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Caught my usual Bus today to go get my grocery shopping done, as I do every second Tuesday.
This morning, after a few stops to pick up more passengers we get a new face on board.
Within seconds of sitting down he begins to lament the following out loud.
" Dear God, WHY have you allowed your servant Donald Trump to be deposed, do you not realize that you have permitted the Death Knells to sound for ALL Christians, this is the end, the death of Christianity not only in America but for all mankind."

Triphid 8 Nov 10

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Firing Trump results in the death of Christianity for all mankind? Oh if only it were that easy!


He has obviously spent too much time out in the desert sun.


Oh will this never end.........?


We can only hope that he is right. Can we?


These people have been begging for an apocalypse, not getting an apocalypse is an apocalypse by their standards.

Being alone too long in the Australian outback can do strange things to people's minds.


Thank you, god


"O thou who knowest all, DON'T YOU REALIZE?"

Perhaps Sky Daddy is still doing the Sergeant Schultz, aka of Hogan's Heroes fame. bit.
I.e. " I know NOTHING, Kolonel Klink, I know NOTHING."


These brainwashed idiots! These are those that don't think much about themselves!


I had something similar happen on a tram in adelaide (american accent as well). It wasn't about trump, it was some other xtian bullshit. A lady asked him to can it and he said he had the right. Everyone on the tram turned against him, a dozen or so people, shutting him down and telling him they had the right to travel in peace without having his bullshit inflicted upon them. It was beautiful and he was so embarrassed he slunk off at the next stop.

At least he only lasted until we'd gone past 3 more stops, then the Driver so kindly, NOT, ordered him off the Bus.
The Drivers claim, which we all supported was that he was disturbing the peace and quiet of the other passengers and distracting the Drivers attention from his job as well.

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