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This feels like progress!


1EarthLovingGal 7 Feb 23

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Holy crap (that's what this is). I know that school. It's in an area I used to live and passed it hundreds of times. Teachers work at private schools mostly at 75% of pay that a teacher makes in public schools. They are supposed to be dedicated but obviously this school was not dedicated to it's teachers. I wonder how many other Parochial schools practice this????


This teacher too had to resign

@1EarthLovingGal really sad how religion measures-up people and toss them out if they don't comply or fit in with those religious beliefs/books.
Education bodies need to step in here. This is a rejection and exclusion of fine human beings - discrimination!


Progress would be if instead of a walk out the students all went to a public school and that Catholic one declared bankruptcy...

That would be the decision of the parents. The Catholic parents of kids who attend Catholic Schools are expected to tithe more than non-catholics. This is a way of getting more non-catholics to send their kids to this private school.

@JackPedigo The kids can refuse to attend that school and demand their parents send them to public school. If the courts find out they will side with the kids....

@Lizard_of_Ahaz Yeah, good luck with that. Very few kids have the guts to counter their parents. There is one famous one, though. Ronald Reagan Jr.

@JackPedigo You never met me.... I had to blackmail mine to allow me to sign up for the Marines at 17....

@Lizard_of_Ahaz LOL you have NO IDEA how authoritarian and controlling catholic parents can be.... the stupid buybull teaches them that they own their kid(s) and are like their god(s) on earth and if they disobey to use corporal punishment aka abuse. Refusing to go to school would earn one a whooping or some other severe punishment(s) for my friends and I growing up. But sure, think that kids raised in authoritarian schooling all their lives can just switch over to public schools willy nilly. πŸ˜‰

@demifeministgal Like I said "Progress would be"... Of course in this day and age trying to beat your kids for telling you that they want to go to a public school instead of a Catholic one would get those parents arrested....

@Lizard_of_Ahaz would it? Because the statistics of abused kids in my nation and in your nation may shock you. Unless the abuse was so severe it left visible marks, most parents get away with it. Sad but true.

@demifeministgal Hell my parents tried using a belt on me as a kid.... They figured out it didn't work because I would just laugh afterwards... They figured out it was easier and they had better results just by asking nicely. If these kids can't take a beating for a good cause the world is in deep shit...

@Lizard_of_Ahaz LOL adults cannot take beatings for a good cause yet you expect kids to do so?? come on man. Have some compassion. Not everyone has the pain tolerance and the bravery that you do/did. And minors do NOT deserve criticism for not being able to stand up to their abusive parent(s). The shitty parents deserve our criticism. No shaming of victims for me. That's just me though. YMMV

@demifeministgal Anyone can take that beating for a good cause... All they have to do is believe in the cause and themselves...


I cannot stand that word "catholic" any longer. They take forever to find child molesting catholic priests guilty but rather dismiss catholic teacher's who impart education to the children. What's happened to humanity and especially the voices of the children. I'm disgusted at that school. They hide behind private school policies that not even the students are taking kindly to. What a shame! They're hanging onto control of human beings, deciding the fate of other human beings.

Unfortunately, it's not just Catholic priests but clergy from other sects as well. Check out FFRF Black Collar Crime. []

@JackPedigo all religious sects i agree. I read the article. It's sickening.

As an ex-catholic, I totally agree. The fact that then pope JP2 didn't do anything about it for many years and knowing about these pedophile priests is disgusting. The catholic church is corrupt from the top down. It's been that way for years. It's in my rear-view mirror now and I say good riddance.


Good for those kids.
I just looked it up and it would be illegal in the UK. You cannot even be refused admittance to a church for those reasons. Some employers can have morals clauses in their contracts but they would be things like sports teams and it would be for salacious behavior. It could not be for just being gay. For example a friend one had a one night stand with a very famous Liverpool and England football player. He phoned the next day begging her not to tell anyone because of this. Btw he was married to someone famous too. (and it was not Posh & Bex)


So much for the question "how we explain this to our kids?" Perhaps the kids should explain ti to the parents instead.


Acceptance is a slow death for equality.


It's great that the students protested, but the teachers haven't been reinstated.
This is behavior that is permitted by law. Private schools all across the country
have similar contracts with employees.
Most states are "at-will" states and employers can terminate any employee, at
any time, for any reason. Especially private religious businesses, or schools.

All the protests in the world aren't going to make any difference unless and until
the laws are changed.
Hopefully, the kids who participated in the protest grow up to be the adults who
change the laws.
Trying to get satisfaction through the courts is going to be an uphill battle, for
a LONG time.


I feel so happy & proud of these kids!


It seems that the 21st century’s generation are way ahead of their predecessors on matters of sexual well as concerns over climate change! Perhaps there is hope for the human race after all!


It is progress.. The students are speaking up...


Ah, yes. The teachers have a contract that should not be against Catholic moral values in any way. This is how the school is getting rid of the teachers. We must remember that just a few years ago it was believed that a person became a "gay teacher" just to be able to corrupt the students. In this case the students are reacting to events at the school very well, and this is indeed progress.


Wow! It sounds like after this those students will dump the myth as adults if they have not already!


Luckily not a thing here, we have a large gay community with political muscle

bobwjr Level 10 Feb 23, 2020

I didn't see anywhere where the school is yet doing anything to correct the problem. (It may be too soon for all I know.)

Is the contract constitutional that they had to sign to be hired? Again I don't know. I suspect that it being a church school is significant.

I hope it gets resolved to all the students' and their families' and their teachers' satisfactions. And I feel bad for the disruption in the students schedules (although there obviously is a bit of an implicit civics lesson involved).

Additional: This is why I personally would prefer that all schools be government-run public services. There is no way to effectively discourage bias from religious or for-profit schools.


I was kinda confused at first because Seattle is very progressive....until I got to the word Catholic.


There was some polemic as well when a priest in Spain was removed from his parish because he admitted to be gay. People had no problem with it as he was always in good relations with people and was doing a good job there. If these teachers were indeed forced out, whoever acted in forcing them out should be sacked. Fair play to the kids for standing up for the teachers.


Lets hope something good come out of this.

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