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Reasonable but wrong? Need examples!

I am trying to find good examples of things that seem reasonable, but are wrong. One trite example is: if meat tastes good with salt, it should be better with more salt. Or we should give the death sentence for various crimes only to find that small crimes make the criminal commit murder so there are no witnesses.

These are not great examples. Can you help?

SleepingOnABoat 7 Apr 9

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It's reasonable to assume on any given day that you won't die, but one day you're going to be wrong.

...too dark? Probably too dark. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ OK

LOVE IT, it is the ultimate.


The "Monty Hall Paradox" is one of my favorite examples of this: If there are 3 curtains and a prize behind one of them, you have a 1/3 chance of guessing the prize. After you guess, the host reveals one of the other non-winning curtains. The host then asks if you want to stick with your original guess, or if you want to switch. To most, it seems that there are 2 curtains, and you now have a 50/50 chance either way, but in fact you should switch your guess, as you then have a 2/3 chance of winning. []


Taking 2 Tylonol or Motrin works better than 1, so taking 5 or 6 would work even better. I still know people who do this.. Not true and not safe.

MsAl Level 7 Apr 9, 2018

If one spaceship is approaching another at 3/4 the speed of light and the other is traveling towards the first one at 3/4 of the speed of light, it is entirely reasonable to say that they are approaching each other at 1.5 times the speed of light.


If one or two drinks calms your nerves, ten will really help...

That is a good one...The sugar in alcohol tends backfire and keep some awake or wakeful during the night.


It's reasonable to think the person that makes it all the way to the Oval Office would have some basic common sense, decent morals, a heart, a brain, some courage, and the basic abillites to know how to do the job, but ...we can be wrong.

There is a study which has been done, in honor of our current POTUS, ahem, perhaps...regarding the level of Narcissism of EVERY PRESIDENT, even WANTING TO BE PRESIDENT requires a certain amount. One would think "The Donald" is WAY off the charts. Most Potus did not come from TV celeb questionably business background to the oval office, YIKES. (Here is a "cheat sheet" of the much larger study should one be interested: [] )


Boy, the sun sure does look like it’s moving around the earth.


A diamond is forever and yet a good hit of liquid oxygen reduces it to carbon in a second

EMC2 Level 8 Apr 9, 2018

That sounds like a very expensive lab experiment.
Industrial grade maybe?


Not to put FDR down but I always thought, "..the only thing we have to fear is fear itself " was a bit odd.

This quote has always been interpreted in a much wider scope than it’s intended context. The context being the economy and the Great Depression.

People were hoarding the little money they had and not investing in business or buying goods & services. This collective fear was one things preventing the economy from recovering.

You are quite right... TY


It seems reasonable that a tornado spins because of the Coriolis effect, like hurricanes do. However, this is incorrect. The Coriolis effect does not have much influence on such a small scale. It is not responsible for the spin of a tornado (that's mostly wind shear,) and it is not responsible for the spin of the water flowing down a drain.


It is reasonable to see a move toward independence of thinking by rejecting gods, but wrong to believe that a step in a direction represents actual arrival at the destination.

As an individual, this can be accurate. As a society or culture, it would not be in my view...

Societies though on a different hierarchic stratum, as I look at it, the phenomenon is demonstrated by movements of constituent groups toward overall revolutionary change. On one level the individual suffers inner struggles before moving to reject something upon which personal living and conduct was partially based.
On the other, one might see something like the internal struggle over ratification of a constitutional amendment or major sweeping legislation.

Social level internal traumas can also occur both domestically and internationally as a result of such changes corresponding to an individual's external familial and social relationships and internal psychic struggle. Deciding to reject gods or other social institution.

Fundamental changes expected to simplify and improve life. I see them as having a price comparable to what one pays on a toll road. Sometimes there are more gates before exiting at the destination.


That is faulty logic, life is full of those. Look to politics, YIKES. It is horrible to commit murder unless under the guise of war? Maybe I am NOT quite on track here, will think some more...

You are on track. The death tolls of civilians in these wars far outnumber the military. To me that is murder.


Deer crosing, speed limit, happy medium thought mediums were serious.

4 ft 3 inch who ran a fortune telling shop was arrested on suspicion of fraud. She posted bail but skipped her court appearance.
Headline - "Small Medium at Large"

There's a radio call in somewhere on the Intertubes where this woman is ranting about why they are putting Deer Crossing signs in the dangerous places where they get hit all the time.
"Why are you encouraging them to cross in such unsafe places?"


@BufftonBeotch Have heard this, she wants to know why can't they be more sensible and put deer crossing closer to schools.

Should be velocity limits, now everyone break out your Calculus.


It's reasonable to assume that an ice tray full of hot water will freeze slower than a ice tray full of room temperature water. But because much of the hot water will evaporate, the opposite is true.

I may be wrong, seem to remember that the tray of hot water will "ice over" before the tray of rm temperature because the vapors will ice before the liquid.

@HankSherman I was not aware that water, in it's vapor form, could turn to ice. Wouldn't cooling water stop it from turning into a vapor?

@redbai check out Mpemba effect. Had to look it up to see if I was right. ..,,didn't know it had a name. General science in the sixties, can't remember what happened three days ago, but reach back fifty or sixty years. The mind is amazing.


It is reasonable to think the Ocean would not freeze due to movement, yet have seen a wave frozen on the beach in Cape Cod, Mass. WOW.


Eating any animal too often


This one puzzles me. If you want to take 1000mg of Vitamin D, will taking 2 x 500mgs of Vitamin D equal 1000mg of Vitamin D? It would appear that the answer would be yes, but is it?

Take one twice a day... ~

In theory 2 x 500mg should add up to 1000mg but I'm not so sure in this case. All you would be taking is a 500mg each time. I don't think adding it to the other 500mg = 1000mg. I of course could be completely wrong.

BeerAndWine are you certain of your yes? do you know for a fact

1000mg (milligrams) of vitamin D is a massive overdose. I think you mean 1000IU (units) which is 25 micrograms.

Yes your correct. Thanks.


If I can finish getting ready to go out in 10 minutes, it seems reasonable that my wife could achieve the same in under an hour. But noooooooo.

That one doesn't work for me. That is definitely a logic fallacy, LOL.


Main example is that we think it is reasonable to follow along with the customs and religious beliefs in our loving well meaning religious families, and may not find out how wrong that can be until years later!
It is reasonable trusting in the system to get on a plane and think the pilot is not drunk or high on drugs, but we can be wrong and planes do go down sometimes due to pilot error.
It is reasonable to assume your partner of 20 years will still be faithful next week, but people are wrong often and we see the divorce rate is rather scary. 🙂
Life is not fair, it just is, no matter how reasonable we try to be.


Pineapples don't grow on trees. They should but they don't. Bananas grow upside down. How? They do though. Coconuts are not a nut, but a fruit. They shouldn't be a fruit but they are. Strawberries are not a berry

@MrLizard so unreasonable yet true


It could be reasonable to assume from four feet away two identical plain bottles both containg clear liquid are full of water.. maybe you have been told it's water. So it would be reasonable to assume one was not vodka ? but one is vodka .. i don't know if this helps or i ust entered a league of proffesional wafflers.. i don't like vodka much lol


Christian science. 😉

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