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What liars and hypocrites fear most is the truth.

DarwinistOne 7 Mar 30

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I've lied.
I've been a hypocrite.
I don't believe anyone is completely free of it.
And I DO know the psychopath and the narcissists, etc. That's a different category alltogether.
The truth is simply uncomfortable. The goal is to do the best you can to see it.

We've all told "white lies" and put on airs at one point or another. But life isn't one big class reunion. Healthy people don't have to lie all the time to get thru the day, either to others or themselves. Truly happy people accept and tell the basic truths in life.


Maybe all or most of us fit the description of liars and hypocrites, depending on the subject. By 'liars' I don't mean intentional prevarication but repeating untruths because we believe them sincerely.

Today, I experienced something that was very uplifting on my part that might have been other wise for others. A man, a Phd, whom I hold in very high esteem called me an ignorant man. NOrmally those kinds of insults are like proverbial water on a duck's back when originating from people about whom we hold a simiar opinion. I have, however, supported his ideas and have purchased his books addressing some very profound issues with nothing short of genius.

So, one might imagine that such a statement might be recieved as hurtful. In my case it was enlightening and I'm grateful for his honestly meant criticism. It served to illustrate for me how none of us, no matter how intelligent or in possession of expertise in a specific area, gets everything. Knowing a lot about one or two things doesn't make us experts in all things. Unfortunately, human ego often gives us false pride because of stellar achievements in a body of knowledge, convincing us that we possess sagacity in other areas about which we are woefully ignorant.

So, what I'm saying is, that it feels good to be insulted by a person with such grand scientific credentials that I fully agree with and support when I discover that by his insult, his understanding of what I know well is so lacking. I love his genius but find high comedy in his pretensions of superiority in areas about which he knows so little.

How many topics I address showing myself to be equally hypocritical and one who conveys 'lies' ramains to be seen. Perhaps some of you will point them out. 🙂

In a similar vein: I used to think (years ago) that great artist=great mind. Now I know great artist=great art. A PhD can OFTEN be relied on to provide reasonable insight into their field of study. But, intellectuals have become cocky enough to believe their credentials entitle them to authority in all aspects of life.

Or you could simply keep quiet or state as i genuinely do, "i know nothing about this" lol. There is no shame is there. I know a girl. A good friend with quite strong mental health issues. A great person. Business genius. Like a fact library on legs. Completely socially inept. She can never be wrong. Literally states it herself (in jest really), "I'm never wrong" .. even when she is. She knows she is & has to joke about it. It's a component or her personality. I love her lots. She is very hard work. There is pretty much every facet of human out there all mixed up in different ways. I bemuse her & she loves me as a friend as i am so bluntly honest or straight. I wouldn't say humans are so much hypocrites but we all live a paradoxical existence. Or most of us do to some degree. The only way to remove yourself from the paradox is get some sled dogs and get up to Alaska & build a cabin. In our urban connurbations it's hard not to be in thar paradox and become hypocrites without self isolation or offending someone. You know you've hit real truth in life as you at that point you lose most of your friends. Not because of dislike or hate. They just don't fit your truth. Seems to have happened to lots of folks I know. Then they start again re evaluate and build again how they want life to be without people being around so much who don't fit .. you can be non hypocrite but its hard. I have spent a large / most part of my life literally helping or giving my time to helping / saving others. Part of my personal life to. I never stop. The paradox can't touch me if I'm unstictching it lol. Only when i stop. I think most people lie to themselves so fundamentally they cannot see, tell or comprehend real truth .. they just have to to survive. Facing it is the only way out really. Hardest thing in the world. I'm lucky. Me and my friends are brutal with one another in a sense. If i was being untrue to myself my friends wouldn't let that continue. Friends are really importance. Who we are is them in some sense i suppose. Lies wear me out as memory in some aspects is photographic. Being around liars will literally give me seizes. I have no qualms about coldly exiting them from my life like they were grains of sand from a beach. For every single person its different i suppose. Every single person is all valid too in dome way suppose. It's funny being a pink hairless monkey who's ancestors took too many muhrooms. A baboon in a maze .. i smell out untruth like blood .. i am always prepared to be wrong too. I don't always like it but am prepared lol.


Liars and hypocrites are very good at avoiding the truth and the people who bring it.
Sarah Sanders is a prime example of this.

@WizardBill Another one of her favorites. "I'll have to get back to you about that."
Of course, that never happens.

Put a blonde wig on Sanders, and who does she look like?


That would be trumpty dumpty's people.


Truth is reality.


Really? They fear the truth most of all? Surely what this US Administration has taught us - not just in the US, but all around the world - is that if you get caught out for lying or being a hypocrite, simply dismiss that proof as "fake". Truth has lost its currency. If you can brash it out - particularly with the backing of a television and online network - then you ain't got nothing to fear. Alternative facts, baby, those aren't the future - they are the present.


Liars and hypocrites are selfish. They never think beyond themselves. Selfish people don't think of the impact they have on other people. Often their lies leave lifelong emotional scars on the people they supposedly care about making it difficult for those people to trust anyone.

Oh, so you know my ex too, eh?


Not so sure about that, both of them need "the truth" (whatever that is), to obscure or twist.

Truths of the world are relative, situational and based on view points. The liar and the hypocrite make use of truth's relativity to enable their lies and facades.

These days, I don't think they fear much.

cava Level 7 Mar 30, 2018

It's a funny old game. Untruth can be nailed down to very few personsal traits or personality types. Quite often people eminent in anything will be completely inept socially or struggle. Thier truth is their work. Everything & everyone else is painful. I am truth. I always face it. I know that isn't typical. Metaphysics says there cannot be truth yet in practical reality it's what we agree is proven after being tested. Politically, globally, currently I think we are at a pinnacle of untruth. Also socially. Hence the general lack of distrust. I live by truth as much as possible. Some people's I find a little wide of the grade ! Always scares some people, always will.


That is up for grabs...there are certain personalities that cannot fear a different truth, than the one that they have at that moment, because their perception is their truth! I think this true in the case of trump, his whole reality is slanted toward a different angle, than normal people! To him, his is telling the truth! Example...has he changed since he took to the world stage? Even when he has been called out on a daily basis, for his lying!


It's why they fight so hard against it.


Ever notice how the biggest, most committed liars seem to be the quickest to accuse others of lying? I am directly thinking of our nation's current president. Literally everything he accuses other public figures of doing, we eventually find out he has been grotesquely guilty of, himself. What a surprise (not so much.) ALL politicians play loosely with truth. It gets very "bendy" in their hands. A 2016 independent analysis figured that the MOST honest of Presidents and those running for that office were only completely telling the truth about 62% of the time. But Donald Trump was in a class of compulsive liar rarely ever even seen before. The only other politician to come close to his level of sheer dishonesty, according to the survey, was Ted Cruze. Good job, America! You elected a severe malignant narcissist and pathological liar to be "leader of the free world."

WizardBill, those are excellent examples of my exact point. Trump hurled those disparaging nicknames (accurate or not, didn't matter) at his rivals, so that any attempt on their part to point out HIS crookedness and lying would end up merely looking like sour grapes on their parts. An effective tactic for distracting the public from his own immense sleezeball behavior.


It's a real horsepill. Usually more effective given as a SHOT.

yes shockingly so


It's hard to make them see reality without angering them. That's the trick really is to offer them facts in a way that let's them reach their own conclusions. If nothing else plant a seed in their brains and hope it roots in the BS they have been fed.

I know someone who lies as a matter of course.
He is not religious, but an addict. And addicts are WAAAAAY up there with politicians, fishermen and religious leaders when it comes to outright spillage of utter bullshit.


Only if people recognize the truth.


What Liars and Hypocrites love the most is truth because once you can center on a fact or certainty then you have an audience and are guaranteed the most assured debate from those who haven't a clue about what they are talking about. Hate to bring it up but look at what is happening right now in America by one of the most ignorant persons ever appointed to the Office who did it with outside money, coersion and used as his slogan "Fake New" and still at this very moment is spewing it out every time he lies, gets caught in a lie or else destroys a democratic process for his own egotistical persona.


I'd say everyone fears the truth. Because it could be something that is wrong with us as people.

I welcome truth and I enjoy discovering hidden histories, but as time goes on less and less people will remember the true history and it will be forgotten forever because mainstream history is written by the victors.

That's why I decided to create an archive of history that I see every year. Be it the situation in South Africa or the Mass Shootings in the USA. I want my descedants to know the facts behind what happened, rather than read the half-truths in their history textbooks.

I honestly don't fear the truth. I know exactly what I am and why I am here. In my view people are conditioned into fear and that causes problems and that is how history gets re-written as you say. It relies on the fear equation doesn't it. I am way past worrying about my mortality & needs in honesty. The fact it is being rewritten just means we have to work a lot harder to keep things real. I don't even think about that. I know that struggle will contribute to an early death. At least then I can have a day off lol 😉

Yeah, I can empathize with you.
Some random SGT "Recruit, you can sleep when you're dead" which is basically meant for me when university coursework is due.

@Lancer From it was medical stuff that made it this way.. Just years of being protected from a wrong diagnosis .. once i started looking into the problem I self diagnosed and proved the medical profession wrong. It's tough.. Had I found the truth years earlier my life would be profoundly different due to choices made on a misdiagnosis and peoples reactions to that situation !!! I think it is very individual and when I was younger I would have hidden from things .. I have learned that that was seriously damaging in my case though, so tend to want the truth now no matter how hard !! Maybe I just hit my threshold.

I know exactly what you mean. My dad went to the doctor and asked him to do an ultrasound on his bicep because it hurt. The doctor said "It's just bruised, go home" even though my dad asked 3 nurses and 2 doctors for the ultrasound. The next day dad's bicep detached in the shower and a massive 1.5 inch blood clot appeared just under the skin with a bunch of purple blood. He's now had 3 different doctors perform surgery because they kept screwing up the nerves. Now he just accepts the constant pain.

A doctor almost killed me in hospital with an overdose too. It wasn't his fault, his boss had him working 72 hours straight. The guy was bound to kill someone eventually. But my dad had a little training as a combat medic (back in the days when oil and gas companies didn't hire as many private security, they just trained their engineers) and he noticed it immediately. Needless to say, my dad saved my life twice that day.

I really think people should have more access to information. The internet was intended for that but now it's being censored and I find it sad.




I don't consider myself a liar or a hypocrit but the truth is a tough place for anyone, if for no other reason than it's a solitary journey.


What anyone fears most is the truth.

No - I fear lack of it. It depends on how your life has run I guess.

@Nickbeee No one likes the truth. It's why we have to sugar-coat everything, and in the age of Triggered and Content Warnings and self-policing censorship and Fake News it's becoming all too common to hide the truth.

@WileEQuixote No I really do like the truth... If you honestly had lived my life you would be the same.. I appreciate how you think that but it really is not me !! It's you projecting your viewpoint on me lol !!

@Nickbeee I'm not projecting anything. It's a statement of the world. Look around.

@WileEQuixote Well you said no one liked the truth directly after I said I like the truth.. So why would't I imagine that was directed at me personally as you disagreed lol ?

@Nickbeee You seem to consistently think things are about or refer to you, they don't.
No one cares.


I think this should include all sales people and politicians. Well maybe I'm being too hard on them 95% is probably a realistic number

dc65 Level 7 Mar 30, 2018

Not just the truth, but their beliefs beign countered with teh truth in front of other people. That is what they fear most. They fear the embarassment of the truth provign them wrong in front of others.

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