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This is what happens when you get friendly with raccoons and start feeding them.

Willow_Wisp 8 Nov 11

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I only feed between two to four, along with three possums, and now two baby skunks on a daily basis!!!

I buy the crows a pizza every two weeks.
They show up like clockwork, a couple of dozen now, they’re increasing in numbers.
They almost accept food from my hand, almost.
Beautiful clever creatures crows and ravens.




Squirrels are the worst. He's animal lover. I am one too, sort of. If I had that many Coons at my back door, I'd get my shotgun and a bunch of shells. After that I'd call a furrier and Google for recipes.

@DangerDave They are nasty, and overpopulate so quickly..

@DangerDave we have then in Philly. They shit all over the place.


Feeding them is not advisable.

In the link I shared in my comment, he lives in a remote area, so the raccoons don’t bother his neighbors, and he gets them medical care, including for rabies. He’s been feeding them for 20 years. He really adores these little critters. 🦝 💕


Here’s some more background on the Raccoon Whisperer. ❤️

Man Feeds Mob of Raccoons Every Night As Per Late Wife’s Last Wishes


Love it. Such cool critters


I’ve seen this all over the place lately. This man is a massive animal lover.


That goes against everything I was taught about wildlife,you don't feed wild animals they are not pets.His neighbors must love him.

We feed the birds/bears, squirrels and chipmunks, deer, turkeys and whatever else shows up , which then feeds the Fox , bobcats ,coyotes and fisher cats....
Neighbors aren’t all that impressed...

@Canndue I'm just coming from a background of working for the Ministry of Natural Resources,I worked in Provincial Parks.I still think it's funny,I did not want to get all serious about it.I just feel people on Youtube think he is a saint but I think it's the opposite, they get fat,they forget how to forage and congregate and get more diseases and in the long run it disrupts the balance.That is just the Ministry line personally here I see full of raccoons in the city and at our cottage I find they are kinda pests.

@actofdog obviously what he is doing is way over board . We limit what we put out, and no more when it runs out. We also plant a lot of wildlife friendly plants, so plenty of natural food as well.

@actofdog sounds like interesting work. Which province?

@Canndue In Ontario at Bon Echo and Turkey Point,this was a long time ago and I am no expert.I don't judge it was just an opinion.It sounds like you have lots of wildlife around.I've only been to New Hampshire as a kid.We drove through and did not get a chance to be the tourist we would go visit an aunt in Boston.

@actofdog we are out in the woods here, just enough homes to sometimes mess with habitat



My uncle did this. He was the raccoon man of the neighborhood. Until someone got angry and poised them all.

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