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When faith defines one's identity, and when that faith runs afoul of political reality for millions of the faithful, is it any wonder that absurd conspiracy theories abound?
Holy Koolaid

MikeInBatonRouge 8 Jan 31

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I don't like scary movies.


Sure, for many of us, this is funny, but these people wouldn't be continuing their tirades, if not for supporters. This craziness has to be nourishing them in some fashion and that's more than a little disturbing.

Yes! Great point. I think it is absurd how they act, but it represents far too many people to be dismissed lightly with a laugh. It IS insanity, but that fact in no way renders it somehow harmless.


Serious delusions of grandeur


Thesee religious Leaders are seriously mentally.ill, just like Trump and like a schizophrenic who thnks she is a FBI agent. Not saying they are schizophrenic, but delusional if they really believe what they say. Or they are just carpet baggers selling snake oil and malicious instead of delusional.


I watched this on You Tube. Some of these people are insane.

Yeah, a lot of them. But fundamentalism blurs the line between insne and merely deluded by religion. My late mother actually thought she was an end times prophet with the gift of translating fellow-congregants' "tongues," gibberish, which conveniently were always divine prophecies. She also saw demons and angels. She was eventually (in her fifties) diagnosed as bipolar I. Go figure! Lol

@MikeInBatonRouge I've known people just like her and they always thought they were living "in the end times." Oh, well. According to the bible Jesus told the 12 they were living in the end times. LOL I have a friend who thinks Jesus could return any day now.


This is getting to be like a Sylvester and Tweety cartoon.

They are like a Saturday Night live skit. Cartoon characters, as you said.


Give up, Chumpidiots. You and your Fake President lost. We now have a much better president named Joe Biden.

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