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VOTING REPORTS. I voted this morning at 7:20 AM at our local Community Center. This is where we always vote in my town of about 1,599 people. Missouri is a GOP state and I love how my "Real ID" license works. The parking lot was filled but there were no guns, no Proud Boys, and very little electioneering. I had a smooth in and out experience over all with no masks, but everything was set up for social distancing and that was followed very closely.

How did it go with the rest of you today?

DenoPenno 9 Nov 3

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I voted absentee at the beginning of the month. My neighbors voted in person today and said the place was empty and they had no wait.


I did absentee.
I do remember the 1984 election when Reagan won his second term.
I voted for Walter Mondale, my town of Clayhatchee Alabama had a population of 56 at the time.
So when the local News talked about the results there were twenty seven votes for Reagan and one for Walter Mondale.
Everyone knew who the weirdo was.


I handed in my absentee ballot in person at the City Clerk's office maybe 3 weeks ago? maybe more? So I know for a fact it was received.

I've been drinking coffee, watching Monty Python (happened to see the Election Night Special episode- "Arthur Negus has held Bristol; that's not a result, that's just a bit of gossip" ), just ate lunch, and now it's time to get ready for work.

Sort of dreading work actually; I work with a diehard Trumpite who doesn't know any better and is completely resistant to facts, so I sort of expect to be trolled today. It's going to be a long day of keeping my temper in check.


How did it go with me today?

I voted two weeks ago. Today? It’s not yet 7 AM. Too early.


i voted absentee in september and tracked my vote successfully. for the primary my ballot request was never received so i did curbside voting on election day. i have a friend who is still waiting for her covid test results and wants to vote. she says there is no curbside voting but she is in mn as i am, and curbside voting is statewide. i don't know what she will end up doing but i do wonder why she is being denied a normal method of voting that was in place long beiore the pandemic.


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