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Has any one else noticed, you get MORE religion SHOVED down your throat here, than if you were say a preacher, or ID LIVED in a church, or say attended church twice a day, 7 days a week??? J/S

RJWells1 4 Mar 20

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Atheists are usually Antitheists - we do tend to discuss the religitards and their impact on the world around us, it's a thing.

@MissKathleen I would say it is a perfectly apt suffix - intellectually underdeveloped due to religious programming.

@TheMiddleWay Can I just cut to the chase and call you a pc twat, move right to the ad hominem response. Whenever I see that you are making a response to one of my posts I just know it is going to be some mambi pambi bs, usually with a bunch of pissing and moaning. When you see my posts, just don't read them, they will only offend you but something tells me you wake up offended each morning.

@TheMiddleWay It's not about how I feel, it's about your prissy attitude. When it comes to you I don't feel anything except a mild annoyance, like having a fly buzzing around the room. It's meaningless but still vaguely annoying.


Been here three years and as of yet nobody has ever SHOVED religion down my throat.

gearl Level 8 Mar 20, 2020

Ditto, except the time reference.


Hardly. I have yet to have a fellow agnostic member knock on my door and invite me to church.
Or, tell me I'm going to hell.


I think your terminology is incorrect...religion is not shoved down anyone’s throat here at Agnostics, that is what religious zealots do whether we like it or not! No, you are confusing discourse with dogma I’m afraid. What we have here is a whole spectrum of choice of posts, and groups to engage with, or not. There is no obligation here to respond to any particular post, and there are many topics to choose from, religion only being one amongst many. There is no subscription, joining is completely free, and we are also free to participate or not. If we don’t like a post we are free to ignore it, and we are also free to voice our dislike of it, as long as we do it in a courteous manner.

There are many people who have been harmed by religion, or are still feeling the after effects in some way, or are being shunned by family because they have found the courage to say that they no longer believe. This site is a sounding board for them to vent, and we as a community are here to support and listen to their fears and anxieties. If you cannot understand that, then perhaps this is not the site for you, but I hope you don’t just leave, but decide to stick around and contribute to our community, because you may just find that we are actually quite good company when you get to know us.


Not at all.


No, the trolls are for amusement... lighten up!


Not shoved down, but yes, there are a lot of posts about religion. If you notice, most of new members feel like posting something to relief themselves of what feelings they have been carrying. Specially because they found mind liked people.
Personally, I do not care for getting into every post. So I just ignore it.
Find your favorite groups and hang out there. I see no religion on the gardening, pet and on the art and craft groups. The menes r us group has some really funny religious memes. I truly enjoy those


Wow, thanks for pointing that out! I really hadn't noticed posts I just scroll by.

1of5 Level 8 Mar 20, 2020

Stop once in awhile and smell the stinky roses 😜😂😂

@Cutiebeauty oh, I do occassionally. Just to remind myself why I don't. 😉

Smartest dog I ever had would walk around the backyard smelling flowers. Put his nose deep into one, sniff a time or 2, then move onto another one. Go for a walk in the woods, he'd check out any he'd find. It was so damned cute and he'd always have a little doggie smile while doing it.


Religion in this community is likened to a discussion of things like star trek or superman.. If you're looking for a forum that doesn't discuss myths at all, good luck! 😊


What you get here are discussions about religion, its destructive effect on people and society and to point out its hypocrisy and the promotion of ignorance, superstition and magical thinking.If you have no interest in the topic, get the fuck out.

@Gwendolyn2018 He set the tone. Besides I'm not one to let the opportunity to drop a well placed F-bomb pass me by.


Lots of discourse/discussions and I mostly do not get into them. The site is helpful for those who DID have religion shoved down their throats and still have struggles sometimes.

Funny, but when I was in the Ferry line our resident tRumper and god lover pulled up next to me (of course they drive a huge red Hummer). Same thing happened on the way home. It galled me to have to sit next to this guy on several levels. However, I then realized he had to pass and see my big 'FICTION' sign on the bumper of the truck. The sticker uses religious symbols.

@JackPedigo if he got it...

@larsatrg He couldn't have missed it. Funny, but that night reading my new found great book "Crow Planet" there was a full page written about Hummers. "I mean, yes clearly Hummers are an absolute blight and obscene on all respects-a monstrous, guzzling, polluting vehicle with overt connection to militarization and a war mentality. But people who choose to drive Hummers are so far removed from the discussion of how to live appropriately in relation to the natural world that they are not even worth attempting to engage." Since this monstrosity also had a god sticker I think he did see the reference to religion from my sticker. He is also surrounded by a community of people who dislike people like him.


No. And: getting more religion than even if you were a preacher, lived in a church . . . "blah blah"? Uh, that is clearly silly and you know it. You are scrabbling for attention for some reason little boy. Bug off.


As someone who came from a religious background, and went through the deprogramming process, I can understand why those who are still doing so, or have done so, post things about religion.

For some, the deprogramming process can take years and they might not have anyone else with whom they can vent/release some anger, or get support; or a have place where they can be open about what they are thinking.

And, I must have a very different view than you of what it means to have religion "shoved" down my throat.


I'm trying to post funny and uplifting stories. We all need distraction from the COVID-19 pandemic.


What religion?

All I have seen is those still suffering from what religious beliefs have done to them!!!


What I notice is that on a site like this where a great many of us were once religious I find that religion is discussed. The discussion is quite a bit different than church or a sermon.


Uh ... no.


What do you mean about religion being shove on you here at agnostic?


I don't like all the prattle about religion

bobwjr Level 10 Mar 20, 2020

Does seem to be the main topic. I generally do the same thing here as I do everywhere else, I ignore them.


I feel sick of posts criticizing Christianity. As an atheist since 13, that ship sailed away decades ago.

I joined for relief from religion, to enjoy like-minded people.

People hang onto bitterness and anger. It only poisons the person holding onto it.

Don't you sometimes think that some look for support here by discussing or criticising religion? I do.. Doesn't mean I read all posts related to it.. Many I bypass 😊


Religion and religious people are certainly actively discussed on this site, but I do not see that as religion being shoved down anybody's throat.

From what I can see, religious people have a half-life of less than two days here.


religion is certainly often discussed if that is what you mean...

blzjz Level 7 Mar 20, 2020

Nope, definitely not. There is a lot to talk about here...if you look under religion and philosophy you are going to encounter some discussion (no force-feeding) of religion. Don't like it? Don't go there. There is very little discussion of deities in the cats groups, apart from the acknowedgement that cats are little gods.




Not at all… If anything, religion is bypassed ..with the vast majority of our contributors concerned with its underlying causes.

Varn Level 8 Mar 20, 2020
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