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Australia's chilling horror story. Fake christ, stolen

children, abuse of children
TimeOutForMe 8 July 24

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Was this something recent?

It has a late '80's early '90's feel to it.

Still horrid though.

And so weird to bleach the kids hair to make them look related. It made them stick out like Children of the Damned or something

@BufftonBeotch I received it on whatsapp. Yes it is some years back and also comments received below from Triphid below from Australia. She dyed the hair blonde to make them look like one family so no-one would suspect they were stolen.


That’s what cults do, they destroy lives. This is very sad.


Gross beyond belief. The level of evil represented in this is beyond words.

...and the man sitting there, speaking in her defense, the supposed "next in line to take over" is as sickly minded as her. She was sooo cruel to all of those kids she stole!


Disgusting and disturbing.

Yes most definitely. These are people that lurk around amongst us.

@TimeOutForMe yeah, sadly.


Watched the entire program about this disgusting Cult a few years back.
The damage, both physical, mental, etc, they did to people still lingers on to this very day, imo, that Bitch and her Cohorts deserve NOTHING less than being strung out on a Barbed wire fence, coated in Treacle and left for the ants, etc, to devour slowly.

It's sickening to think people like that still exist.
...even though I'm sure many still exist. The thought of children still suffering under their brutality is what makes my tummy turn.


Such evil is terrifying.

The kids just couldn't escape. She set cruel examples if they disobeyed her.


Anne Hamilton-Byrne is a monster

A monster indeed. Cool calm and evil. Her face says a lot!


Donald Trump wished her well I'm sure.

barjoe Level 9 July 24, 2020

I'm not certain why I watched this as I don't usually get feeds from Australia. She is one creepy woman. Her whole demeanor is just almost bizarre. And who in the hell knows what happened to some of those children.

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