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Apparently, three and a half out of every seven people tend to overcomplicate things.

Petter 9 Oct 12

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Are you referring to the first 3 1/2 or last 3 1/2 ??? now the person who is half of each does have a problem lol


I just weigh every issue against the idea that if everyone is equal under the law and they aren't hurting anyone, even despite claims to the contrary, then I am morally required to support them.
Homosexuals for example hurt no one by existing.
Religion that claims homosexuals do harm society can suck it.
That's as simple as I can make my stance.
Anyone that decides other people are second class citizens are anti-American.

To Hurt

To hurt yourself
Is your concern,
And your concern
... Alone.

But ..
To hurt another, without consent?
That ...
One can’t condone.

I love that you take things down to the lowest common denominator to simplify things,i do that also


A smart person's clarity is a dumb person's overcomplicated.

Lazy guys accuse women of over-complicating things. Apparently they can only hold one instruction in their tiny brains at a time. Then they forget it.

You are probably so very right there ,single mindness and never paying attention


37.5% of statistics are made up on the spot. 😉


Excellent stat, that's almost like every other person can't keep it simple. lol

@DangerDave Almost exactly as if it were more than similar, very much more than similar.

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