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How original is your site name? I swiped mine from pop-culture.

Godnose 3 Apr 8

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From a song by Klaatu.


I suspect mine is probably unique.


Noseypotter is original I think.


Pretty original since it's my actual name lol


Mine is short for ‘indirection operator’ and my birth year. I’ve used it since the BBS days.


Named after a combination of Marla Singer (fight club) and an semi-assigned last name from Second Life. I’ve been using the alias for over a decade. Many of my friends don’t even know that it’s not my legal name. Thinking of legaly changing it at this point though.


Only as original as I am. 🙂


Mine is description of me. I am definitely a birding nut..I even moved to Thailand in 2010 to teach, but mostly to photograph birds. I do extreme birding..climbing cliffs, wading in swamps, hiking jungles, etc. Not for the faint hearted.


I swiped mine from pop culture as well. Erich Zann was an HP Lovecraft character, and in some of the stories I wrote, Erich Zann III is the original Erich's grandson. Depending on the story, he may or may not be cursed.

I would like to read those stories. I like Lovecraft inspired fiction. I mean, the guy was a horrible racist and definitely a weirdo, but man, could he ever world build. I really some of the modern writers who draw on Lovecraftian themes like Peter Cline. Even GRRMartin has more than a tip of the hat to Lovecraft with his Drowned God of the Ironborn. <3

If you're looking for Lovecraft inspired fiction, I advise against reading my stories. They have a descendant of Erich Zann in them, but they're not even remotely horror. It's a long story. I tried to make them horror stories, but I failed miserably.

Try reading Disciples of Cthulhu. There's a story called The Silence of Erika Zann in it.

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