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Are you a strong agnostic, a medium agnostic or a weak agnostic?

Where are you on this scale?

  1. I believe in God(s), supreme being(s) or higher power(s).
  2. Strongly agnostic, the existence of God, of the divine or the supernatural is unknown or unknowable and human reason is incapable of providing sufficient rational grounds to justify either the belief that God exists or the belief that God does not exist.
  3. Pretty much agnostic.
  4. Medium agnostic.
  5. Leaning towards agnostic.
  6. In the middle.
  7. Leaning away but still agnostic.
  8. Mild agnosticism.
  9. Very slightly agnostic, unable to disprove the existence of fairies and goblins.
  10. Not agnostic, an atheist.
waitingforgodo 7 Nov 25

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First the definition


Second these terms are not mutually exclusive


"Agnosticism is not about belief in god but about knowledge. It was originally coined to describe the position of a person who could not claim to know for sure if any gods exist or not. It was not meant to describe someone who somehow found an alternative between the presence and absence of some particular belief.

Yet, many people have the mistaken impression that agnosticism and atheism are mutually exclusive. But why? There's nothing about "I don't know" which logically excludes "I believe."

On the contrary, not only are knowledge and belief compatible, but they frequently appear together because not knowing is frequently a reason for not believing. It's often a very good idea to not accept that some proposition is true unless you have enough evidence that would qualify it as knowledge. Being a juror in a murder trial is a good parallel to this contradiction."

This scale you present is just wrong...

The scale is useless and WRONG the dictionaries are xian fiction mis-defining Atheism, Atheists and Huxley invented word A-gnostic. ..... the gnostics were amongst many cults when the xian religion was being invented....all religions claim to know better than all the other religions..... an Atheist demands proof from believers exactly what and where their alleged gawd things exist ..... since zero believers have rational definitions for their alleged gawd thing nor a location we Atheists are free from the delusions of believers

@Larry68Feminist Indeed, the only reason we need to describe ourselves with this terms is because of their insistence on knowing something that they themselves have never been able to proof, much less define coherently whithout the need to act so damn tribal among themselves.


Who cares


Your scale is absurd. What the heck is a "medium" or "mild" agnostic?

How do you measure it?


Since age 13 when I told my parents, I'm an atheist. I don't believe in an invisible deity that resides somewhere beyond the clouds. Period. There are no gradations of "atheist."

As a child, I realized the Bible is just a book of stories written by men.

I chose rational thought, not magical beliefs.


Nonsensical, spurious and completely unnecessary. Labels create divisions, there are more than enough divisions in society outside of this site, let us concentrate on what unites us here at I like to believe that what that is, is our ability to agree that we should be led by scientific evidence, rational thought, logic, and scepticism of dogma or doctrine. Certainly not by subdivision into categories of disbelief.


If I had a spiritual interaction, what would demonstrate that it was spiritual?
What spiritual effect would generate a belief in a personality, or singular spiritual entity?
What spiritual interaction couldn't be explained by natural causes (brain fart)?
What is to be gained by spiritual meditations?

It's all so vague and featureless. What useful truths have ever been drawn from it? There is never a take-home lesson. People who pursue paths of enlightenment never generate new useful information. God didn't whisper E=MC2 in Einstein's ear, it fell out of rearranging Maxwell's equations. Not one religion came up with evolution, but it was always there to be seen.


None of the above.

skado Level 9 Nov 25, 2020

Number 19 asserts all atheists are gnostic? 😂 weird thing to say. An atheist, need not claim knowledge.

Mvtt Level 6 Nov 25, 2020

Odd scale number choices. Anything that was made up by fucking goat herders thousands of years ago and edited to benefit kings, emperors, and popes is unrelenting unequivocal bullshit. Whether or not there is a more evolved being than humanity, even if beyond our understanding is currently unknowable. And, never the twain shall meet.


Nineteen and a half.


I am agnostic because I am a scientist( actually an ex science teacher) . Anyone who is a scientist should really class themselves as Agnostic. Why? Because a scientist does not admit to knowing an answer BEFORE he/she experiments and concludes with facts . This applies to anything including "Can I know God?" . The difficulties of proving God can be seen anywhere but I do not think he/she will be found. So at least you are in the right website to be a scientist.


I am a strong agnostic atheist. I strongly do not believe any gods exist. But I acknowledge that this is something that simply cannot be known/proven.

Because of the limits to language. Mixing Scientific and Religious concepts does not work, they define different realms.


Pragmatically speaking, #19.
But there coud be some mental fucked up gods hiding somewhere. So #18 I guess.

If we redefine god as order, in the universe, physics. or me, then I guess I am a full believer.


It all Bull shit!!!

There is no god($)!!!

If you believe you sure are fucking stupid enough to believe obstructionist republican fascists wholesale!!!


I'm a 19 but I have explained it a thousand times. Should I say I'm trying to disprove the existence of fairies and goblins but just can't do it? OK, I'll keep trying.


Confusing. Needs more work.


Thee is no God. You figure out which is correct for me.




31.5 Dang skippy agnostic, the discussion about the existence of god is at once fun and futile. On some occasions interesting, like easter and stuff.


I'm a strong atheist. Agnosticism has nothing to do with it. Or did you just mean agnostic? If so, why?

@DangerDave the lesson was on irony. Guess you missed it. Oh well.

@DangerDave You are pretty snippy for a guy whose post here was met by almost complete dismissal. Just saying.


1 Gods are people, we exist.

Word Level 8 Nov 25, 2020
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