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How dare any trump follower call him/herself a Republican. They abandoned the Republican ideals the minute they voted for trump and made excuses for him. I have rarely seen eye to eye with most republicans throughout my life, but at least I could respect them and know they had morals and ethics. Even if I couldn't agree with their outlook and perspectives.

But this new creature that itself "Republican" is a hollow facsimile of what real Republicans stood for. There is a rung low enough on the ladder to place these political mendicants. The only place they deserve to live is in the scrap heap of discarded history. Real Republican arise and reclaim your mantle. I probably won't agree with your perspective, but at least I'll be able to respect you.

t1nick 8 Aug 16

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Well even pre-Trump Republicans pretty much abandoned the Republican conservative ideals. What was the entire Bush era but bigger government and higher debt?

I honestly think it is time to just split the country. We have no unity but common history and geography and half the country doesn't even agree on what history is. However I sincerely worry for anyone who is not a white Christian and is stuck in the left behind states...


There has only been one party for about a century.

SCal Level 7 Aug 17, 2020

I was hoping true republicans who actually respected American values would just start a new party.

Honestly I don't know how they recover from this.
They've alienated so many: women, black, latinx, china, lgbtia+, gender, youth, military, small business owners, true christians, farmers.

No true republican who respects American values could endure the shame of what the party has become.

They did try. But it never really took off.

@redhog and they know that any third party in the US is instant delegation of rule to Democrats and they would become as irrelevant as libertarians. If we just adopted ranked choice voting universally that wouldn't have to be the case.

@prometheus accurate as well


America needs two parties. No matter how strongly we hate the present hypocritical GOP that has been taken over by trump and the religious machine we need a moderate conservative counter balance to keep the Dems moderate and progressive. I hope the true secular conservative Republicans are able to rebuild their party after eliminating the trump enablers and Qanon. trump may give Republicans an opportunity to clean house and become a respected mainstream party again. Biden/Harris Make America Sane Again

I believe we need more than 2. The 2 party system is whats crippling the government. 2 parties can't agree on anything.

@redhog this is a great exposition on the US manufactured 2 party duopoly, you can listen to the podcast or read the transcript: []

Ultimately what kills our system is the undemocratic Senate which values land over people. I'm all for mass migration from blue states to red states - flip enough Senate seats to jam through electoral reform and constitutional amendments and then reboot. Maybe in 100 years we'll wonder what all the fuss was about.

@prometheus one can hope


I was raised to be a conservative republican. However, when I got older, the republican positions contradicted my values concerning human rights and equality.

I was raised to believe republicans stood for the values listed in the 1956 republican platform, and I was shocked to learn how many values they had abandoned.

I switched partied back when Reagan was president. Republicans have since lost a lot more of their values.

I was raised to be a blue dog Democrat but registered as a Republican instead because I felt they said what they really meant. Like you Reagan turned me into a real Democrat. He is famous for turning democrats into republicans which I think is hilarious.

@Fred_Snerd If the appreciation of nature and protecting environment were hereditary, I'd say I got my attitudes about nature from the par of me that is Native American way back in my ancestry.


Never let them forget it either. Whenever Trump leaves office you know they're going to start back pedaling.


They lost the moral authority alright and that hypocritical race-baiting xenophobic bigot Lindsey Graham has run the country to "hell" with Trump.

From one of the related videos: "the hardest thing to watch is the evangelical Christians' sell out to this false prophet".


Hey, it's evolution. That was then and this is now.

@t1nick I didn't place a value on the evolution and perhaps the party is headed for extinction.


Republicans have been sucking since Nixon, but I'll grant your point, from a Trump supporter to an old style Reagan Republican would be a step up, but that's still a really damned low bar.


Raised in Oregon, and first registering Republican, we had some half-decent ones. I was rarely bothered by their demands for fiscal responsibility, except when getting their hands of federal funds … but did part ways over their continued promotion of cold war era national religious tests..

Reagan was the beginning of the end. He cultivated and harvested the radical religious votes and (young) ignorant military votes, while continuing as a mouthpiece of corporations over citizens. After he killed The Fairness Doctrine in broadcasting, it opened the Republican floodgates for AM Hate Radio and eventually FOX Entertainment to broadcast nonstop far-wrong propaganda across the Public Airways.

With that, hardcore Republican fanatics began perging their party of so-called ‘RINO’s,’ “republicans in name only.” Now, only the most radical of candidates get through their extremist promoting primaries.. Most of the now ‘Independent’ voters came from the moderate republican ranks, but remain too deeply programed to join the Democrats … so they basically stand back.. ..throwing rocks at both parties, while making the ignorant claim that ‘they’re both alike.’

There are aspects of the Democratic Party that irk, even sicken me.. But when weighed against the overwhelming ignorance and hostility of the Republican Party ...I’ve never looked back 😕

Varn Level 8 Aug 17, 2020

Terrill, the GOP did not suddenly become what it is. In 1974 in Arizona I ran in a GOP legislative primary election and followed the details. Briefly, here are the changes.
1950s — The most conservative members started expelling moderates.
1960s — The remaining conservatives recruited the conservative Dixiecrats
1980s — Reagan invited evangelicals into the GOP and they elected Repubs
1990s — The national GOP did nothing to reward them.y
2000s — The exploited evangelicals rebel, forming the Tea Parties.
2010s — The demagogue Trump united the angry evangelicals.


At this point Republicans are extremely partisan and angry. This president has set the tone for hostile discourse.

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