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lol all these idiots praying for god to save them from the virus. wasn't it gods idea? now you understand the ignorance of your beliefs

aplaceintime 6 Mar 19

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The common Christian answer, "But it's god testing our faith!"
Which begs the question, "If god is all-knowing, he should already know the answer!"
Then, on a tangent, they try to rebut with, "But it's caused by man's free will! Man is guilty of spreading it!"
They will never stop ignoring the obvious.

Unfortunately, a huge percentage of Christians were thought what to believe at a young age. They did not chose it for themselves, so they have basically lost the capability to critically think, as you are doing; however,, they critically think in a reverse kind of way to stay in the Matrix.

We are in the 20th century, and I can’t understand why we can’t see the obvious fallacies in the Bible and move on. It’s like saying the Earth is still flat, yet you can’t prove it.


No, my friend, they will simply do as they always have done and blame it on the Devil instead.


People are afraid and turning to their beliefs for comfort. It's not at this point about logic or knowledge; fear is a powerful emotion. I won't belittle anyone for hoping and seeking reassurance that they and their loved ones will remain safe, even though I think their underlying faith is misguided and they're looking in the wrong place for solace.


Hey, the Lord has to have a hobby! Glory!

The true Jesus!

@of-the-mountain “Oh, heavenly Pfizer…”


Umm, no they don't.


When I saw the shot of vp pence in the prayer circle before his initial covid meeting, I thought: I bet those fuckers are praying FOR the rapture, not for help or a cure. I have trust issues, I guess.

He wants to avoid death by getting a "lift" out of here

Praying in public by most of these dishonest politicians is just a way to pander to most of the population. They care more about votes than their own ideology.Most of them probably don’t even believe in god


Maybe god wants to thin the herd to save his other creations ,so they should not be praying to interfere with his plan .


These are the people who read a book, in which the protagonist murders hundreds of thousands directly, indirectly causes the deaths of every human being that ever lives, and tortures most of them forever even after they die, and think he's the good guy.

JimG Level 8 Mar 20, 2020

havent read the Bible yet eh
"The best cure for Christianity is reading the Bible"


Admit I love throwing their BS back at them. Do not fight against Gawd's plan. If it is his will that you die from his virus...


As @resserts says, fear is a powerful emotion. Moreover, it can swamp the rational thinking processes of even the most hard-headed and rational people. Now imagine what fear can do to people who are not habitually reasoned in their thinking.

1 are quite mistaken, it will not change their beliefs, they will continue praying and continue believing. Oh it may make a few think hard about the futility of it all, but it will only be a negligible few. Praying and belief in god are habits learned in childhood in most cases, and are as automatic to them as breathing. Logic plays no part in this, because if it did there would be vastly fewer believers in the first place.


Wouldn't you as a parent prevent your kids from any sort of danger that could kill them?... Why pray to a God who allowed it to happen in the first place...

um, bc it's self-inflicted, and pandemics are not bad things anyway?

Agreed! this is natural...however i think using science for a cure or treatment is the better alternative than praying to the man in the clouds...LOL


am relying on ignorance at this point of the conversation alive and will always be that way....neve3r thought otherwise....


Why do we care what the theists think anyway?


Yes but do we have to beat it to death on this site? Especially with obvious observations that we all are aware of.

@t1nick You might find that this blocks you from having to experience so much focus on criticism of the Lord(tm). It it's like putting Jesus (Glory!) in his place!


Heathen!! 🤣🤣

lerlo Level 8 Mar 19, 2020

Just let them have the Rapture they have been praying for!!!

Serves them right to pray for something that they did not really want!!!


I reckon the Rapture, if there was one, (it’s a late C19th evangelical idea) has been and gone and these fuckheads didn’t have a ticket. Can’t imagine why!


Nah, it was probably the devil's work.


wadr for that you would have to be posting in a Christian forum?


This post started to get me down a bit as I am just out of 2 week quarantine but it reminded me about this skit by Jim Jefferies. LOL


I'm waiting for some idiot to say it isn't up to us to know what he has planned (or something to that effect).


I find it ironic that a few have told me how this is the beginning of the end and they are not even claiming to be religious. OK, maybe they were once upon a time or they watched movies about the end that first appeared once we got into the atomic age. Who knows? As for praying to god I wanna know why he is going to change his divine plan because of you.

I have always thought, even as a believing child
"What fucking end?
You mean "The End of Days?"
Did you finsh reading that, cause it does not end you know.
Rather it asserts a bunch of horrible things will happen, then most of humanity will burn for eternity, while the rest will be blissful slaves singing the endless praises of the being currently roasting their friends, family and ancestors.
Ya might want to read the whole thing, your idea of heaven ain't in the book."

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