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Trump says he's taking the road by not meeting with Democrats. - LOL!!!!!! Who thinks he is full of it??????

sassygirl3869 9 Sep 8

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Cute Orange head 🀣


The TrumpOLINI regime and trump empire is 100% shit .... gullible xians and zionists are his base and he will win re-election if the riots don't stop because BidenS is incapacitated already and Harris is his worst possible pick....Bernie Sanders could replace the Willie Brown slut like Shriver replaced Eagleton is not too late to save the blue party from total corruption and incompetence


NOTHING that comes out of that mouth is worthy of comment.


Hes been a real asshole since he put down McCain. I'm a Vietnam veteran.


He has ALWAYS been full of it, it's just getting deeper and higher.


It’s not a thought! It is coming out of his ugly mouth every day he is in office.

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