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A big thank-you to the site! I just recieved my free "" t-shirt in the mail! It's a good looking shirt, purple with Agnostic in white & . Com in grey. I was promised to get the shirt after the conference & it's right here! (For hitting Level 🤓 So, thanks again!!!

phxbillcee 9 Apr 2

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Do you mean that when you reach level eight you get a free T-shirt?

If they still do so, yes.

Believe it or not yes.

I'm very excited. (Purple is my color).

They'll contact you for a real life addy (which they promise not to share).

@RavenCT OMG..I'm almost there. And I live in Thailand. Hmm...I can give them my daughter's Lexington, KY, address, since I plan to go there when I return to the US.

@birdingnut That would probably be appreciated. Admin pays for the shirt & shipping & this is a free site, so every bit has to help. Very good idea!

@ki-bee We have a theory that admin is in reality either Bill Gates or Elon Musk conducting a huge social experiment. Now if i can just tie that in with my cube-earth theory...


Did you know you now have to post a picture wearing it? 😉

Will try & do so in the next few days.

Yeah. Pics or it didn't happen!!!!

@phxbillcee pants optional!

@Blindbird There's a reason I love you! & if you give me a minute or two I'll probably think of it!!! LOL Also, pic is on my profile page! (with pants!)


Wow, I live in the UK and can't wait to get mine to where with distinction. just a thought. I think it would be cool to get a photo of everyone getting one wearing the shirt. it's the least we can do. I'm going to.

Mine's on my profile page!

@phxbillcee cool

@LeighShelton Lookin' sharp, bro! I have about 15 atheist tees, & some science-themed, too. (Plus, Rock & other). I'll have to get some of them photoed & make a post, I think just shirts, not me in them! Be able to do more at a time that way!

@phxbillcee sounds good to me my friend


I see you received yours! Lookin' good!

@phxbillcee Thanks, yes.


You're even higher leveled than the admin...

Scary isn't it? lol


Heck,now I have a reason to pay attention to my level! I will wear it loud and proud! I can't wait...btw throw in a comment to make it happen that much sooner!

Okay, glad to help!


I'm considering asking for that t shirt in the near future. What level do you have to hit to get the t shirt?

Level 8. It didn't show up above because when you do parenthesis with an 8 between them you get (🤓


I can't get to 7.1 much less 8 LOL

Slow & steady. Just keep doing what you do & you'll get there.


Congrats and thanks!

Admin Level 8 Apr 2, 2018

I can hardly wait!





balou Level 8 Apr 2, 2018

I definitely need to check the mail!!!

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