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How many people on this site are agnostic, how many atheist, and be how many 'other?'

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Storm1752 8 Jan 22

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I'm an atheistic anti-theist.


Atheism is belief in no god or gods. Agnosticism is acknowledging that you don't or can't know of the existence of god or a higher power. I would call myself an "agnostic atheist" because i don't know if a higher power exists, although I think its very unlikely.

Tejas Level 6 Feb 22, 2021

When it comes to man made beliefs I think its fair to refer to myself as an atheist.


So that we are all on the same pages(s), please offer a specific definition for each possibility, and even an explanation of overlap or exclusion. Just to be more clear in voting and any assumptions there from.


And I don't like Star wars. 🤭


Is this post posted twice to be like a double blind study?

Word Level 8 Jan 22, 2021

Who cares

Maybe the questioner cares. If he didn't he probably wouldn't have asked.

why u gotta be so harsh!?

its a genuine poll and it peeked my curiousity so i submitted my answer

perhaps i care

the question is why did u care enough write that here?


How about spiritual agnostic? That would be me.

me too

The term spiritual is one of the first religious words I started to distance myself from on my way to disbelief. I came to understand it as sort of a buzz word that only had meaning to the individual user. In the context I found myself in, religious folks typically only accepted the spiritually of others when they belonged to the same church. I once observed two guys having a conversation about their spiritual experiences and they were getting into it until one asked the other what church he belonged to, and suddenly, the temperature dropped between them.

I mean no disrespect to anyone, just relating my experience and perspective.

@RussRAB I don't belong to any church and I'm not religious. I'm not a hypocrite nor do I preach my beliefs to anyone.

@Wildflower - I don't doubt you at all. I wasn't attempting to disparage you or anyone else here even though I recognize my comment could be interpreted that way. I obviously didn't express that sentiment any too well, and I apologize for any offense I caused.

Define please. Seems counter intuitive.


I'm an agnostic atheist.

Do you get to check all the boxes??



If I get into this again it will only be about the 6th time. You people need to wake up and realize that I will not classify myself according to your definitions of things.

Maybe that is why one of the choices is "other".

This is ridiculous...

"You people"? You do have the choice to answer or not.

@Wildflower Yes, but the question and definition goes on endlessly all the time. I refuse to classify myself the way others want me to. This gets redundant.

@DenoPenno then don't answer. Maybe others are new here. Not everyone is an old timer and knows everything.

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