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Am I the only one but I have just experienced an exploding potato.
I was cooking chicken kievs in the oven. Normally I would use real potatoes but I had run out so I opened a tin of them. Put a few next to the kievs to crisp up. Then when the required 35 mins was done I went to fork them onto my plate and BANG !! the fucking thing went off on me, spitting hot fat all over the place. I can only conclude that some water was still in the potato which then got into the fat and super expanded. Luckily I was wearing glasses or I might have been blinded

273kelvin 8 Apr 13

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Learned the hard way, don't put a small squash in microwave without piercing holes ... I was standing in front of the microwave (I know, not healthy, I avoid it nowadays) when there was a very loud bang, simultaneously the microwave door flew open, at me, and shredded pulverized squash flew in all directions ... after I stopped laughing I had to find it all and clean it up. UGH.


Not certainof this cause, mind you, but sometimes potatoes (more often larger ones) have air spaces in the center. If small in proportion to the surrounding substance, it makes sense that extreme heat would crate steam and pressure within. One poke and just like a balloon!


Potatoes are 79% water. Most foods except drygoods are better than 50% water if it has an enclosing membrane of any sort you build up pressure as the water turns to steam and it explodes. Should see a whole egg in a microwave.

Kimba Level 7 Apr 14, 2018

OMG! Canned potato's? Is there such a thing?


Spike it first.




Alright I get it, I should have pricked them first but they looked like they had lost any innocence and therefore their virginity. I really don`t think it was the potatoes themselves that exploded but some trapped water underneath.


If you would have poked it with a fork it would not have blown the steam builds up from the water in the tuber and it cannot escape because the skin is watertight.


Real potatoes should be stabbed with a fork to let steamout before you put in oven. I've used potatoes out of a can but sliced and baked in casserole with onions and cheese. Glad you're okay.


Ugh! But just think how clean the oven will be after you scour every last nook & cranny of it! Lol!
I had Just bought my new to me RV, lifted up a jar of very soupy salsa,the lid failed, the full jar bounced off the counter & onto the floor...after 6 years, I still occasionally find a bit of dried salsa.


Baked potato exploded in the oven because I forgot to lance it. Quite messy.

I don`t care too much if it stays behind closed doors but this was out to get me.

@273kelvin A consultation with a FSM affiliate may be in order if this sort of thing continues. Do be careful, potato heads are lurking everywhere!


You are supposed to pierce potatoes several times with a knife before putting them into an oven or microwave.

Well I know that NOW. Single man at work.

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