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The spent on this election is what it would cost to give every single American, man, woman, child and baby $43 each.
Here's the CNN summary:-


Petter 9 Nov 2

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That seems very low, actually.

I have donated far more than that myself Not all at once, of course.

But this is for EVERY PERSON, even babies. In terms of the vote eligible electorate it equates to well over $100 per voter.


Unless and until the Citizens United decision is overturned, and REAL campaign finance reform is instituted, we cannot reasonably expect anything to change.

This is so very true. The link here will not open for me but I read that Trump's group had spent 800 million by August. Then for a post I did this morning the Internet says Trump's re-election efforts are costing a total of 1 billion dollars.

@DenoPenno I sure hope he loses.


$43 a head, they can steal that much in a week in Washington without an election.


What better way to spend money than on aggressive stupidity.


And so much of that election drivel has just been lies and hate speech.


Well, I'd probably just blow the $43 on moon pies and soda pop.


Can't open link 🤷♀️

Try again. I've reposted it.

@Petter thanks I've opened 👍

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