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All I would have to post is I need an Inhofe and a Trump sign for my yard. Can anyone help?

Lorajay 8 Sep 15

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I'd post a prayer, and my kids would know in an instant that something's not right with mom, we'd better call the cops to check on her!


Trump was ordained by god to be president.

@MissKathleen 🀣 If I posted this anyone who knows me would know I was already dead and someone had taken over my media accounts! 😁


My husband, Joe, wants a divorce...


"I like cats" πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„


In your case. "I love Trump."


There is no God, but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger.


I just found God. I await His Rapture.


Yup...just as hankster said...I would post something weird, which looked normal, but which my friends would know is definitely not my normal 'ammo', so to speak...
In my case, it would be something like, "I think I'm gonna start taking Arnab Goswami a bit more seriously from now on." [FYI: Arnab Goswami is a right-wing nut talk-show host, in India, who has patterned himself after Bill O'Reilly].


I want to go to early confession and drink holy water.


My oldest daughter had just learned to write when I caught her holding a paper up to the car window as I was driving and she’s laughing and obviously up to mischief, at home I confiscated the paper β€œHELP ME” was written in crayon. I couldn’t help imagining what would have happened had a police officer saw it. I had a long talk with my daughter that evening.


Saying that I'm peachy. All my friends and family know I NEVER say "peachy" unless something is wrong.


Ice cream and pancakes I wouldn't eat at gunpoint.

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