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The other day I made a post where I was calling Trump a fascist. it was pointed out, quite appropriately by @themiddleway, that he's not really a fascist of the first order. he doesn't meet the standards of a Mussolini or a Pinochet. however he is trying. So, for the time being I will consider him a Trashist.

hankster 9 July 25

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Seems to me such terms become defined by the behavior of those having set the worst example. trump’s just setting his own example. And as much as he & his clan are following any playbook, he’s ultimately led by his terminal malignant narcissism… I believe hitler was led by the same, followed by inhuman behavior on a national scale 😕

Varn Level 8 July 26, 2020

I disagree on disagreeing with yourself. Trump is a fascist.

no doubt, but my point is he's a tiny handed twit of a facist. a damaged clown. an incompetent wannabe. a trashist. he's the kind of fascist that only Trump can be.

@hankster I'd call that a trashist, thrashist, trumpist, fascist.

@PondartIncbendog easier to just say trashist ain't it? lol


Marmalade Mussolini is what I call Trump.


"Thrashist" seems appropriate to me, and would fit the idea of his bringing Bannon to the party, early on.
See my recent post:[]

love Noam!

Barron is the Antichrist the OMEN spoke about.

@PondartIncbendog Bannon.


There's no bottom to how low Trump will sink. If he can, he'll drag this country down into a fascist hellhole with himself on top as the supreme leader. How long after that would it be until he starts to cleanse the land of all the wrong colored people and those who oppose him?

It sounds like a slippery slope but it'd happen so fast and so easily with just a few other factors falling into place.


Trumpy is fat enough to be a Goerring, stupid enough to be an Idi Amin, but not eloquent enough to be a Mussolini, nor crafty enough to be a Hitler.


Hitler wasn't a fascist until he was one.

Shall we wait for the axe to fall?


The obstructionist republican fascist are using federal employees to harass, stiffer, and all out prevent Freedom of assembly, Freedom of speech and the Press if these are not Fascist tactics and use of overt force against any peaceful group not then what is Fascism???


Trump's secret police force, which is being deployed against 'the radical left' , is very similar to Mussolini's secret police in both staffing and purpose. So YA he is a fascist.



Trump's Little Green Pigs are nothing more than glorified prison and border guards, dressed in rambo-commancho gear.
Appearances are everything to Trump.
And if the military won't provide the Stormtroopers, he'll simply deck out a bunch of prison screws to look like the military.


Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.

He's so proud of that, he can't stop talking about it

He does admire dictators. Dictators use him like the idiotic puppet he is.


He's a fascist dictator wannabe and the Rethuglicons are doing all they can to help him achieve that goal.

Joanne Level 7 July 25, 2020

some are. some are scared i believe. might be scared of trump or the party or both. they wanted to be congresspersons. when they got there it wasn't all golf carts and cigars. it was more like money and press and money. a bunch of impotents representing the nation.

@hankster Whether doing it reluctantly, or willingly, they are helping him become a dictator.

@Joanne no doubt. you're right. I think what I'm trying to portray is they really don't have much choice if they ptefer to continue to participate at all. like the mice who have run under the refrigerator. they really can't work together, because they don't trust that the person next to them won't turn them into the regime. they're all in there personal little predicament. but I agree with you that all the nothing is adding up to nothing to resist this trashist.


He’s fascistic. He aspires to be a fascist.

Fascistic actions of a fascist. It's the exact same thing.

@barjoe no it’s not.

@barjoe You don’t have to be a Fascist to have fascistic tendencies.

@Marionville Trump had more than just tendencies. He's a fucking fascist.

@Marionville, @Gatovicolo semantics

@barjoe I’m merely referencing the exact definitions of both words...nothing else.

@Marionville fascist is a noun, fascistic is a adjective that's a form of the same word...thank you

@barjoe definitions.

Also fa·scis·tic [fuh-shis-tik] . of or like fascism or fascists.

@barjoe of or like fascism, not fascism.

@Gatovicolo STOP! I know it's a different word. I don't like to argue about facts.

@barjoe Ok he totalitarian. Feel better?


He's definitely following the playbook for becoming one.
If he's allowed to remain in power, he'll continue to work his way toward it.


Donald Trump has always been a Trashist.

He's fascist trash.


Good point

bobwjr Level 10 July 25, 2020

You could say that, at this point, he is not the head of a fascist government, but he is s dyed in the wool fucking fascist.

barjoe Level 9 July 25, 2020

laws of America are the only thing between him and his dream.

@hankster Exactly.


He's a non American... Basically...

A puppet of Putin. 😟

@BestWithoutGods I think in American English Pinocchio actually translates as Donald.

@hankster If that were the case, the Chump's nose would have reached the moon by now.

@BestWithoutGods not to worry. the RNCs ass must be deeper than that.

trump and the obstructionist republican fascists do not care about any of us!!!

They are own by the wealthy and their corporations who do not need the vast majority of us to profit off of anymore, we are now a burden to these so called elites!!!

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