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2020!!! Never thought I'd live this long!
So to start off a decade of great potential, let's all press on into "The Growth Zone". I'm confident my favorite fellow Agnostics will join me in this continuing adventure. Saddle up! You know who you are!

bigpawbullets 9 Jan 2

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I sure do, and you know who I am...


There needs to be another zone called the "I'm too old for this shit" zone, which is like the comfort zone, but different because you don't feel safe and in control, you just recognise that there is no safe and in control but you no longer give a damn.


Saddled up! Comfort zone, never abandoned the learning zone, and keep living dreams!


Just got to live some dreams for the first time and it was Excellent!


The Growth Zone IS my Comfort Zone!


I think I'm most comfortable in the learning zone....


There is no growth in death!

This will happen if we lose the O-zone!


So, in my late 60's, is it possible to be in all zones at once or to move backwards and forwards between them on an hourly basis, because it seems like that's where I come from? 😆

I'd say yes.


I will cede the growth zone to my younger colleagues on this site. At age 82, I do not have the physical endurance or energy to pursue things with the fervor I once had.

At 58 mine is too.


I’ve been in the Growth Zone ever since I figured out religion was bogus and quit worrying about going to hell. 🤣😂

You and me both on that one, Trajan.

I see Kyle is still hanging around...

@maturin1919 All good on that though, at least you're another familiar face. Alot of members on here now who I do not recognize.

@maturin1919 I'm only back here for awhile to check in with a few others whom I miss chatting with, in case you were curious about my last reply.

@maturin1919 Based on a few past interactions with you on here, just curious, do you enjoy philosophical or political debates & discussions?

@maturin1919 Got you on the philosophy part, and agree with you on that. How about politics though?

@maturin1919 Fair enough. The reason I asked is because I am looking for some of those who lean to the left who might be interested in engaging in political debates/discussions on another site that the Admin guy of this one had also created. That's why I came back to this site (for awhile anyway).

@maturin1919 No. Ahh, you didn't know about Admin's third site...
Then again, I don't think Admin was eager to broadcast such on here, given how some of the political-based debates tend to get out of control at times often resulting in hurling insults.


I've been in the 'OH' zone for some time now. Once in a while I slip into the 'OH NO' zone, but sober up by the next morning. 😜👍

Relax Captain. Strap in. Relax. I'll get us there.... maybe. 👌😎

@bigpawbullets Good thing you're here.. the cyclic control is acting funny. 😫


I’m hoping to get out of the comfort zone and go directly to growth zone without passing any of those other zones!


I've been between growth and learning for some time now....


Twilight zone the arrow needs to continue.🤯


Well, I just left the Fear Zone. I'm not sure if I'm on the Learning or Growth Zone. Let's see what this year will bring...

Great news! Keep on keepin' on!

@bigpawbullets, thank you very much. All support now is very welcome. 😉

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