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If you really want to learn about religion without going to church or listening to a preacher then the best comparison is to watch a Stage hypnosis show. It’s the exact same thing without the Bible and Jesus. A man gets onstage and uses his words to make people something that is not real. However the hypnotist doesn’t have the added arsenal of fear, shame, peer pressure and hell in his arsenal.

abyers1970 7 Apr 5

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I don't believe in hypnosis. I think the subject has complete control but just wants to play along


What if I really don't want to learn about religion? I'm in recovery, and detoxing.

Just think about the alternative to religion ... being free to revise or make your own beliefs and not doing or believing what is told for you to do in sermons.


I have talked to a hypnotist my service club brought in twice for a fundraiser. Excellent show by the way.Turns out he under contract to a large Police college near me to teach his techniques to the students there. They use these skills on the force after graduating for de-escalation purposes. These techniques are also used by church leaders to help out with that mind control thing they need.


“The best cure for Christianity is reading the Bible” Samuel Clemens


If everyone took the time to investigate their beliefs there would be more questions and less believers.

That's what happened with me. And, it is why believers are taught to cling to their beliefs, not to question them -at least not in any true, faith-challenging, way.

@Joanne Yet there it is, right in there; “test everything, and keep what is good”


Hypnosis is 2 people agreeing to play act.

Or the one person telling the other what he or she wants to hear... Without evidence.


Actually, peer pressure, or demand characteristic, is one of the primary mechanisms behind stage hypnosis


It seems that both involve the subject giving up the allegiance to self and becoming loyal to the hypnotist or preacher. It is similar to how cells evolved to become subservient to other cells as they become specialized in their function.


"If you really want to learn about religion without going to church or listening to a preacher then the best comparison is to watch a Stage hypnosis show. It’s the exact same thing without the Bible and Jesus."

For the most part, these are two different things. The only time they are similar are in certain types of services. I'm thinking of the tent revival scenario, or some televangelists in which they work the crowd up to a certain state.

Have you ever been to a Catholic, Lutheran or Congregational or similar service? They just put you to sleep.

That’s true!


Same deal with politics. Charismatic leaders will always pull in the weak-willed and feeble minded.

Hitler, Trump, Swaggart to name but three!


I think it might help to read a book or two about what attracted people to Christianity back then. I think you're trying to understand a 1st century phenomenon with 21st century eyes.

Errr, depending upon what era you are talking about with people being 'attracted' to Christianity, if it were at the very onset then there were NO books written about it and at least 99% of the common people were totally illiterate.
The very first accounts were written by Scribes, 40 of them separated by miles of seas and land on 3 (THREE) separate Continents approx. 325+ years AFTER these supposed and very mythical events had been assumed to have occurred.
Ergo, people were seduced into believing in this mythical Messiah by mere word of mouth and NOT by reading about it/him.

@Triphid I think Brenton is referring to reading historic researchers and writers whose specialty is the period such as Diarmaid MacCulloch and Charles Freeman

@Geoffrey51 I was just merely adding a bit of historical knowledge to his comment.
But, IF asked, I'd suggest studying Theology, etc, as I and many others I know of have done, that really does open up the eyes and the mind, IF it is NOT already closed, shuttered and sealed tight that is.


I think it would make an interesting study to see just how many kills can be attributed to each religion; not down to the last corpse of course but just in round numbers, Say a Million.
I'd put my money on the Xstians, they are the most vile and uncivilized of the bunch in my estimation but I'll wait on the final tally, just to be sure.

I don't disagree with your assessment but that wouldn't be fair though because xtians have been around about 700 years longer, I think. 😀

One should include cults of personality. In many Asian countries, the absolute subservience that is demanded by authoritarians like Mao, Kim Jong's and the Japanese emperors seem alien, but they are accepted by those cultures. The body counts get pretty high for those. Because the leaders don't follow conventional religions, they are denounced as atheists by other religionists. The conveniently ignoring the religious cult aspects of the organizations. Cults of personality certainly overlap religious and political organizations, as we see with Trump and Hitler.

@Cyklone Yes well Xrstians have been going at it ( committing Mass Genocides that is) in the name of God and Jesus since around the time when Emperor Constantine made Xrstianity an official religion in the Roman Empire.
But we could use the Xrstian Purging of Alexandria, Egypt as a starting point since that has been historically documented.
I.e. the Xtrstians slaughtered a total of 5,400+ innocent peoples in Alexandria, destroyed at least 80% of the Great Library, raped and mutilated around 700 women and young girls, then we could go on and include those that were slaughtered by the Xrstians in the Middle East, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Europe including France, Germany, the Scandanavian Countries, Russia, North and South Americas, Africa, shit the list is almost endless.
One would probably be badly underestimating if one were to say that the Death Toll would be, over the centuries, easily in thousands of MILLIONS.

@Triphid It's a pity the bastards can't be called to account.

@Cyklone Yes, they should charged with Crimes against Humanity with all the things they've done in past centuries and more.
After all, is NOT the Pope the direct ELECTED descendant, so the Church tells everyone, of Saint Peter?
Ergo, as they also tell us, "the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the sons", therefore he, the Pope MUST be held accountable for the wrongs his predecessors have committed should he not?

@Triphid well, I'm for destroying the whole vatican, and everyone in it.

@Triphid Since all of the gold and jewels and real estate the Pope sits on is essentially loot from these genocides in one way or another, shouldn't it be seized and redistributed among humankind as restitution? This is what they did after WWII with the loot that Hitler had amassed.

@Surfpirate Shit yeah, poverty would almost disappear overnight then.


Its exactly how television works to draw viewers into narrow, controlled frames of reference. It accounts for how devotees of soap operas or 24/7 "news" media cannot distinguish between reality and SUGGESTION. Similar also to how people surrender perceptual faculties to others they are persuaded to trust as superior. They become captivated when those controlled, 'interpreted' perceptions substitute for native sensibilities. (Primary Cognition)


Why would I want to learn about that shit?


How religions are made 101.


Sure are a lot who seem to sleep right through it all!!!


You forgot the offering plate! ...oh, but of course, you already paid your ticket...


"It’s the exact same thing without the Bible and Jesus [...] A man gets onstage and uses his words to make people something that is not real. ."
Radically different given that the people already believed in that "not-real" prior to the man getting onstage and a Muslim rarely gets hypnotized by a Christian pastor but, if it were the same as hypnosis, that wouldn't matter.

So no, not the exact same thing and not even a good analogy tbh.

You are completely wrong. One of your arguments in that people already believed in Christ or Mohammed. At some point they didn’t. You are not just born automatically believing in these things. There comes a point where the listener accepts what’s the preacher says is true. As to your point about Muslims accepting what a Christian pastor says I don’t see where that’s relevant. He’s already been hypnotized br the Muslim imam and has that programming installed. Plus the programming is not only about believing but other ideas and dogmas installed.

I was a Christian for 30 years and have studied hypnosis and I can tell you they are similar .

Has a pastor ever told their congragation to snap out of their hypnosis?
Has a hypnotist ever told their congragation to snap out of it?

Does a person become a believer after one hypnosis session with the priest?
Does a person quack like a duck after one hypnosis session with a hypnotist?

Can a person hypnotized by Muslims be hypnotized by Christians?
According to you, no.
Can a person hypnotized by One person be hypnotized by a completely different person?

No matter how you analyze it, they are not similar at all.

"There comes a point where the listener accepts what’s the preacher says is true."
So by your logic, I never learned physics; rather I was hypnotized and there came a point where I accepted what my teacher says is true.
Fascinating logic.

@TheMiddleWay I agree with most of what you say. However, it is not necessary for a hypnotist to instruct one to "snap out of it". Eventually they will stop quacking on their own.

I didn't know hypnosis was temporary. To believe the movies, it's permanent. 😛


And uses repetition and emphasis well.

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