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Who else thinks this?

Akfishlady 8 Apr 12

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I think women should start liking their bodies now!

balou Level 8 Apr 12, 2018

I would love to walk around in skirts and tanks with no bra and not get hated on for it or treated like a piece of sexual meat.

Just because I don't have issues with my body doesn't mean body-image-related problems don't arise for me...

what is holding you back? I only wear bras at work ( I do wear other clothing)

@btroje "Look at this bitch" while wearing a tube top and skirt (w bra, incidentally) on a 96° day, looks of burning hate from women, leering and hooting from men. 😟 I'm not built to withstand that. I'd rather hide in my house or wear a burlap sack.

@stinkeye_a I must scare people. Even when I was younger I didnt get a lot of that and I must have been numb to the looks of disapproval but I know what you mean

@stinkeye_a, @Akfishlady why would it not look ok to go braless?

@stinkeye_a I think I would wear a hijab before I would wear a bra if hooting was the issue

@btroje I'm totally fine with it, no shame here--for self or others. But I know how titillated and/or indignant other people can get about it because the prevailing culture sexualizes female nipples. I don't want people in my neighborhood or wherever to get the idea that I'm trying to get attention with my sexy sexy lady bits, steal everyone's boyfriend/husband, advertise my sexual availability, or make other women feel bad about themselves--and then treat me that way.. That's the whole problem. I'm not free of the repercussions of other people's shame and repression. I could choose not to let it bother me, but at this time in my life it bothers me pretty badly when someone glares at me with a hateful expression and whispers acidly to their companion while stealing icy glances in my direction. Also bothered pretty badly when men hoot and leer and stare.

@stinkeye_a understood.I don't know how your name got in my question. I was mostly responding to AKFishlady

@Akfishlady I don't know where she was but I saw an older woman with a dog face tattooed on her front, the areolas being nipples and she was feeling good about that.


The biggest concern should be your health. There are new studies that say, people with moderate body fat are more likely to be happy and healthier than the very skinny or obese.


That would be awesome!


Yep. Totally agreed. I can’t stand what mainstream advertising does to women. It’s borderline psychological abuse. Seriously from the age of like, 3.

My mother took me to Weight Watchers when I wasnt even fat when I was about 12, just in case. It took me years and seeing home movies to realized I wasnt fat back then and most of my life


Black women and Hispanic women around here seem to be fine with there bodies. It seems to me to be a white thing. I don't want to hear men are to blame because that would be false. Before Twiggy full figured women were much admired by society. Look at old men's magazines from the 50's and 60's. Most men l know are not as picky or as shallow as a lot of women think we are. Because of my job l know quite a few men in their 20's and 30's , and l am very impressed with their views on women and the level of their maturity compared to the time l was their age.


Totally agree, been on this crusade since Karen Carpenter died of dieting to get to the weight Hollywood wanted her at!

BillF Level 7 Apr 12, 2018

@AncientNight yes she had anorexia nervosa

@AncientNight yes it is more weighty than just trying to look good for a walk down the red carpet


I dunno we might just find other things to dislike


Lots. I have never supported the cosmetic industry and buy clothes for function not fashion


The world would crash lol


I do like my body. I have closets full of clothes. The two are not mutually exclusive. People do wear clothes for reasons other than hiding their bodies.

@Akfishlady Then remove the picture of the naked woman standing under the netting.

@Gwendolyn2018 yes why is there a naked woman who is unobtainably thin? It seems to go against the sentiment lol

@Akfishlady, I was going to add what @MsAl said: a picture that shows a woman who is "unattainably thin" definitely goes against the sentiment.

@Akfishlady sorry, I do agree with the sentiment, for the most part. Just an observation I found humerous.


Lol, love it!


Definitely, lots.

SamL Level 7 Apr 12, 2018

90% of them would..


From an evolutionary viewpoint, curves meant a healthy body and the ability to find food, (via picking at plants).




Oh for darn sure!! The diet food industry would curl up and die. The cosmetic companies would take a hit, not totally but I believe less would be consumed. And plastic surgeons would go out of business all over the place. Many magazines would have a large income drop. How many women's magazines feed on women's insecurities. It is crazy!


There would be a lot of people looking for alternative employment for sure...


I find I shop more on girly things like clothes, makeup or jewelry when I am feeling the best about my body. Sometimes it's more about decorating than hiding.

MsAl Level 8 Apr 12, 2018

Yes I guess I wasn't thinking about the cosmetic surgery aspect.. It is sad many women feel the need to do that.
I still find that I spend more money on my body and try harder to make it look nice when I am already feeling confident in it. I don't think that is a bad thing ☺


We strive for perfection don't we?

I don't believe in perfection.

I was being sarcastic -I go out without makeup these days. lol

@sassygirl3869 but I think your comment is true and the definition of perfection is off

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