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The Real Dangers of Marijuana

sassygirl3869 9 Mar 27

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There are none...i guess somebody could become overweight from the munchies lol


I made edible brownies from my homegrown and loved them too much. Do you know what happens when you eat too many? I do, but I came back. It took a while. Good trip.


Never done marijuana, and I like food, but, no, I couldn't come at that one. Dont think I know anyone who could. Probably 20% over my limit.


Lol and paranoid schitsofrenia


Wow! Talk about food porn.


Is that a tiny pizza or a really big burger?

godef Level 7 Mar 27, 2018

your guess is as good as mine.

No, looks like smothered French fries. Lol



I've been home sick today, lost my breakfast and slept. Now I'm trying to remember if I ate lunch or not and if I should do supper. That picture isn't helping me think clearly.


I saw this in high school and laughed out loud. @Captnron59


marijuana doesnt necissarily increase appetite it actually can stabilize blood sugar.

I agree. It doesn't increase appetite for me, but the taste is enhanced, therefore I'm more satiated with less.


I would totally put that into my food hole.


The essence of decadence. Can I have 2?


It turns out Bill O'Reilly was right: marijuana is indeed a gateway drug… to heart disease.


Gives me a heart attack just looking at it. Where is the marijuana? A friend gave me a marijuana/chocolate cube he makes. It actually made me nauseous. I know I am weird.

Next time try half ... The edibles sneak up on you ; )

@JaciBea I did only have half. I was leery of eating the whole thing.

@JackPedigo lol ok so maybe they are not for you ; )

@JaciBea I have tried marijuana before and the only time it affected me was once someone made some hash brownies. The rest of the group went out bar hopping but I and the upstairs neighbor girlfriend (whom I disliked) stayed and simply spent the evening laughing our heads off.


Can I have that without the smoke?


Looks delicious! I don't get the munchies, if food is nearby I will partake without paying attention, but if it isn't around I'm fine. Am I weird?


Not even high and I really want to eat that.

You are becoming one of my favorites on this site. Lol!!!

@JayJackson thanks! Finally my smartassery is getting me something besides beaten up.

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