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500,000 infected?


If there were this many infected would it not make the CDC guidelines obsolete "Call your doctor: If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 and develop a fever and symptoms, such as cough or difficulty breathing, call your healthcare provider for medical advice."


Oh wait probably not updating cause it's the weekend.

Is the Professor wrong? We need to know where we stand here. I thought it would be CDC job to give us the most up to date info, count estimates? Were on CDC website is it giving their best estimate of infected? CRUCIAL INFORMATION at this VERY MOMENT. Or no, the weekend?

Our nation is SICK. WHERE ARE YOU?

Flowerwall 7 Mar 21

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Johns Hopkins has a great real time tracker []

3/21/2020 @926PM Pacific worldwide 307,277 cases and 13,048 deaths. USA 26,727 cases, 340 deaths. 94 of which are in Washington, epicenter Seattle.

We are vastly under-reporting cases due to the administration's abject failure of common sense and leadership. I'd guess we have at least 10x the number of cases due to lack of test kits.

I think the numbers went up 4,000 to 6,000 today.

@Flowerwall I haven't been tracking closely but the number of cases seems to double every few days.

Wait 2-3 weeks when all those spring break beach kids go home and spread infection across the land. The worst is yet to come.


WHO had a good tracking model, haven’t checked it in a few days though. Pretty scary stuff out there in the world though. Be safe. Be well.


Thhe truly scary thing is, during the peak of these cases, you can & will die for lack of care if you have, for example, a heart attack or get in a car accident.......full hospitals with contagious patients will not be able to provide care.

If you can donate blood - this is a good time. There’s quite a shortage now.
I just donated and got a coupon for a free pint of beer - as soon as the brewery reopens:/

@Haemish1 Agreed. I donated today too. Make an appointment as they turned away some walk-ins as the place was pretty full.


This website continually scans and updates data from WHO and individual countries and states.



Texas is catching up in infection!

Where I live in Bell county, there are now 14 suspected infections, no tests!!!

With Fort Hood with a shout away, no information from the Army or the Military as to the few hundreds troops that have returned from overseas assignments in the last month!!!

We have no real way of knowing until after ten facts, which are now underreported!!!

Texas is being too too slow to act!!!

With distances between most populated area averaging a few miles, it might spread slower if we all self isolate here!!!

This humorous rant from Down under points out so much!


This thing is just getting started, not winding down. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.
One of the problems with the numbers in the US is that there haven't been adequate test kits, doing the worst in the West for test kits. Another problem is that the virus doesn't produce noticeable symptoms for many days, even weeks and when they do present with symptoms the majority of infected people aren't sick enough to put it down to COVID-19. Then there are the minority which get very sick and sometimes die.
Also, that report is 8 days old and the virus doubles every 4 days if you can trust recent reports.


"...the total number of cases of COVID-19 worldwide is now 276 474, with 81 008 cases reported by China. There are now a total of 194 733 confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported from 184 countries/locations outside mainland China representing an increase of 30 168 cases when compared with the data on 19 Mar 2020, with Italy accounting for 5986 of the newly reported cases, Iran for 1237 of newly reported cases, and South Korea for 147 of the newly reported cases."

Source: Global update: Worldometer
Date: Fri 20 Mar 2020 [accessed 9:15 pm GMT-4]
Source: Worldometer [edited]

Zster Level 8 Mar 21, 2020

By his own math, the professor is probably wrong to say 500,000 people walking around America with an active infection.

Even if every one of the 1,600 who tested positive infected another 50 people, the high end of his "25 to 50", that's 80,000. And every person passing it to 50 people is way above the estimated rate I have seen. I admit I can't find the citation now, but as quoted in the Washington Post's fact sheet, the rate of infection is such that every person potentially passes it to 2.5 others unless they isolate themselves. Is he estimating that there are already 25 to 50 people infected for every one reported, passing it to another 25 to 50 people a day? If so, he's the only one sounding that alarm and I'd like to see his evidence on infection rates. I admit the rate of reporting has grown alarmingly in some areas, but is that a sign of the infection rate spreading or is it cases that were dormant now showing symptoms?

But let's say the rate is 50 people. If 50 people have been infected by every one so far, that's still 80,000, not 500,000.

Is it possible we will eventually see 500,000 or more in the world? Well, it might be close to that, I'm sorry to say. But 500,000 in the U.S. alone... I'm dubious about this, based on his own math as stated and on the other transmission estimates I've seen. Could those be wrong? Of course. Could they be 10 to 20 times low? If they were, I think the WHO would already be calling for a worldwide shutdown.

The hidden good news in the graphic is the number recovered. Fewer than 5,000 deaths so far (every one a tragic loss, don't get me wrong, I'm not minimizing this) compared to almost 70,000 recovered. That's half the number of all reported cases so far already recovered. And the cases reported are certainly a fraction of those who have COVID-19 and don't even know it, meaning the mortality is much lower than 1 in 14. This is not a death sentence.

Don't panic.

We have 20k confirmed. No way its 80k!

@Flowerwall I'm not arguing with you, these are his numbers and I drew a mathematical conclusion. If he's throwing numbers around, they need to add up.

@Paul4747 Even if his numbers are inflated over precautious is much more neccessary than underprecaution, at this time. Call a physicist or mathematician and have him calculate a value on that. The value of staying home right now is so high! But I will absolutely guarantee you there are more than 80k right now infected in this nation. There has to be! They are in my state ONLY testing critical patients and healthcare workers. How would we ever expect reliable numbers given that situation?
And also the CDC, the absent CDC, this is the government entity for disease control?

@Flowerwall Right. And we got our first case when South Korea did - they did and are doing massive testing and have kept the death rate ultra low. We have not done much testing, only the sick w/ symptoms, the well connected and the rich. A lot of people are sure to have it and not having tested ALL the numbers are mere estimates. I wouldn'tbe surprised to learn, after the fact, that the 500k number is low.

@Flowerwall I think you've taken me for saying more than I did.

I am not saying, don't take precautions.
I am not saying, go on with lfe as normal.

I had my daughter stay home at her mother's (my ex) this weekend because I work in a correctional facility, and we've put 2 prisoners into quarantine already for flu-like symptoms. They don't even lock in my unit, but there's no telling how many of mine they did come in contact with, not to mention staff who travel from building to building. So I kept her away from me until we know more.

What I am saying is, take everything with a grain of salt. If you're not hearing it from Anthony Fauci, the leading voice on this issue, the one who has been saying all along that it will get worse before it gets better, ask yourself why not. He has not been one to pull punches because it makes Trump or the nation feel better when it comes to the numbers.

Take into account the natural tendency of some people to see a microphone or a TV camera during a crisis and put themselves front and center with the absolute worst predicctions they can imagine.

It's good for us to be realists. It's not good for us, or for our mental health, to be either foolishly optimistic nor to give in to gloom & doom pessimism.

You ask the question, "Is the Professor wrong?" It's a good question, maybe the best question. I don't assume bad faith on his part, but: have his conclusions been peer reviewed? Has anyone else agreed with him? These answers are important in deciding whether to trust him, or to write him off as a talking head grabbing his moment in the limelight. Not everyone, even in a crisis like this, is an honest broker. Maybe especially in a crisis like this.

@Paul4747 Yeah it's also great for me to know as a free citizen that prisoners have priority in testing over free law abiding, Americans. Woohoo! American justice! But I guess they are the ones that the system can most profit off of. I just work everyday, why would that matter?

@Flowerwall Prisoners are in a unique situation. They are in a hothouse for infection already. There's no such thing as social distancing in the prison setting. Diseases spread like wildfire, and that's the common cold or flu. They don't have the option of self-isolating. So, yes, a priority is testing and isolating anyone with these symptoms there, because if one gets it, it's very possible that soon 700 will have it. And staff, who have no choice but to come to work, will take it home with them, unwittingly spreading it to potentially thousands who unwittingly become disease vectors in their turn.

Do you see why testing in prisons would be a priority?

I understand you are afraid. Don't give in to it.

By the way, in Michigan, at least, "the system" doesn't profit off of prisoners whatsoever. MDOC is the single biggest budget item and the first one to face trimming every year. It costs the taxpayers upward of $50,000 to keep one person in prison a year, before considering any medical treatment, extraordinary health care, and mental health treatment they may need. State prisons are NOT a for-profit industry.

@Paul4747 No. I see free law abiding citizens as priority. Prison can easily use quarantine and use social distancing. Put sick together. Lock cells. I see medical workers as priority.

What about grocery store employees? EVERYONE is in the stores. What about them bringing it home? I don't mean you shouldn't be getting tested. I am asking why some who has presented to Dr with Similar symptoms being turned away for testing at the end of March 2020 when this virus began in 2019.

@Paul4747 $50,000??? LOL oh wow!!! LOL!!! $50,000? For one person?! THAT is AMUSING!! You could comfortably support a family of 5 on that money including a trip to Disneyland!! LOL!

@Flowerwall I'm really, really not arguing with you, but I want you to understand the situation.

Prisons have limited space. Quarantining only works as long as there are quarantine cells available. The vast majority of prisoners in my state, and I dare say most states, are in double bunked cells or open living cubicles with as many as 8 sharing the space, and 60 or more share the same bathrooms. A military barracks is the closest equivalent. Eventually they would run out of room to separate cases. The most effective measure is to keep the virus out.

Of course I'm concerned about eveyone, but in prison, a person is a ward of the state. The state has an obligation to protect them from health risks if possible. Someone sentenced to 2 years should not face a death sentence due to a communicable disease because they're not allowed to take measures to protect themselves.


[] This is updated daily for the situation in the US. The curves are not flattening out at all. I don't know how often this is updated but it has changed since this morning.


still completely within normal flu season averages



This was my advice sent to me from my doctor (UK) via group text as of 17th March. If you get ill and suspect you have been infected or have symptoms. STAY AT HOME. only contact us if you get worse and only then online

Well you probably have to first be screened. I would keep following up. Do you know anyone sick? If so, everyone should keep writing about their experiences here

@Flowerwall Thankfully not as yet


The US is currently 4th in the total number of cases of COVID-19 and 2nd in the number of reported new cases (China doesn't have a new case number reported). The US is still not testing as aggressively as other natons, so our numbers may be understated.

There are reasons why we in the US hold these positions.

When the World Health Organisation (WHO) already had a working test available free of patents, etc. why did the USA (CDC) decide to waste time devising their own, test? Surely it wasn't for (gasp!) money?

@Petter I don't know there are some occurances in Senate of individual senators that are being questioned, stockd. Ethics. What is the most egregious offense of elected officials? I don't know the full details, but I think one of the senators is involved in defense? Or maybe I have that wrong? It sounds like maybe the senators are possibly violating a law. I never did understand economics very well.

@Flowerwall Politicians prey on people's ignorance.

@Petter - I was certain of the same thing until I fact checked it. Snopes has a write up on it too. I admit to being disappointed, but facts needs to be honored by all including when they don't go the way we like. Leave that pathology to others.

@RussRAB The fact remains that the first CDC tests were defective. The US should have used the WHO tests at least until their own had been proven reliable.

@Petter - No disagreement from me on that point. Testing has been a critical part of containing this disease and this administration has lacked the urgency necessary to keep infections at a minimum. No excuse for such a poor performance.

This site must update at regular intervals. At the moment, the US has edged out Italy with the most new cases. China is now showing at 46 new cases. I would wonder if this is terribly low.

@RussRAB China had started to relax its restrictions. Most of the new cases were in newly arrived people, although a few were transmitted internally. As a result, China has clamped down hard on its borders.


This live TV site gives excellent World news coverage.
(If it doesn't work at first, click on "having trouble watching" and it changes the codec.)


Sorry to say, but, our nation is being ran by a bunch of brain dead monkeys.

Not only that, but they are sitting on those dead brains.


The map on the page shows 4,981 total deaths worldwide. Are you kidding?
That figure accounts for just the deaths in Italy alone!


I just called my governor's office. And I will not stop. Nobody is around today because it's the weekend. Wohoo!


ha ok look virtually the whole world is going to get "infected" ok, the whole point of the isolation is to "flatten the curve" so your healthcare (sickcare, actually) providers do not get overwhelmed with everyone showing up all at once. You do get that like 80% of those infected exhibit no symptoms at all right

ps, professors are idiots, and "dead doctors don't lie"
and don't even get me started on the cdc lol, yikes

John's Hopkins has had the most credible info out there!

@Flowerwall hey, imo if you are sick, bam go to doctors, but nonetheless "dead doctors don't lie," meaning, briefly, that them guys at JH will not live as long as we will. Doctors are retards where health is concerned, and many of them will admit that. They are allopaths, symptom treaters; ezackly what ppl want, and pay for i guess. Ppl want a magic pill to cure them of their self inflicted ills, mostly

So, imo if you get "sick" goto JH, but if you want to avoid getting "sick," get off the SAD and eat some effing garlic already lol

@bbyrd009 Keep reading those chicken entrails

I just want to repeat the important part...People who have no symptoms, and don’t know they have and are spreading the why this pandemic is happening.

By the time some people begin to get sick, the infection is all over the country. The testing numbers you are seeing do not reflect the real infected population...just those who got tested. I believe the real infected rates are much higher, but since we can’t test everyone. There is no way to tell. But judging by the numbers in other countries where they actually have tests available for everyone who wants one. We can extrapolate. Just saying...stay safe.

In about 2 more weeks we should start to see a decline. Those who had it should be on the mend. Of course there will always be those who will try to profit from this. Disgusting, but that is our system.

@Shaggy2018 fwiw "infection" and "immunization" are actually basically the ezack same thing. Safety is irrelevant imo, no offense. You cannot stop the wind. Your choices are bsically get immune or die imo

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