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What record album/cassette/cd/8-track/reel-to-reel/song on the radio/VIDEO changed your life?

MikaB 5 Apr 4

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Pink Floyd_ Dark Side of the Moon

Oh yes, that is very good as well.


AC/DC Back in Black


Pink Floyd - The Wall


Classical Gas by Mason Williams. I had it on a vinyl 45. I spent a summer learning how to play it on my guitar.

One of my favorites and I didn't like instrumentals.


Led Zeppelin Two… I think the band had broken up, but I’d skipped a day of college and drove my VW Bug straight to the beach - listening to that cassette several times ..and feeling the freedom of adulthood for the first time 😀

Varn Level 8 Apr 5, 2018

I would have to say Imagine, by John Lennon. It has provided me with an underlying context for much of what I try to do and be.


Hearing Buddy Holly’s greatest hits in 1963 and the Beatles Love Me Do on the same night. And not stopping playing them for months , actually years and years


Hard to say, but "Windmills of Your Mind" has always grabbed me. Simply incredibly poetic lyrics. I can vividly remember hearing it back in the 60s on the AM radio in the car.

Saw him in a summer stock-don't remember what show about 12. I loved this song. Forgot about it till now. Rex Harrison's son Ithink. Girl From Uncle? With Stephanie Powers? Trivia buff here.


The first Black Sabbath album.


Meallica's "No Life Till Leather" demo cassette 1982 Led to become a tape trader and put me on my career path now.

The one "first" I never got. F&J's, Iron Maiden's, Def Leppard's, Motley Crue's, Steve Vai's, and more, but never had The Tape.

I had a three page list of thrash/metal demos I traded all over the world! It was analog internet.


I grew up with older siblings (specifically my sister) and their record collections:
Frank Zappa, Doobie Brothers, 10cc, Three Dog Night, David Bowie, Bob Marley...
Good mix, really.

Listened to Classic Rock (though I guess it was just Rock back then) on the radio.

But my parents always had music on too, and although it was different, it'a also a big part of me.
Most notably Lonnie Donegan: Battle of New Orleans, My Old Man's a Dustman, Have a Drink on Me. ... Laugh at me if you like, but I still blast some of that stuff in my car and laugh and giggle and have a great time.

My first 'real' LP was The Powder Blues: Uncut. Given to me as a birthday present (possibly my 10th birthday?) from my sister, and I listened to that over and over and over.

I thank my sister for my musical tastes every chance I get.

@Rosenrot Yes yes - Elton John too!! and Chicago. There was a lot I didn't mention.
Thankfully I wasn't subjected to either Barry Manilow or David Cassidy.
Good Times. LOL


Carol King-Tapestry. in High School tough times with dysfunctional family. Gave me courage to leave.

Great album


Also Frank Zappa "Zoot Allures".


NWA's Straight Outta Compton I don't know if it changed my life as much as my world view.


'convoy'. lol!

I think that was my first "favorite song." No wait. "The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia." :-/


I grew up in house full of Opera, I had a broken green turntable and a copy of Abby Road that was my uncles... I used a sewing needle and a paper cone in one hand while spinning it manually with the other to discover the Beatles. This pretty much destroyed that copy but not before I got an ear full🙂 I am not certain what the specific song was any longer?

Holy Crap - That's dedication.

@scurry Opera was a great catalyst in the pursuit for other music, not that there’s anything wrong with it🙂

@ArdentAtheist understood! 😉


Stop Making Sense by Talking Heads. Pure joy. The concert film blew me away and I wore out the cassette from playing it so much.


Captain Jack by Billy Joel.


It was a Dave Mason album.


The one that first and emotionally still has my soul in its teeth is Purple Rain.

I also remember the first song I ever responded to as a child. Backseat of some Dodge. My dad only bought Dodge.

And Kaw-Liga. First song I remember on the radio catching my full attention. My little 3-4 year old self attempted those notes and failed miserably and my dad laughed, but not in a mean way.

I've still never hit those notes.




Escape by Metallica. This song made me realize the importance of individuality at a time when I was being bullied for being diffrent. The main lyric has become my life motto. “Life is for my own to live my own way.”

You do know they didn't play that in concert for a looong time?

They have some great lyrics.

@LimitedLight yeah, James and Lars hate this song, but it is still my favorite.


Boy, growing up in the 60s there were so many. Almost anything by the Beatles but would have to say George Harrison's, All Things Must Pass did it for me. Later, Denver, Croce, Lightfoot, PPM, ans Dylan.


I have a huge music library and none of the songs have changed my life


I Don't Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith.

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