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The Inquisition from a Catholic perspective.[]

Lorajay 9 Mar 28

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IF you truly believe in the immortal human soul
AND you believe it is possible for that soul to suffer horrid torment for eternity
THEN it becomes easy to rationalize almost anything in order to prevent eternal torment, even real time torment. A little torment now will save you an eternity later.

By such rationale the Inquisition believed they were being Good by tearing folks apart.

This is a base danger, the rationalization of evil, which is created by having a belief system for which eternal torment is a feature. To a believer it becomes rational to save their souls, even over their bodies.


As with all history there will be things not know by the general public new information comes to light and our views alter. I would like to see an unbiased look at the inquisition but would any documents that showed the catholic church p for what they did i doubt it the vatican will keep them locked away. Anything coming from any large organization about its murky past needs to be treated with extreme sceptisim especially when the organization is the rc church

I posted it not because I believe them but to show how strong their denial is.


The rack, the iron maiden, the bonfires on which the Catholic Church dumped its enemies by the millions: These are all familiar icons of the Spanish Inquisition set firmly into our culture.

This image of the Spanish Inquisition is a useful one for those who have little love for the Catholic Church. Anyone wishing to beat the Church about the head and shoulders will not tarry long before grabbing two favorite clubs: the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition. I have dealt with the Crusades in a previous issue of Crisis (see "The Real History of the Crusades," April 2002). Now on to the other club.

In order to understand the Spanish Inquisition, which began in the late 15th century, we must look briefly at its predecessor, the medieval Inquisition. Before we do, though, it's worth pointing out that the medieval world was not the modern world. For medieval people, religion was not something one just did at church. It was their science, their philosophy, their politics, their identity, and their hope for salvation. It was not a personal preference but an abiding and universal truth. Heresy, then, struck at the heart of that truth. It doomed the heretic, endangered those near him, and tore apart the fabric of community. Medieval Europeans were not alone in this view. It was shared by numerous cultures around the world. The modern practice of universal religious toleration is itself quite new and uniquely Western.



When atheists and agnostics try to make the case that religious people are generally very good and kind, I remind them that they wouldn't feel that way in a theocracy where secular laws no longer applied. People are generally very good and kind but when they get permission to act abominably they always do, especially with a religious leader whipping them into a fervor.


Montaillou by Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie is a fascinating book based on the inquitory records for the eponymous village during the 14th century in a rural setting. I highly recommend it.
Granted this is the Inquisition when they were simply hunting Heretic such as the Cathars, and though they were still evil and bigoted they had not yet developed the subsequent insane cruelty of the persecution practiced on the Jews and Muslims


There's always a danger of judging historical activity through a modern lens. We can accept that slavery is inherently wrong, but it was the fate of many throughout history.
In this case, the author does attempt to justify the Inquisition, by tackling some of the reasons why it was founded, but as with everything, the story is a little deeper, you just have to dig. (sidenote, sadly, something that not many are able to do, these days).
In this case the Inquisitions were used to cement and protect, a claim to a crown, thus lands and riches and influence.
What was created from that became a vehicle for religious zealotry and sheer opportunism and greed. It provided a safe way to settle scores, eliminate commercial obstacles and personal inconveniences.
The big question is how did this vehicle become so prevalent and powerful?
The answer, of course, is not simple, but for me; it was placed in the hands of a corrupt organisation, proving that "absolute power corrupts, absolutely".


I have no doubt the church created documents to exonerate themselves.


Be aware you Atheists and Agnostics....if the Christians ever get total power they will put a stake up your butt and roast you on a spit.


What a load of crap written with a positive spin almost like a justification for this criminal organization, typical catholic propaganda.


The article fails to mention the most important thing about the Inquisition, which is the number and amount of the fines and expenses charged to its victims. And that the best way to get forgiveness is said to have been. "Name as many other heretics as you can, preferably rich ones." The whole thing was basically a money making enterprise, on a truly vast scale.


Looks like some one as got a big brush and a tin of white wash.


As if I'd believe any "truth" the rcc tried to peddle.

The whole thing sounds like something someone would write if they were trying to justify something Trump did ... To make the POS look better...but it doesn't hold FUCKING water...


Fascinating history.
I wish there had been references to the article, to learn which details might be true.

Propaganda is not history, always consider the source.

Where references are not provided, one never should trust the source.

@AnonySchmoose nor call it history, much less fascinating.

@Mofo1953 I remember reading entirely opposite kinds of histories of Spain, and believe those, not this. Those had many references. So sorry ... you got the wrong idea if you think I approved this article. I've been there, studied sources, and enjoyed learning about the history.

@AnonySchmoose not criticizing just commenting. Don't be so touchy, geez!

No problem I guess.


All I have to say - remember the children's crusade when the church rounded up tons of waifs to fight their great battle for Christianity and then took the kids to the Ottoman empire and sold them into slavery for more gold.


Happened more than once. Cleaned the streets of homeless waifs.(of which there were thousands...)


"The modern practice of universal religious toleration is itself quite new and uniquely Western." Goes back to at least 1776 in this part of the western world.

I'm guessing that in 1492 the natives didn't get in anybody's shit about their religious beliefs. Vice Versa perhaps

Other cultures.......Um well there is that whole Polytheism world that they started breaking up about zero AD forward.

twill Level 7 Mar 28, 2020

THE INQUISITION: the Catholic Churches excuse to explore PERVERSION, SEXUALITY AND BRUTALITY...In Jesus name...Amen ... Here is a question...has the Vatican ever publicly acknowledged their wrong doing and apologized?...anyone know the answer and can site their source?

I read the entire article and the Author is basically claiming(and his claims are based on historical documentation that appears accurate mind you) that #1 the majority of the actions of the Inquisition(which lasted for 350 years) was perpetrated by the Spanish Clergy at the behest of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella who were convinced of Impurities of the Church in Spain by Jews who were forced to convert to Catholicism OR BE BURNED AT THE STAKE...and #2 the Author claims the Church wasn't really responsible because the Pope asked for leniency and strict adherence to Church guidelines...WHICH STILL ALLOWED PEOPLE TO BE BURNED AT THE STAKE...AND the head of all the Inquisition Boards were Bishops and Priests OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH...the whole thing was meant to purge the Jews from Spain and off the face of the earth if let run its full course. Sorry but I don't see the Catholic Church walking away with clean hands on this or the Middle Ages Inquisition or the Witch was all about elevating their precious mythical religion as the "ONLY RELIGION ALLOWED" or you would be put to the name of GOD...sorry can't let them slide on was their religion that triggered and caused it in the first place as it was their idea to initiate the purge, and they sanctioned it and they got richer from it(their claim of barely breaking even I don't believe for a second because you know that what was reported was AFTER it was skimmed).
The church in Rome was drunk with power from day one and is nothing more than an "IN YOUR FACE OFF SHORE ACCOUNT" to steal Trillions of $ from the masses...they rule by fear and intimidation...they are nothing more than a legal band of thieves...

Well, it took them almost 400 years to acknowledge that Galileo was right so they really don't fess up easily.

@Novelty Ha, they were worse bastards than I ever imagined.

@starwatcher-al ...anything done by the Church in the name of God is automatically sanctioned by the Almighty ... Therefore they don't have to feel any guilt ... It falls perfectly in line with their philosophy of "it's never my was the DEVIL MADE ME DO IT"...the old "Get out of Jail Free Card"...

@Novelty beat me to referencing the apology speech the Pope made in 2000. I became aware of it through a speech Christopher Hitchens made in a debate in which he referenced and summarized it, and then made some elaborations of his own. The "meat" of the video begins at 1:45. I know it's long, but eh, whose fault is that?

@Rossy92 Hitchens was AWESOME...thx


Amazing! A very valuable perspective.


No matter how much Catholicism gilds the Lily about the infamous Inquisitions basically they were, to put in short and reasonable terms, An declaration of " either you join us in Catholicism or become the main guest and course at a 'stake' bar-be-que."
As well as an excuse for vindictive neighbours to 'Dob in any one they had even the minor beef with.'


Insane Assholes

bobwjr Level 10 Mar 28, 2020

And to this very day...STILL

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