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Can't really argue with that logic.

Amzungu 8 July 26

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or just stay the hell out of that soul-sucking store, too

@Unpretentious ya i mean why not round down right lol


Good point.


What logic?


@Amzungu πŸ˜’πŸ˜žπŸ€₯

@Amzungu Just sayin'

@beenthere As am I. I'm certainly not going to spend energy debating the validity of a sarcastic, facetious statement posted in a forum such as this. Poor choice of word on my part, as you've duly noted. My apologies.


I've often thought that if some fashion designer had introduced a line of male and female "haute couture" that included a face mask, two years ago, thousands would have flocked to wear them - especially if the designer's name or logo were on the outside. ..... and even more so had they been really expensive.

Petter Level 9 July 27, 2020

Surely the war crimes are carried out in foreign countries ?

At the moment, no, they are happening predominantly in Portland Oregon, soon to be spread to multiple cities across the country. This is what the Federal Officers sent by the Trump administration are wearing while they indiscriminately use excessive force against peaceful protestors under the guise of protecting federal property and quelling riots. Tragic, sad and incomprehansible, but unfortunately true.

@Amzungu Well. maybe that will give US citizens a taste of what their military has been doing in the likes of Iraq and Afghanistan for years

@Moravian I suspect many of the people protesting are already well aware. The one's whose eyes need opening are still hidden behind the gas masks and kept wide shut.

Currently we have them carried out in Portland, Detroit, and Chicago. Trump is using jack booted thugs to show us what may happen if he loses this next election.

@Amzungu. Setting fires, and looting, is not peaceful protest. I live in Portland! Yes, most are peacefully protesting, but the idiots, using a hammer, to break into the federal justice center, was not kidnapped, but captured and arrested. As he should have been, for his actions.


No shit

bobwjr Level 10 July 26, 2020

I totally agree with your message. I take issue with 15 minutes. A short list for me is more like an hour......I do admit to being extremely slow. Only one couple today without mask.....a good day.and thank you for your service.

Agreed. In my statement below, I used the one hour time frame, too. I don't think I have ever gotten out of Walmart in less than an hour. But since March, I have only gone to my local grocery store which is somewhat quicker. Anything else I need I can get online.


With a gas mask you can breath, with a cloth mask you can get hot and find it hard to breath!

With that statement I can only assume you've never worn one.

Gas masks get hot, especially in the summer.

I wear a n95 , eye protection , a plastic gown , covers for my shoes , and cover on my head for 16 hrs a day . 5 x every week . For 20 weeks now . I am breathing well enough to do my job . I have bruises on my face and my ears have raw skin . So and all my team . Not sitting on a desk either . ✌🏻

@ponderingatheist @AtheistinNC I've not worn a gas mask but could not fathom them being more comfortable than a simple loose cloth mask. Thank you for noting the difference with your experience.

@Pralina1 You mean, as a nurse, you're not just sitting around playing cards? 🀣🀣🀣 stay safe, my friend and thank you for all you do!! ❀

Having just gotten out of quarantine last week because my team and I were wearing cloth face coverings rather than N-95s, I see your point and reject it. I have worn N-95s, military NBC equipment, and would much rather have an N-95 and PPE. Fortunately nobody got sick. Thank SCIENCE and hand washing, and even face coverings reduce the risk.

Try Breathing when you have Covid19. Then you will wish you had worn a mask


It takes 15 minutes just to get into walmart.

SCal Level 7 July 26, 2020

I certainly get the point, but would find it more moving if the first panel showed someone I respected, rather than someone I despise. Like a firefighter in full gear rushing into a burning building. But, that’s just me!

It's got a healthy dose of satire, but I do agree a more moving comparison would be a respected essential worker. I could take a selfie at work tomorrow for you. I am not running into burning buildings or anything all that heroic, but I sure do have to wear a lot of PPE! πŸ™‚

Waiting for those pics. πŸ™‚

@skado I have no problem providing supporting evidence for my statement, but it's certainly not a good look! πŸ˜€

We need to see the evidence first, then the jury will decide if it’s a good look. πŸ˜‰ (anybody talented enough and brave enough to serve in that capacity looks good to me)

@skado She did say "tomorrow'. Be patient.

@skado as promised. 🀣

Beautiful !

@Amzungu I got the satirical intent, for sure. And I know military-style tactical gear is very hot and heavy, which made me think of the firefighter comparison: typical gear weighs in at between 45 to 80 pounds, and you’re still running into extremely hot and perilous environments!

That aside, I appreciate your geared-up selfie. β€œThank you, Masked Woman!”


Very true. The thing is that most of the anti mask people I come in contact with are at work. I work 12 hour shifts at an Amazon wearhous e and it is hard work. The people I know are sweating in these things and pussed off about it. I can see how all the demeaning arguments about being whiny not wearing a mask in Walmart would come off as offensive to them. It is uncomfortable and makes it hard to communicate. The cashiers I see are pissed about them too.
I've switched to Kn95s to protect myself because everyone wears them off their nose and takes them off to talk. Close yelling talk because it is loud on the lines.
Good post I agree. Just another perspective.

MsAl Level 8 July 26, 2020

I am a nurse in the operating room. We went from having to wear a mere simple surgical mask to now wearing an N95, surgical mask and face shield and gown in EVERY case. It is miserable. We have to yell to hear each other and we're all sweaty as shit in a room kept 63 degrees. I absolutely empathize with the misery anyone having to deal with these types of precautions during their entire work day is experiencing right now. A simple cloth mask for an hour while shopping at Walmart? No, that's a frickin walk in the park, and for anyone to refuse it when those of us working in significantly less comfortable work environments due to this thing continuing to spread, well they can kiss my ass. I don't empathize with them. I expect them to man the fuck up and wear the mask.

@Amzungu I guess I just want to get everyone wearing them so I'm everyone is safer.

I wasn't suggesting you empathize with the Walmart shopper. But the people doing the 12 hour warehouse shifts. Or mabey just crafting your message to speak to the people that need to hear it rather than name calling which never has worked.

Sorry to pick out your post it's not unique in this manner. I never have been an agreer. Fortunately I spend most of my disagreeable energy in the Amazon employee FB pages and my local small town page which are decidedly anti mask so I probably do more good there.

@MsAl I am sorry if the post offended you. I specifically posted this in the Silly/ Random... group due to the healthy dose of satire in the message. Most people here are reasonable and rational and have long understood the importance of wearing a mask. It wasn't intended to sway, it was intended to entertain.


Excellent point and comparison!

My thoughts as well.

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