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That moment when an old psychological wound is reopened... One that you thought had healed...

I reached out to my best friend (who helped me through it when it was fresh) and made myself shower and go running errands, like getting out of the house would help me get out of my head. After I let the tears come, of course.

Anything you do differently to shake the occasional funk? Always good to stock the tool box...

Nottheonlyone 7 Apr 9

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Talking to a friend that makes me laugh.


I think posting and reflecting here whit your comrades is a good start. I admit, I'd hide in impure thoughts.

Petting a dog or cat helps me. Just being outside helps me, but snow may preclude that.

I think you should do something "different." Step outside in the snow without any clothing. Write a letter to the editor. Go find a book by an author you aren't familiar. Read the sort of book you never read.

The past is always with us. And it shows up when we least expect it.


Had a girlfriend I lived with about 3 years, we had some differences but don't we all. It finally came down to where we would move after she retired, I wanted a small condo on the beach and she wanted a 4000 sq ft home on a mountain overlooking the city. Sounds crazy, huh? I just don't want to spend my last years fixing a huge home so I left. I told her to find someone else. Well, after 2 years she did, I was devastated. Didn't think I still had those emotions left after all these years, I wish her well.


I can't say I have really been in a funk in the last 20 years, been through a lot hard things in those twenty years but many years before I learned to deal with thing by learning from them. There has been some hard lessons through them I learned to saviour every moment and see the wonder in each, life is just too damn short to waste any of it in a funk.

So you've never had a bad day? Never once felt like crying without knowing why? I'm not calling you a liar, just commenting that I find that difficult to believe...

@Nottheonlyone Not in the last 20 years I have not. I don't get depressed it drives some of my friends nuts that I can remain upbeat even in tough times.


Like I keep saying, take an early morning walk to reset your thyroid for better sleep and mood patterns,
eat fish.

You can also take any or all of these..5-htp, magnesium, CBD oil, St. John's Wort, a few iodine drops in water.

Have loving pets that are always happy to see you.


I'm at the point where I know I've spent my whole life up to now turning away from my issues--changing my state, with cigarettes, weed, exercise, video games, online forums, TV, or other distractions--and I'm never going to get anywhere unless I stop turning away and start facing my discomfort and processing it. So it's a different step in the journey, but is functionally similar. I've gotta deal with this, by dealing with it, this time. (Not putting you or anyone else down, or trying to make a comparison--just sharing where I'm at in my process.)

That was actually what threw me for a loop. I had faced this, worked through it, found closure, etc. I think part of what was bothering me was that even though I've done all of that, there are still ripple effects in other areas of my life. And those are the parts that occasionally remind me of the original issue.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I am, and forever shall be, a work in progress.

And congratulations, by the way. Facing your demons is tough to do.


Anything that makes me feel: cry, laugh, get angry, thrash about. Do that with music, something to watch or read, my cats. Go to a meeting. Connect with someone who has an emotional clue. Good luck.


I rely heavily on music to focus my mind away. Surprisingly it works quite well for me. I like classical which is highly structured so it actually forces my mind to concentrate on other things and less on psychological wounds. Maybe I am not ridding myself of what is bothering me and just putting it away for a bit but it does spell relief. Sooner or late a therapist will help to get rid of it.


I always just try to remind myself of the really good stuff in my life, like I'm retired; my daughter actually loves her father, and likes spending time together; my two dogs are relatively healthy; I've got loving siblings and friends, I'm in good health, you know, the basic stuff.


I find music is what does it for me. Sometimes really loud and while I drive out in a rural area...




When the weather is more agreeable, I go outside and find a place to lie down on the ground. There is something about the combining of the warm sun shining down on me, and feeling the cool, damping earth below that brings calm.


Talk to friends on and vent like I did today.


For me I seek music and humor...not necessarily in that order.


I always reach out to best friends and force myself to walk to a nearby restaurant.

I also like to listen to lots of music.

And sometimes you just need to let it out.

I'm down to chat if you want. Shoot me a message =-)

Thank you.


Chocolate, but then I hate myself for giving in to sugar again. But just knowing it will pass helps a little. And sometimes just wallowing in it til I'm sick of it helps.


Music is my morphine to dull away the past. It helps when nothing or no one else does.


Take a long brisk walk.


A good long bike ride always helps.

Jnei Level 8 Apr 9, 2018

That's my usual go to, but it was snowing, wet, and cold this morning.

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