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While we were counting the record number of votes, America broke another record: 116,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in 1 day. Are people just giving up on fighting the virus and waiting for a vaccine to save them?

Paul4747 8 Nov 6

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People are morons. Using the wrong exit, standing too close, congregating, wearing masks under their noses, no wonder the curve will never flatten. I shake my head every time I leave my house and encounter these idiots.

My laughter is threefold-

  1. Because of other people's antagonistic behaviour (rachmanism by my landlord's agents) to me, I've effectively been in lockdown since September 2019.

2. I've worn a mask in public since about March this year and actively campaigned that others should. Of course I was as usual ignored.

I don't think that mask wearing was mandated in my state until July and as you observe there are many who could not give a brass razoo about you or me onthe other side of the world.

3. That perhaps this infectious pandemic will once & for all prove Professor Cipolla's theory that people don't realise that there are more stupid people around them than they realise but I doubt it as stupidity like drugs, gambling, religion, alcohol & nicotine is highly addictive & difficult to overcome.

Alternatively the true propensity for suicide has long been hidden by xtian religion making it a punishable act?


Many countries are seeing spikes... Belgium has 4-5 times as many cases per capita as the US. Lockdown fatigue and proximity is dangerous.

Admin Level 8 Nov 7, 2020

I think we are tired. Unfortunately, a new spate of deaths ma fix the relaxed attitude. I have to remind myself that familiar does not equal safe. I think people are too comfortable with their house mates and relatives.

I do take heart that the fatality rate is lower. We have gotten better at treating it. I don't put much stock in the vaccine. It will likely be only about 50% efficacious. From the government's big picture standpoint, that might be a good thing, but it is not good enough for me to feel safe.


Third record in a row.[]


I think so. I think covid fatigue has taken hold and many people under 50 are tired of living by covid's rules. They're basically saying, if you're old stay home. We can't take it anymore. I don't know to what degree that's true but it's certainly partly true.

I actually had a coworker tell me she "didn't think it was right for the government to tell her to wear a mask." In the middle of a global pandemic. And yet she wears a seat belt.

@Paul4747 Then I hope she gets infected and dies from it, as long as she doesn't infect anyone else. It's natural for some forms of stupidity to have consequences and our species could use fewer stupid people.


This is what a lack of leadership will do. Actually, no leadership at all is better than this.



No. Stupid people & suicides.


Apparently so, or maybe they just think their God will save them from being infected or from getting sick or dying. Who knows? I just know that a lot of people are acting recklessly, selfishly, and stupidly. Kind of like their voting choices.

In case the Tokyo Olympics are canceled, they will still have an opportunity to chant, "We're number one!"


No, people in the US are just busy with surviving day to day. They are very much afraid of either covid, Donald winning or the right wing unwashed supporters of him.

I think you're right as far as about 45% of the country goes. Another 40 or 45% are in active denial or defiance of it. The rest are passively trying to hide from it until they're forced to acknowledge it.


Of course you're correct. We've got to get back to the pandemic.
We've had enough of official policy that deals with Covid-19 the way we deal with racism, deny it exist and hope for the best.
That "cure" Trump was betting on might be beyond our science for a long time or not, but we're playing Russian roulette so far.


I'm sort of ok with the mask cuz my two front teeth that were fixed and looked fine broke apart and I need caps. So I look like a toothless Tennessee rum runner at the moment, unless in the mask. Me like mask.

I've noticed that people look much more attractive than they used to!
I still haven't decided if it's the result of lockdown starvation, masking mystery or the fact that our ugliness & facial blemishes are now hidden!


Gee, imagine that!
The virus didn't "go away" after the election like 45 predicted.
It's actually getting worse because of him and his idiot supporters.

Imagine. Just imagine.

And I shudder to think what's going to happen between now and Jan. 20.

@Paul4747 No kidding! I think it's going to get real damned ugly. I really do.
On so many levels.

@Paul4747 & @KKGator The holidays during these two months will be treacherous with people who "just can't bear" to have their Thanksgiving and Christmas ruined by not spending it with family. That kind of exposure during the second surge doesn't bode well. If I hear "We have to get back to normal!" one more time I may hit someone.

@Lauren I completely agree with you. I intend to use any and every excuse to get out of attending ANY holiday gathering.
I don't care what anyone says.

@KKGator Me too. My extended family is doing a cookie exchange in a parking lot, all of us masked and distanced. Then we go home. And eat dozens of cookies, I guess. 🙂


I don't understand how it happened, but my post that originally read "116,000" somehow changed to "1,000". Fixed it.

I wrote in the Senate that that happens to me regularly, where numbers get dropped (usually the "19" part of a date). So at least I see it happened to you too!

@altschmerz Admin says there is a bug that sometimes drops longer numbers, they're monitoring this window.


There's a vaccine?

"Waiting for a vaccine" that isn't close to ready, and may not be for another year or more.


I sure hope not.

Zster Level 8 Nov 6, 2020
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