and control of economy and freedom.


God is OK with children suffering great pain

whereas science if it can not cure the problem can alleviate the pain.

Which one would you pick?


@melbates ."Such as?" This example is probably a bit way out but I am trying to make the point that scientific method is applicable in many more situations than we currently think.
"MAKE and execute to satisfaction of your Mom A PLAN to tidy your bedroom. All thinking must be original to you although you[teacher option{ Can or Cannot}] use the internet to research. Photos must record Initial state and progress in stages. Parent must sign for the originality too"


Future Shock and the anti-science movement.

Say what? LOL

@Melbates Future Shock is similar to Culture Shock, except it is caused by the rapid pace of technological change. See:: []

Antiscience: [] mainly because it contradicts religion.

Future shock is a bad side effect of science, and antiscience is a rebellion against science. Got your attention, lol.

@EdEarl oh, no, I knew about the antiscience. But had never heard of the former. And, the way your sentence was constructed just confused me. Thanks for the clarification.


Saved my life twice.


Given the fact I've been in the biotech field, it's given me a decent income for 15 years.

I've used science to keep our food safe from pathogenic bacteria. I've used science to solve crimes and exonerate innocent people. I've used science to determine if people have a particular genetic disease. I've used science to ensure drug products and medical devices are sterile. And I'm currently using science to match organ donors and recipients.

Apparently there was a glitch. Your comment came three times.

That's amazing. I am honestly amazed when people, especially women, are smart enough for stuff like that. I'm also a huge support of more girls in the STEM field.


What has science done for me lately?
It has me in a quandary, I'm pondering the universe hologram theory, even our lives are a hologram.

Black holes are lined with genetic coding from the worlds they dissolve & throws into the universe those genetic coding which everything ingests & evolves.... You are reincarnatred star dust!

JGul Level 3 Mar 25, 2018

Extremely interesting, aren't they? I think the Holographic Universe theory is mind boggling.


My life before the Internet was crap.


Why do we spend too much time doing "other famous people's science" in schools? Ok it teaches a narrow range of techniques. Instead we should arrange for the child to discover something personal about themselves using and improving upon their own understanding of none stuffy scientific method

Such as?


Well.....Apart from medicine,wine, irrigation,
education, roads, Aqueduct, Sanitation and public health............... WHAT HAVE the Romans ever done for us? 😛😛


dies laughing

LOL to the above. I am allowed a typo every now and then. But then again HARK to the YANK, of whom routinely misspells AND mangles MY language every flipping day!

@Gilgamesh155326 bahahahahhahaa. They seriously need to do whatever coding is necessary for Emojis to appear properly because that deserves a crying laughing emoji. LOL


I am alive because of science so it's an everyday thank you!

BillF Level 7 Mar 25, 2018

Given me insomnia, anxiety, and chronic fatigue. Among those things a feeling of doing something greater than myself, happiness, and uncomfortable sense of how stupid I really am. Yeah, I've been working on a poster for a conference! LOL


Among many other things, it has already prolonged my life -- with quality -- by eleven years.


Must say the halting of space shuttle missions is appalling. Every time the space shuttle would go o a mission the world would gain leaps and bounds of scientific data.

Sadly, it's a money thing. There's not enough and Americans would rather throw money at sports and celebrities and politicians than to the local science fair.


Warm house, transportation, and a cell phone to name a few.


Fox News has been hard at work spinning everything into a liberal plot despite their own dependence on technology.

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