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Some brilliant mind over at FoxNews decided to do a segment on how well the stock market does after the beating or killing of black men, complete with a graphic. WhatTheHolyFuck....

I don't even know what to say. smh

CNN short commentary on the segment


SeaGreenEyez 9 June 6

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So, if trump’s campaign for the presidency is based on how well the stock market’s doing … and his closest brush with ‘the news’ is fox entertainment wonder the A-hole’s egging on the Racists!

Varn Level 8 June 6, 2020

But Fox isn't racist! They don't cater to racists!


Yeah, right!




Did you expect otherwise from Faux News?


I hadn’t heard this til I saw your post. Even though I know your posts are always real, I was like, nah. Cannot be real. But holy fu%% it is real. The Wall St Journal story that looked at stock prices during civil unrest wasn’t so blatant. But this, how effed up. And yes it completely devalues human life. Mutha help us...

I rarely bother with CNN. When I saw a FoxNews logo I thought I'd see what the nonsense was about. I was so dumbfounded that I had to go to Fox to see for myself. It was early enough that Fox hadn't taken it off their site yet. There's no humanity in those people. The whole lot of them, not necessarily the local stations, the MSM is nothing but State TV, rightwing propaganda and HATE.


Why does that not surprise me out of the Trump Propaganda Network.


Fox has no decency, but this is a new low for them. I really dislike those lying b@stards.

CS60 Level 7 June 6, 2020

Brought to you by the same people who think 100,000 dead is a victory.
They're the king of spin.

I blame this bullshit on Ronald Raygun who did away with the fairness doctrine in broadcasting.
It's the conservative philosophy that the rich have more rights than anyone else because they're succcessful, or something like that.
Loof at the so-called "citizens united" more properly called billionaires united) which equated $$$ with free speech.


Did they clarify that it all part of his re-election strategy ... to make the stock market rise ?


That is so sick!!!

Isn't it? And it isn't like one person did this. Production, then to the on-air briefing and then onto the live show. This went through probably at least a dozen or two people who all thought this was A OK. It's disgusting.



bobwjr Level 10 June 6, 2020

Fucking typical.
I am so bloody sick of this bullshit.

Let it ALL get burned to the ground.
Make it cost those racist assholes every dime they have.
Let it bankrupt Wall Street and corporate America.
It's the very least they deserve, given that they built their "empires" on the
backs of blacks, indigenous people, poor people, and other minorities.
I'm okay with the destruction and lawlessness.
Burn it ALL down.

I'm right there with you. I got into a NASTY exchange on FB. Was totally ganged on by about 30 rednecks from Idaho because I said #burnthebitchdown OH were they triggered!

I'm SO sick of this shit. SOOOOO SICK OF IT! Lived with this shit on and off all my life when forced to be there. I'm just so over it and have zero tolerance for those that find this shit even remotely acceptable. 🤬

I'm rooting for a full blown coup. I'd like to see the military turn on Trump and the entire administration, walk (or drag) them all out. Replace the entire Congress with black people and put Michelle Obama in charge.

@Amzungu As much fun that would be to watch, I sincerely doubt it will ever come to pass.
Besides, Michelle doesn't want the job. She's got MUCH better things to do.

@KKGator I know, I know. But a girl can dream...


they've since apologized I've read.....too little too late

That were even capable of producing such an obscenity is a sad reflection of the "content of their characters" (/pace/ Martin Luther King).

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