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When I started reading this post, I thought it was going to be full of judgement but it was to my surprise that it wasn’t judgmental at all. Although I don’t agree with spreading the word of Christ because he is not real and often makes people worse people than they were before, I actually liked this post. Christians are going to continue doing their thing so I wish they’d at least be a little more like these women.


1EarthLovingGal 7 Feb 28

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I'm sorry, but in my opinion ANYONE who believes in the BS is a moron. Period.


I don't like proselytism stories. It doesn't matter to me that she learned that these people were actually normal people which is obvious to anyone in a normal mindset. They are still trying to convert and fix people based on the segment of society they are in so they are still judging their way of life, in my view.


Who really are the broken ones here? The women? Or the paying male customer? If you work in a strip clubs chances are your spouse or SO is very much aware. If you frequent strip clubs chances are good your spiuse or SO doesn't know. Talk about a can of sin worms.
Ehh I am out for debate about the "good" this women group believes that perform. Sounds to me like more indoctrination of men are always victims to women.


"Christ i like: Christians, not so much" Gandhi
fwiw the Bible calls most "believers" twice the sons of hell you are with seven worse spirits


Try hanging out with a prostitute. I did that in my 20s when my boyfriend's friend was dating one. She'd hang out at a club with us for a bit and then go back on the streets.


When I was a church member I was so often amazed at how cruel judgmental "church people" could be, like the Westboro Baptist and the like. Even in the churches I belonged to there was that little group that if you deviated from their view of the right way you were immediately and irrevocably doomed to hellfire. I always wondered how they missed the memo that "gawd loves you as you are, yadda yadda yadda." There are too many xians that don't act like their imaginary leader. As for the workers in strip clubs, they're just trying to make ends meet like the rest of us. They usually have taken some knocks in life, and made bad decisions, but work is work. I turned 19 in Japan, I was in the Army. The Japanese have a much more open view of sexuality and sex workers. It was quite an education for a small town Nebraska girl, it made me the liberal trippy hippy dippy that I am today.


In the December issue of the "Atlantic" is an article "Can this Marriage be Saved" [] (sorry it may not work for some) The article talked about a group called "Better Angels." [] We, including this group, desperately need to understand there are reasons why people often believe and act as they do and the constant tearing each other apart only makes matters worse. Of course there are lots of bad actors and the main one at this time is our very own scofflaw-in-chief. Still, there are things we can do to try and bring some healing to the stage.


I know Christians like that. In fact, what I used to think of as "real Christians" were all like that.


Sorry I do not share your optimism, delusion is delusion.


Wishing Christains would be what they will never be doesn't solve the problem of religion.


This is what can happen when people confront their own fears and their own prejudices.


I'm his film, Religiosity, Bill Mar thanks a group of men for being "Christ like," which I think is worthy. I don't believe Jesus ever existed myself, but his core values (not those of the evangelicals and so many others) are morally sound.

@1EarthLovingGal mine too!

@1EarthLovingGal @Redheadedgammy Except that he's an antivaccer.


Christians want you to believe that Jesus was whipped nearly to death before he had to carry a heavy cross to be crucified on. Jesus was in such bad shape that from the scourging that someone else had to carry the cross for him. (Notice that if you are a believer and have faith Jesus is carrying your cross for you. This is a bible lesson that comes later.) Also, they would break the legs of the crucified in order for them to not be able to breath on the cross or stake and they would hang there and die. Jesus did not have his legs broken and he died very quickly because "he had all the sins in the world" upon him. All of this is said in the bible because people had to have a reason why Jesus died.

Before all of this nonsense Jesus so popular that he had a personal audience before Pontius Pilate. In reality this is very unlikely and they probably did not speak the same languages in the first place. If there was a crucified Jesus he was most likely crucified just like anyone else of his day and time.

History says nothing about him at all.

@Toonces Jesus may have existed but not the Jesus the bible talks about. Josephus was a "Romanized" Jew of the Flavian family and he was in no way a contemporary of any scripture based person of the gospels. I trust what Josephus said about a scripture based Jesus about as much as I trust the writing of Saul of Tarsus who also was not a contemporary.

@Toonces what if this is second hand information? Just saying!


These people are how I wish all so called christians behaved. I’m pretty sick of the holier than thou ones who make their appearance at church each Sunday, then go right back to being assholes in their daily lives. Thanks for sharing.😉

@1EarthLovingGal I agree with you regarding their behavior showing up week after week. They have their “calling” and as long as the people they are visiting invited them in no one should intervene. Their kindness was the single best thing they showed these women. I don’t think all the god talk was necessary, but that’s their thing.


Some of them are descent people

bobwjr Level 10 Feb 28, 2020

"Something was missing and we all knew what it was that bible study needed to be led by a man..." Gad Christ-Insanity makes me want to vomit in dayglow...

@1EarthLovingGal She also keeps calling those women "broken" when many of them are just victims of men like her husband who got them pregnant and left them high and dry or just can't get another job that pays enough to live on because of those "good Christian men" bosses...

@1EarthLovingGal Hell some of them live in shithole towns with no other jobs at all near military bases and are hoping to marry a guy so they can get the fuck away from the shithole place they are stuck in... When I was in I saw a lot of that some of those poor gals were desperate .

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