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I'm new to this site and only just beginning to explore. Curious to know what prompted you to join? Support, entertainment, sense of community?

ValerieB 3 Apr 3

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People seem HUMAN here.

Emme Level 7 Apr 4, 2018

I joined because I wanted a place to have intelligent discussions with people who don't suffer from the delusion of religions.


I am here for the sense of community.



skado Level 8 Apr 4, 2018

Welcome to


I joined becasue of my curiosity and have remained here because of the intelligent conversation and humor that has transpired.


Welcome! Curiosity caused me to join. Then i was pleasantly surprised to find authentic, smart people here who have the confidence to talk openly about themselves and the humility to listen with care.


I like to connect with others...sometimes discussing different subjects. Interesting people, and I like being to open your own discussion.


I wanted something different. It’s more old school BBS than anything else though.


It seemed interesting and I was right.


Welcome here!


By chance I happened to come across this app and figured on giving it a try. Welcome to the community.


Sense of community, intelligent conversation and dating/ltr.


I am here to mingle, which is possible with message boards. I was pleasantly surprised about this site. Most dating websites are money scams. I am having a great experience so far.

Monad Level 4 Apr 4, 2018

Welcome to the asylum. Enjoy your stay.
I came for community, and stay for the entertainment.


Thank you everyone for your responses to my question. Very helpful in terms of understanding the community. I'm glad I joined!

We're glad you're here.


Entertainment and serious discussion. Sadly the left wing extremists only seem to offer the former.

In all seriousness I wanted to have intellectual discussions but lots of people just accuse me of "trolling" or "being insensitive" so now I just stay in the conservative community mostly.

There are a ton of left wing liberals on this site, like 90%. I am liberal on some things like sex, drugs. But when it comes to stuff like that I just think we can all agree or disagree and move on. But not the liberals.

You're not alone on that thought unfortunately, my observation as well. If someone does a post on one of the more controversial topics, I politely skip over it.

Yeah. I've been engaged in comments which run 30 replies long over a course of weeks. All I can agree to disagree with people but so many of them only consider their own opinion and don't even think for a second that I could be right.

In the past I've conceded arguments and also admitted when I was wrong or misinformed on certain topics. I learnt from those mistakes and moved on. But the left wing extremists won't do either.

To be fair I have had conversations with around 5 liberals who were responsible, respectful and who engaged in an open discussion with me. Some I admitted were right and had changed my mind, but some we just agreed to disagree. I learnt a lot from all of them, even the ones I disagreed with.

But the emotional biased liberals who don't know anything about the facts and statistics given by different organisations with different bias. They just call me names and tell me I'm wrong without giving any evidence.


People here seem more genuine about their opinions and experiences, as opposed to those of Facebook.

Marz Level 7 Apr 4, 2018

Welcome, ValerieB! I am here because I saw the ad and thought I would find some people that I would have something in common with! So far, so good! In fact I am having too much fun, because I need to be moved out of my place before the end of the month! Hope you find friends here, too!


I've been wanting to form a agnostic/atheist group here on my little island, but there's only a handful of us who openly declare, and really what is there to talk about with a tiny group. So, when this site popped up as a suggestion (on my facebook feed) I thought I'd give it a try. So far, I'm impressed with the variety of people here AND the general respect given to different opinions.

I like that it is for community, conversation, hearing others' thoughts, honing our own thoughts, getting or giving a few laughs, pondering a few deep thoughts. You can contribute as much or as little as you like, though there are incentives to participate more.

I also like that it's conducive to those open to dating, but it's very relaxed with no pressure like the dating only type sites. (Besides if someone is going to hit on me, they better like the fact that I have opinions, so this site gives anyone interested fair warning!)

I also love the option of joining groups for special interest. So far, this has been fun!


I was trying to escape the alt-rights who kept piling on whenever I mentioned the LGBTQ community or anything to do with science.

After I got here, I found out there are plenty of agnostic trolls here, as well, if you post about anything they don't personally endorse, such as supernatural events.


I am goal oriented. I want people to know it is ok to question ones beliefs and to explore things for themselves. Agnostics are in the position to explore possibilities and are ready and open to question. Agnostics think and do not just buy what is told to them by some guy. It is a great place to explore and learn. Better yet it is a great group of open minded people the are not judgmental.


ValerieB, welcome !! Hopefully you are bound to a very interesting experience. I am pleasantly surprised with people responses most of the time. I came because I wanted to make new friends through exchange of ideas, relevant or plain silly... I have not been disappointed. If you like to text then this is the place to be !!!!

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