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I was born in Syria in a traditional Muslim family.
When I was teenager I began to read books and to think a lot about life and religion.
Then when I was 22 I became an atheist because I couldn't believe that there is God sends only Muslims to heaven and other people to hell.
So I left religion not because of science, but because of my feelings of humanity.
I was a prisoner in Syria for a year during the war because I worked as a reporter for an online newspaper supports democracy, it was very hard there and they hit me so much and a lot of people died or disappeared there.
My family paid the judge for me to leave prison.
I left Syria then, and now I live in Sweden.

Musab_Almawed 5 Apr 3

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Congrats I hate how they treat dissenters over democratic principles. Welcome to the community of freethinkers.

Thank you.
Yes, it's nice in Sweden, but I am very alone here


Glad you are free and safe. I wish you well and success in what you are searching for here and in your life.

Thank you for your nice words


Wow, that is some serious stuff for a person around my age.

It's an important experience, but I don't like any one to try prison in Syria


Congratulations for all you have achieved. I wish you well.

Thank you for your nice words


Congratulations on surviving. You are welcome and treasured at this site.

Thank you dear


Respect my friend I did the same really but much younger because of animals not going to heaven. where was this heaven? I never got satisfying answers and then my mum sent me on Sunday to Sunday school(church) and that was it for me.

Thank for your nice comment. There are thousands of reasons to leave these religions

they make no sense apart from controlling people, especially woman.


Glad u made it out makes me grateful for my freedom even though my country is headed the wrong way at the moment I think it will get straightened out on the long run

Thank you my friend, hopefully


Welcome Musab.

Thank you my friend


Hey man, a lot of us came from religious background, but not many have had to do it so hard. My congratulations on making it.

In middle east, religion controls most of people's life, it's not easy to leave the religion there


Very Brave of You to be able to stand up and tell everyone that their Religon isn't very religious. In the Middle Ages they would have burnt you at the stake, or some other demonic form of torture, but the results would have been the same. The most vicious and long lasting wars are instigated by Religious Fanatics. I use the term fanatics because they have no concern for the lives lost or have the mentality to sit down and discuss things. Fundamentalistism fits into the catagory of Fanatics and every Religion has them. Peace.

Yes, some people refuse to discuss and even refuse to think, they just say that God wants us to do that and he is absolutely right.


My respect to you for having taken a stand, and having the courage to leave everyone and everything that was a part of you behind. And for surviving prison. That takes a lot of intestinal fortitude.

All my respect to you and to your nice words


Wow, you've been through some difficult things to say the least. Glad you made it. How are you finding life in Sweden?
I'm ashamed to say, I'm in the U.S. because of what's going on here now.

Emme Level 7 Apr 3, 2018

oh really??? Does is have anything to do with our wonderful president??? Donald Trump is a cheat, a liar, and a thief. The rich are getting richer, robbing us blind. They don't care about the little man. This country is turning into a turd pool.

@FlyingEagle1952 yes, I have No Filter. I was trying to be subtle.?

Actually I am very alone in Sweden, I don't belong to Arab community here neither Swedish community


I am happy for you. I admire your courage.These people in America who spew hatred toward refugees from the middle East make me sick. I would like to see what they would do in your situation. I hope you bought a heavy coat. 🙂

Thank you for your nice comment dear.
Actually there was a friend from US wanted me to go there, but they told her the it is impossible

@MusabAlmawed As long as you are happy with your choice that is all that matter. I wish you the best.


I am so sorry that happened to you, but I am so glad you were trying to help. Some time back, I watched the news reports of Aleppo at work one day and all I could do was cry at my desk. I don't understand how people can do such horrific things and there is nothing someone like me can do about it.

I am doing what I can about all the stupid stuff going on here. Participating in protest marches. Getting the word out to vote. Our president is going to end up destroying our country and I can't do much about that either.

But one of my best friends was Muslim-American. One of the most gentlest souls out there. She was born in Lebanon and had to flee when she was 3 because her home was bombed. My friend told me that one came through her kitchen and all she could do was point at it in shock.

Thank you for sharing your story. Please I hope you feel welcome here, and that this is a safe place for you to share your thoughts.

You have compassion, sciencemama. There might be something we all can do about it. First, get educated about the UN and its role as the world peackeeper. I'm starting with this...getting informed. Get to know who the UN members are. There are quite a few dictator countries represented that are guilty of crimes in their own countries. It's a complicated mess. UNWatch has been helpful to me. []
Based in Geneva, they may be comparable to the ACLU or Southern Poverty Coalition in the US.
My next door neighbors are Chaldean and Kurdish, immigrants from Iraq. My mother's family was Jewish living in Poland, some survived the holocaust/shoah and others were not so lucky. It's horrific what people are capable of doing to others, often, but not always, in the name of religion.

Thank you for your nice comment
Lebanon had a big civil war before Syria, for the same reason, the religion

Thank you for your nice comment, even me, I don't know what I should do now, my parents are still there, but I just call them sometimes.

@crazycurlz thanks for sharing that link. I will get informed too. I am encouraging my children to get involved in social causes. I took one to the march for science last year and another one to the march for our lives. I know that I want them to know that we can add our voices and hopefully effect change.

@MusabAlmawed you can live your life to the fullest every day, do that for your parents. I lifted the following opinion: []
"For the moment, the greatest obstacle to ending the Syria war is the notion that it can be won militarily. I reject the current narrative that the government of Syria is "winning." Conquering territory through aerial bombardments into densely populated civilian neighborhoods is not a victory. Starving besieged communities into surrender is not a victory. Even if one side were to prevail in the short-term, the devastating toll will have sown the seeds of future conflict.

Dangerous sectarian tensions, massive movements of refugees, daily atrocities and spreading instability make the civil war in Syria a global threat. All the values for which we stand, and all the reasons for which the United Nations exists, are at stake across the devastated landscape that is Syria today. The time is long past for the international community, in particular the Security Council, to uphold its responsibilities."

the security council is the UN security council. They do not do enough to help with genocide. It might seem odd to you, because they are connected with the American Jewish Committee, but, you might try reaching out to UNWatch. It's based in Sweden and is the only UN Watchdog group I know. UN Watch calls out the UN for its lack of action. They might recommend resources for you, ways of taking action. In the meantime, I will also try to find out more alternatives. Taking action is new to me, too. One branch of my family (Jewish from Poland) were wiped out in the holocaust. It's devastating to see civil war and genocide happen time and again and what is the purpose of the UN?
Meantime, thinking of you and your family.

@crazycurlz thank you for your great comment, I agree with you completely.
We look forward that day that all countries stand together to solve the problem in Syria

@MusabAlmawed well, hope you will continue to share your thoughts and how your parents are doing.


You a shining example and your courage is tremendous.

I am lucky to be in this amazing group and to have friends like you


I hope you are safe there. I left religion because the pastor could not answer my questions about original sin and the status of unborn children. I was 11 then. I studied the history of all religions in school and was convinced that it was all devised by men , for puposes that were of this earth and dealt with the subjugation of men and women and the shaping of society. I will have no part in that.

I was raised Lutheran, I remember in catechism reading the first commandment, "I am the lord your God and you shall have no other Gods before thee!" I remember like it was yesterday. I said to myself, "Wow....what an asshole!"..... So much for organized religions.

@FlyingEagle1952 Yeah, I was Lutheran too.

Indeed, all religions are masculine and God is a cruel father


So happy that you are out of there. These religious wars have been going on since the beginning. I want this to be my last incarnation. I don't want to come back here. Too much violence and competition. It's really getting stupid here. And what the heck, it ain' gonna be much longer anyway. This world is short.


Life is not always like what we want, but we can create our perfect personal life whatever are the situation around us.
Don't wait for anything, just go on

That is true. Victor Frankl was able to find meaning even in the most brutal of circumstance - the concentration camps of the Holocaust.

Those that were able to survive often clung to something they really believed was important to them. The love of a wife and family, the intellectual studies, something that was worth living for.

Taking the hand that is given you, there is lots you can do to make that existence beautiful and worthwhile.

The people in this world can be horrible, which is why I turn to nature. I seek out beautiful flowers, animals, landscapes, even insects and immerse myself in the beauty I see.

I am glad to see that you have a smile in your photographs. That terrible year is behind you and you have reasons to be happy again.

You were a reporter before. And now? What do you do for a living these days?

How do you like living in Sweden?


I am so pleased you are free.

Thank you my friend


I am so sorry that you suffered through all of that it must have been very hard for someone that was young. I appreciate your Humanity. Thank you for talking about this

I would like to hear your side of what it was like to leave your home, country, and faith. I'm glad that your parents were able to get you out and I hope that you find a very good life

Thank you for your nice words


Greetings, MusabAlmawed!

Thank you my friend


You're lucky they didn't cut your head off!!! The Muslim countries are sick, just like the Christians were during the witch hunts.

One of them stopped in street in Idleb while I was going to Turkey and asked me are you Muslim? And how to pray in Islam
Of course I said yes and I told him

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