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Earth - better off when humans go extinct?

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EB80 5 Apr 13

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"Better" is purely a human subjective moral judgement, and it only has context in relation to how humans think. We are only a temporary species and unfortunately the end of our species line. Mother Nature has no reason to think we are special or worry if we go extinct by our own hand, or by mutant virus that couldstrike any day, or another Extinction Event like the several we know Earth already had in the past. 99% of all species that have ever existed are already gone,and new ones emerge all the time.
Things will be different always because life forms evolve and conditions change, and after Homo sapiens is gone it will be different again and still changing. There is no "better" except from an imperfect human point of view.


I don't think the world would be better off without people. I do think people should take more care of nature and be more responsible about conservation and looking out for the future of our planet tho.

jorj Level 8 Apr 13, 2018

The question is, can we, as a species, figure all that out and take appropriate action before we destroy the environment we need for survival.
I think we took a major fork in the road when we developed agriculture. One that has been more or less inevitable since. More and more people. Less and less natural environment for us and other species.


As the most destructive species ever to exist - yes.

And at the rate we're going - it may be relatively soon ...


When? As if it's a done deal. Do you not think the young ones are making steps in the right direction? Veganism, sustainable power, a slow realisation that petroleum based products aren't the solution that they are proported to be...I live in hope that, 'we' can move forward together and improve/ adapt and find harmony with our planet. Sorry if you think that I'm unrealistic, but someone has to keep the dream alive!

Yes, the question was posed as a done deal to provide some provocation. I happen to suspect it is a done deal. Either we wreck our environment or the next mass-extinction event occurs. Short of that, some day soon everybody currently on this site will be dead anyhow. So there is that. Some of our genes will find a way forward. Maybe forever, maybe for only a short while. Either way, it doesn't matter, I guess.

Humans are not advancing intellectually fast enough to keep up with our technological progress so we are doomed to extinction. Unfortunately, we are taking down millions of species in the process. So many that the Earth is experiencing its sixth mass extinction event due to humans, the infamous asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs being the last one.

Yes, I'll be dead before it happens, I think. No kids to worry about, but I keep supporting what I see as progressive changes in the hope that the next generation can come up with good solutions, just as some of us have tried to.


With all the damage to the earth that humanity has done in the span of time humanity has been on earth which in terms of cosmic time is but a blink of the eye, unless we change drastically and evolve into a species that coexists with all species within the biosphere we can put our heads between our legs and kiss our sorry asses good bye.

SamL Level 7 Apr 13, 2018

Sadly. It is doubtful that humans will get it together enough to preven tdestroying the environment on the planet needed for human life. Humans (generally) are just too selfish and stupid.


Lol what kind of question is that?

Nihilstic lol !!!! ?

Causing extinctions, paving everything, over-population, rapidly melting polar ice caps, constant war? That kind of question. 😀
There was life on Earth before us and, in my view, likely after us. Are we a net gain for this planet and life in general?

Lol I guess but that should make the earth's welfare irrelevant.

@MartinG it might be more natural again? My vision would be, a kind of balance...

@MartinG not for all the other organisms at risk because of homosapiens

Yeah, Nickbeee, I get in a mood sometimes. Any from home. Middle of a war zone.
And back home school shootings, political shenanigans. Watching the polar ice caps melt.


I sometimes say yes it would be a better place but a small part of me thinks we have so much potential if only we could get our heads out of our assess


We as a spieces have the capacity to change our habits. We can achieve balance with our planet.

Gohan Level 7 Apr 13, 2018

We will not be around to see it.

Not unless some kind of Hitch Hiker's Guide scenario comes to be!


Are parents better off when their children die?
If not, then the earth mother is not better off when her children die.

But humans cause many of her children to die all the time - each other and other species too. Natural selection and mass extinction events do this too.


As a parent, if I have 10 children and they fight among themselves, it's still better if at least 1 remains alive than none at all, don't you think?

@TheMiddleWay well maybe? If you think we get lonely, how would you feel, if you were the last remaining person on earth?

@EB80 somehow grieving for dying people, that were unlucky or just aged out, is one thing...gasing, and bombing people into pieces, is harder to grieve! That is different than depleting and using up more resources than needed to sustain life...and, just to aquire wealth makes it disgraceful!


I suspect I might be too busy trying to survive alone to having any feelings on the matter...

@TheMiddleWay but, could you re-produce yourself? Would that play in your mind?


If I were the last person on earth, and knew it, I'd just be concerned with living my life as long as possible and maybe dedicating my life to memorializing the human race. Though I would feel grief, I would soon learn to accept the situation and move on with my life.

If I didn't know I was the last person on earth, I should think that seeking other men and particularly women would be a priority.


There needs to be some sort of major disaster that wipes out 90% of the world's humans and then let the surviors rebuild the place. I am sure they would do exactly the same things over again. But with fewer people it might let the world "Gia" recover somewhat. of course all the plastic trash would still be flaoting around.

Iggie Level 3 Apr 13, 2018

I voted yes, because in some ways it will be. But here's the thing, our nuclear mess is just going to be worse without people around to try to contain it. All that radiation will just leak out into nature. Not to mention other messes we've made.

The planet will heal even if it takes thousands of years . There will be a time where there won't be any evidence of us even being here and that's if we do survive the next ten thousand years


The question is earth will be better off deffenatly


Humans come from Earth. We are as much a part of nature as a tree is. We are just as responsible for the destruction of the planet as a volcano is. We didn't choose to exist, let alone be exist on Earth. All we've ever done is try to survive in whatever way we can.

That being said, we are now consciously damaging our planet in the name of money. Money is now more valuable than life. We just need to smarten up and realise that money won't fill the holes in this sinking ship...

KDzo Level 4 Apr 13, 2018

I think it’s important to lead society away from a philosophy that demeans the species. No useful, constructive action can be taken from this mindset. If we think we are shit, we will act like shit. Let’s stop doing that please. I feel that this kind of self hatred is just as useless as religious thinking.


I think the planet as a whole will go back to its equilibrium


Too many variables for me to wrap my feeble mind around.


The people who know 'better,' must do what is possible and not spend too much time, trying to persuade the others! Maybe, some will be persuaded by example, some others may waffle, but I will keep doing what I can, regardless of what the weak will not or cannot do!


It's too late. We've crossed over that hill. With or without us, this whole thing is on it's way out.

It would certainly grow back to closer to nature. Deformed animals would die out and the wild ones still living would go back to their natural habitats. If any exist. It wouldn't be original, but it would be whatever natural has become. The poisons would very gradually dissipate--I would hope.


The planet will survive. In 10 million years, there will be no evidence that we were even here.

I don't know if you meant that as literally as I look it, but dinosaurs died over 64 million years ago and there is plenty of evidence of that, so I suspect a mere 10 million years from now there will be plenty of evidence including radioactive waste from our nukes.

@paul1967 And the heavy metal wastes that will remain until the sun consumes the planet.

Very few radioactive half lifes last 10 million years. And the dinosaurs were fossilized in rock. I don't think there are a lot of humans being fossilized these days. What I did mean was that all the damage we are doing and all the structures we are building will crumble and decay and there will be little trace of it on the surface. The only long-lasting effect will be the millions of species that we are driving to extinction.


Depends on how we go.

Leaving nothing but a pile of radioactive plastic won't really help much.


One day our sun will turn into a red giant and engulf our little planet anyways

Tejas Level 6 Apr 13, 2018

It was fine before we got here it will be fine when we're gone. Maybe it will cook up something better than us next time. It couldn't do worse.


Until the cockroaches living in our toxic waste develop sentience and really overpopulate the planet.

What if they evolve into people...the kind that we never were?

@Freedompath That is a possibility too.


The only thing that comes to mind is, if humans go extinct then what do we care about mother earth if we won't be there??

Probably, as long as one person is will care! Right, if no one care.

I enjoy life, not just mine, I really value the diversity of life. To me it is more important that life kind survives, I really don't regard humans as special in any way.

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