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The true problem

Larimar 7 Oct 11

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With the exception of rich people and some religious people, I've always thought that if you scratch a conservative deep enough, you'll find some racial bigotry... This confirms that suspicion.


Your country can’t have second class citizens and call itself a democracy. The United States is a republic, and we should absolutely change this.


Absolutely true. Ever since 1964-65 the deadly virus of southern racism has spread to the entire Republican party. The infection started when racist southern Democrats fled the Democratic party and found a new home for their racism in the Republican party.

@t1nick Not exactly correct. In 1860 the Democratic Party as a whole, was pro slavery.


. . . never seen one quite like this :



True is true.
tRump individually is a symptom more than a disease -- discrimination is deeply baked in to our culture. But especially in this case, one of the first steps towards fixing the the problem must be to rid ourselves of him and his enablers.


True, but Trump is the catalyst for the success for their war on democracy.

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