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The fact that it matters to them to the degree that it does, and that they are taking freedoms away from others because of their own beliefs, shows how dangerous the cult mind is.

Dodger Stadium Mass Vaccine Site Shut Down In Los Angeles After Protesters Block Entrance


nogod4me 8 Jan 30

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They are all about personal freedom but just their own personal freedom. Everybody else can go fuck themselves.


Is it fear of autism or fear of Bill Gates? People are crazy.


The US has turned itself into the joke of the world when it comes to this COVID mess.


We progressive activists get busted if we block the sidewalk. The cops should have arrested all those blockaders and allowed the people to get vaccinated.

More evidence about where the cultural bias is!


JUst stupid stupid and again stupid. There is something wrong with some of our fellow humans. A suspicions package was found at a welsh vaccination center a couple of days ago i never heard idf it was a proper bomb or a fake someone was arrested


Unfuckin believable, what else can be said. 🤬


Here is what to do in this situation, turn up your car stereo really loud, if they come near crank it up higher. My Dad was working (staff) at a mine site where people were striking (he is not allowed to strike) and they were outside harassing the staff members and the apprentices (also not allowed to strike) who had to turn up to work each day. Dad had speakers on the outside of his car and each time he drove past they were blasted with brass band or classical music. One night some sebastian came and cut the wires to his speakers, took us about an hour to fix. Next time he drove past he cranked the volume up even more. For the record my brother an apprentice had his car stopped by them and the started to rock it. He was yelling through the window (opened a crack) that he had no choice but to turn up if he didn't he would be sacked and lose his apprenticeship. They just called him a scab, mind you they were not doing much as the men that would train them were on strike so mainly they cleaned and repaired. Some of the men spat on the cars driving past.

I hear you on the logic and effectiveness of the loud car stereo, but what about the effect of that on your own ears? You'd better be wearing really good earplugs when you blast that car stereo or you'll suffer permanent hearing loss, probably at least develop permanent tinnuitis, which I have in one ear, it's a bitch. Not sure it would be worth it to me to risk those two problems for myself just to get over on the protesters. From news reports I've read on past strikes here in the US, what usually happens in situations like that is that the company being struck provides buses to bring in the workers who show up. Why didn't the company do that for those who were not allowed to strike? Seems to me they neglected them.

Music as a weapon, I was in Winchester a few years ago at a Christmas market after walking up to the cathedral for a coffee we saw some buskers from the collage singing at the cathedral gates just down the street was some JW who don't celebrate Christmas. As a former JW me and my other half saw we could have some fun. I approached the choir and asked them who they where and where the money was going as it was going to help the homeless i pulled out my wallet and asked could they sing very loudly and if the y could sing some rock they did sing up and the JW wo had faces like a slapped arse moved away.

@TomMcGiverin The bus drivers work for the company (mining town) and they were on strike as well. This is in Australia, very different rules, also quite a while ago. It was a major strike that lasted over 3 months, ended up with planes not flying into the town as there was no one to refuel them, the wives and families of the strikers going onto benefits to survive. These days would not happen. Dad used to joke about the things he bought with his strike pay (they were paid more as they had to work longer hours and do more jobs than normal)

@raymetcalfe Yeah great when you can do stuff like that. I work with a JW but she is cool, she does not celebrate things but she does not care what others do and when a parent bought her a gift for xmas and I had to give it to her she said she accepts it in spirit it was given ie an end of year thank you gift not an xmas gift.


The arrogance of those assholes takes my breath away.


The cops should have been ready with tear gas and rubber bullets for the protesters, given them a taste of what BLM gets every time, and began firing as soon as they refused to disperse. This was way more serious than a BLM protest because these people were playing with the health of other innocent people. They are so arrogant and selfish. If they want to refuse the vaccine, fine, but they have no right to deny other people a vaccine. Same mindset that refuses to let others get a legal abortion. If you disagree with the law, fine, don't get one, but stay the fuck out of the way of others getting a legal abortion.

This is exactly the same tactic as Bible-thumpers use to shut down abortion clinics. The cops need to be ready next time, across the country..


Where are the police, the Mace, the firehoses, the truncheons? WTF??
Oh, wait...they are white protestors.......


White privilege.
For once the cops would have been justified if they'd shot any of them.

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