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Thought I would share an April's Fool prank that went too far. Living in VT I was watching the end of the news before a sit-com came on. A Boston TV weather forecasert talked about the eruption at Blue Hills (nature hill/skiresort) Sancturary of a hidden volcano. I immediately picked up the phone to call my parents and sister who live 2 towns from there to see if they were okay. Just then they announced April Fool. I think something happened to the weather guy and the station lost ratings for scaring the shit out of Boston area.

sassygirl3869 9 Apr 1

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Adult miss behavior... it comes with a cost.


That volcano business is too much.

I changed my birthday on FB to April 1.

I've been getting happy birthday wishes all day. One was from someone who knows my real birthday is the same date as hers. lol

I'll make a post later to tell them all. 😉


That really was taking April far!


That isn't good. No one will believe them now. That is crying wolf IMO.


Yeah natural disasters as April Foods jokes - not such a grand idea.

Not funny UFOs coming to eat people April FOODs


War of the Worlds Orson Wells plagiarized by bad weatherman volcano prank

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